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  1. How is the current job market for freshly graduated nurses in Ontario? I've been hearing rumblings that its harder to find positions now than in the past. Is this true?
  2. Cleveland Clinic and Case Western are actually different. Cleveland Clinic has two programs: The University Track (4 years), and the College Track (5 years, with 0 tuition). You can apply to both tracks. I think you should definitely be applying to those schools. You are competitive for SLU, more than Minnesota and Hawaii. You should go through the accpted/rejected/waitlisted sticky. That would help you get a better list.
  3. Why did you remove Wayne State? It's a good school for your stats. Minnesota and Hawaii could be removed. Meharry and Howard are for URM mostly. SUNY Upstate, Cleveland Clinic, should also be considered.
  4. Talk to the banks about the max you would qualify for and go from there.
  5. So I'm in the middle of applying for an LOC for a US school and I'm having trouble finding useful advisers to deal with. Most that I have met only submit an application without knowing anything about the likelihood of my application being accepted. I have wasted weeks going through this apply-reject cycle and its getting annoying. If anybody knows a knowledgeable adviser (any bank, but I would prefer TD), could I please get their contact info so I can plan the LOC application better.
  6. Add University of Kentucky for sure. Actually you should be adding as many schools as you can because your stats look good. Hopefully you have enough money to apply broadly.
  7. If you have the money then there's no harm in applying. Just know that if you're interviewed, they will want to know what happened in your first two years, and you'll need a good answer,
  8. If you want to do an SMP just to improve your marks, why don't you just do an extra non-degree year at a Canadian university. It will be a lot cheaper than doing an SMP. Your stats currently are only good for DO schools. I don't know much about getting work as a DO, but if you do go the DO route, you will have to find residency in the US as Canadian residencies now look at DO graduates as IMGs. However, if you can match into an ACGME accredited residency in the US, then you can find work in Canada and the US.
  9. Kentucky should also definitely be on your list.
  10. Although US schools look at trends in GPA, they do not drop any coursework and I don't think they will ignore your GPA even for your stellar MCAT. Are you an Ontario resident?
  11. I think you have a shot at those schools, but I would recommend adding mid-low tier schools, especially the Canadian friendly ones to your list. The reason I asked about your PS/letters was because they may become an issue in the US if they were an issue in Canada. But if you're confident they were good, then you have nothing to worry about. You may just be one of those unlucky applicants that, despite having all the right credentials, don't get any love from Canada.
  12. You will get interviews in the US at MD schools and I think you have a very good application. I am surprised you didn't get any interviews from Ontario schools; was there something wrong with your letters or PS? Any other red flags?
  13. I'm not 100% sure but I think it is possible to have 2 cosignors. You can ask the financial advisor or the bank you plan on getting the LOC from. Good luck.
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