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  1. I am a 2/3 year applicant that just withdrew! wish you all the best !
  2. 2/3 year looking to withdraw admission for the upcoming cycle. What steps should I take to make at as quick and painless as possible?
  3. just go to police information check station if you are worried and located in edmonton -- get it done same day.
  4. Can a 2/3 year applicant qualify for the rural seats?
  5. Choose whatever benefits your learning style, interests in extracurriculars/research, and choice for degree speciality. Do not base your choice on GPA, trust me, I know of many very bright individuals who failed to excel in smaller settings, where there was less classes tailored to there interests, and or less competition (something many people rely on to do well).
  6. I wonder what it would take to get full points on ECs. lol
  7. Those oop stats are insane. Anyone have 2/3 in province inteview stats ?
  8. Way back when. Calgary application process involved listing all courses you've taken and those you are planing to take in winter semester –– if that arrangement of courses for winter has changed, would you have to let admissions know, or is it no big deal?
  9. The admissions coordinator mentioned that were no drawbacks to using prompts... In that case, it is probably better to use the prompts (in most cases) as the above mentioned. I am on the opposite side of things. I talked until I turned blue, and hardly used a prompt. With so much variation between applicants it's hard to wager how the prompts might help or hinder you interview. It depends on the interviewer too. If I learned anything from this application cycle, it's to take a more balanced approach. Using at least half the prompts is probably a safe bet.
  10. LOL classic. So many horror stories about getting flagged... almost like your guilty until proven innocent.
  11. Hi, I am a little worried. Following the MMI interview at Alberta, I was standing in a group with 3 people and one of them decided to swear rather loudly. What is the likelihood for me to get flagged because of this? Best,
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