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  1. Whoops responded to wrong post. Regardless, I don't think in the initial calculation (i.e. pre-interview) MCAT sections will be taken into account.
  2. Well the AQ score calculation is part of the pre interview score so is likely only the AGPA
  3. No idea. Doubt anyone will know until the interim statistics are released. Is it first week of December that interview invites are sent out?
  4. Personally, I've had 7 or so contacted...Don't think it really means anything. They are just checking to make sure you're not lying.
  5. Just out of curiosity, what do you consider the "cutoff" for GPA? Do you mean the school's cutoff or what you consider competitive? Personally, I am just working. Will likely try to get involved with some volunteering if possible though!
  6. No one really knows. But 126 isn't terrible...I think you'll be fine - 510 is a solid enough score IMO.
  7. For sending scores, is the THx system just on the AAMC website --> My Reports --> Send Scores Electronically --> Choose UBC And that's it? Thanks!
  8. Your GPA is great. I'm sure you'll get a lot of points there. Depends on your ECs really...
  9. That's how I see it as well - but interesting to hear what others have to say too.
  10. Hi everyone, So I realize the help guide says the following: "We are primarily interested in your particular role in an activity and the contribution you made to the activity or through the activity. Giving us a clear, specific description of the context, duties, and people involved in the activity will help us evaluate this section more accurately than a summary of what you learned from the activity." That being said, is it not also important to say HOW you did these things (i.e. what kind of skill was involved - was it through active listening? empathy? strong communication skills?) and what you took away from the activity (i.e. what kind of insight you gained)? Of course, in some cases there is no room to include things like this because there were so many different responsibilities - but this refers more to when there is. As well, is there more benefit to listing minor roles/responsibilities on your application vs. detailing the skills it took to do so/insights gained on your application (e.g. role: "giving directions at x volunteering place" vs. "what you learned/skills you employed"). This is a judgment call everyone has to make, but I am curious to hear what others have to say and discuss what they think. I am of the opinion there should be a mix of detailing your roles and responsibilities in the position AND your skills/insights/etc. Click
  11. Depending on your involvement with the team, I don't see why it couldn't be capacity to work with others either.
  12. Great, thanks!! Does that mean you have to take a picture of both sides?
  13. Hi guys, So quick question: Can a driver's license which has our care card attached to it be used? Or does it have to be another type of card? Click
  14. I would tend to agree with freewheeler. I would also add that your family owning pharmacies doesn't really make it any "safer" than any other graduate as all graduates have job availability anyway. Hospital pharmacy is a different story and if you would like to know more you may PM me. If you are worried about stress during and after school and residency, then yes it will likely be more stressful. I guess a good question to ask yourself is if you find your current undergraduate degree stressful because medicine and pharmacy will be much harder. However, I think it really depends on how much you understand of each profession and what you will find most fulfilling.
  15. Really? All the people I know who got in did not found any clubs.
  16. For sure. For me, the test center I went to was great. I do suggest arriving 45 minutes+ ahead of time because checking in can be quite long. With regards to studying, it's hard to say since I don't know what you have studied and the variety of content on the exam is extremely variable. I will say that all the AAMC material is invaluable and you should use it. Happy studying!
  17. Thanks! Did not rest well. Haha
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