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  1. Hi all, Quick question regarding GPA calculations. I completed my undergrad between 2008 - 2013. My best years were 2010-2013 so I wanted to invoke the 10 yr exclusion rule to remove 2008/2009 and also assumed that 2009/2010 would get dropped since it is my worst year. I just read in the manual that, "Applicants who invoke the 10 year exclusion rule will only have a worst year dropped from their GPA calculations if an entire 4-yr undergraduate degree has been completed in the past 10 years." Does this mean my worst year (2009/2010) won't be dropped since the first year of my degree was completed before the 10 years?
  2. I'm selling the Kaplan MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review, 2nd Ed (2016) for a reasonable price. Message me if you're interested. I can meet up in Scarborough or downtown Toronto.
  3. Thanks so much MSWschnoodle. Totally eases my anxiety quite a bit. I was afraid that due to childcare issues, I'll be missing out on extracurricular activities and bonding with the rest of the classmates. I don't want to be too much of an outsider and not be there for a lot of non-mandatory events. Guess I'll have to find a balance if I get in.
  4. Hey there, This may be a bit of a premature question to ask, since we haven't even gotten interview invites. but could some of the current students let me know if there are any overnight activities for Orientation or throughout the program? I'm planning to move with my toddler if I get in to UofC, and it might take some time for my husband to be able to get a transfer for work. I'll have daycare to rely on during the daytime but I'm worried about what to do, if there are overnight trips for Orientation or mandatory evening activities. My husband will definitely be here before I start clinicals so I'm not worried about then, but just the first 6 months or so. Any insight?
  5. Looks like they know of the issue, given the second email that was sent out.
  6. I I did as well. I sent mine out a week ago, and got the same email. I also re-released it today. I called them and left them a message so will let you know if I hear back. I'm hoping it's just a system glitch, and it'll be updated soon.
  7. If you look at this year's stats, there were actually 5 who got in with a 125 CARs or 6 - 8 VR.. so there is hope! If money isn't a problem, I'd say go for it and test your luck.
  8. Yes, I called today and they changed it for me! OMSAS to the rescue! I had shortlisted 3 out of 4 people but then I had inputted the info of the 4th person who I wasn't going to ask. My mind was somewhere else when I was doing this, so lesson learnt.
  9. Hi everyone, I entered the incorrect information for a referee and the email was sent to the wrong person. Is there anything I can do? On the OMSAS website it says "You will not be able to make changes to your referees once they are emailed or the forms are downloaded." Is there any way I can change it if I try calling them tomorrow?
  10. I actually have no idea - maybe check out the interview invite threads?
  11. This is great news, I'll be graduating this spring. Thanks a bunch boundless08.
  12. Hi everyone, Quick question with regards to how Queen's considers current graduate students. On their website, it states that "Applicants who have completed a graduate degree and meet the MCAT cut but are slightly below the GPA cut will be reviewed on an individual basis by the Admissions Committee." Does anyone know whether the individual review also takes places for current graduate students? I have a lower than competitive GPA and don't want to waste my money on an application to Queen's this year if I know I won't have a shot at all. Thanks.
  13. I actually haven't. I was going to save all the FLs for my last month of prep, but maybe I should try out just the CARS section from the practise test to see how I'm scoring. Thanks for the tip!
  14. Hello, I've been working on the EK 101 practise passages for a while now. Initially I would complete 3 timed passages every 2 days and scored 10/11 but once I started completing the full timed 60 minute exams, my score has consistently sunk to a 9 (29/40). Time has been an issue and I feel like I consistently am racing to finish and never have any time to spare at the end. I haven't had to guess my answers so I have been able to at least attempt each passage and question properly. I've tried to us the EK VR strategies (reading in the authors voice, finding the main idea) but it doesn't seem like they made a difference in my case. I've always thought CARS was my area of strength but now I'm finding these scores demotivating all together. Any suggestions/tips/strategies would be appreciated!
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