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  1. This might be a dumb question but does the number of credits for a course affect the gpa calculation at UBC. For example is a 95% in a 4 credit course the same as a 95% in a 2 credit course when calculated as a percent average. In gpa calculations, an A- in a 2 credit course will drop your gpa much less than in a 4 credit course. Or do they just add all the percent of courses and divide by the number of courses?
  2. Ya second year seems solid to me now! Thanks for the advice!
  3. I am planning to apply in my third year so early august is what I was thinking but it's just that some people have suggested third year but I guess that's their personal opinion.
  4. Hello everyone, I know everyone has their own opinion but when do most of you recommend taking the mcat. The summer after second year or the summer after third year? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi I believe that KPU is a university. For the criteria that you talked about for Calgary medical school. I wanted to add that almost all KPU courses are transferrable to UBC (I checked the BC transfer guide) so does that mean Calgary would be okay right since UBC is a medical degree granting institution?
  6. Hi everyone, I wanted to ask how much will going to KPU for undergrad hurt my chances of getting accepted to UBC Med?
  7. I have seen a lot of people stressing out about research and equally amount of people telling them that research is not important for med school. Amidst all this I just wanna ask what is research? I see some high school students doing research which blows my mind because how do they understand all like the technical terms and stuff like that? Overall, I want to ask what do these high school students or anyone do when researching for example in pediatric labs? Do they conduct experiments? It's just so confusing what exactly medical research is considering soo many people stress about it. The only research I have done is online LOL, reading articles and then writing a research paper.
  8. Hi everyone, I just wanted to know what's the best way to start volunteering in a science research lab while still in high school. Where and how should I START? That's the biggest problem for me. Are there opportunities for internships for high school students? Any response would be highly appreciated!!! Thank You!
  9. I thought med students would have courses selected for you guys especially the first two years but you guys get a choice of which courses to choose.
  10. Totally agree with you! It's all about the money! Many medical schools around the world accepts applicant right out of high school
  11. I am gonna try to attempt for an early admission, hopefully by the end of 3rd year in undergrad
  12. I know right like how do you even do that. Must've done something right!
  13. Just a random question, how do people even get accepted into UBC med under the age of 20. I mean they must be some stellar applicants. I know you need only 90 credits but how are you supposed to build a good NAQ. Kids these days!!????????
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