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  1. I have a feeling that it means the end time is near
  2. Did everybody's status change on SOLUS from pending to on waitlist now?
  3. I called Queens and they said that the waitlist is still moving so there is a bit of hope.
  4. Has anyone called to see what's going on with the movement and whether the class is full or not?
  5. I guess there was very little waitlist movement this year
  6. Congrats to everybody who got off the waitlist, I can only imagine how exciting and joyful it must be. As someone who is still on the waitlist, is anybody planning on accepting another school? Just want to know whether I should still have any hope.
  7. But then again, anyone can join the group. People on the waitlist have also joined the group.
  8. It’s at 115! This may be the only year where there is 0 waitlist movement.
  9. So based on what @xiphoid is saying, does this mean that the waitlist wont move at all because 93 people have joined the facebook group already with other students who may not be aware of the group.
  10. Hi guys, I just wanted to confirm that do all medical schools in Canada look at the amount of credits in a full academic year and not the amount of courses taken in that year or not how many credits per semester. Reason for this is that I want to drop one of my courses this semester which will still give me 5.0 credits for the whole year but 9 courses in total. If someone has some knowledge regarding this issue, that would be much appreciated.
  11. Time stamp: 3:10 PM Invite/Reject: Reject GPA: 3.98 CARS: 125 Casper: Felt alright IP, 3rd Year
  12. Hey guys, So I know that reference letters make roughly 20-21% of your pre-interview score, but I was wondering how they were evaluated. From their site, they say that they will evaluate it based of the 4 clusters, so does that mean that as long as your refrence letters have covered all the clusters you will be marked highly, or are there more factors such as wether the letter is extremely well written or personal. If anybody has any knowledge or has any anecdotal evidence, that would be really helpful. Thanks
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