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  1. No, I don't believe you are required to take summer courses, however first years are required to do a one month practicum in the summer.
  2. To those who are asking, I myself did not have any work experience or volunteer hours with a pharmacy or any other field. But I had work experience in which I was able to translate the skills into ones that would be beneficial for a pharmacist. Today was the deadline to accept the offer which includes the deadline to pay the 2K deposit, so hopefully those who haven't heard back yet will hear something today!
  3. Acceptance received: May 25th, 2:54pm Deadline to accept: June 1, 2017 Prerequisites average: 82% Last 30 credits: 80% Congrats to those who got in! For those who didn't, I was rejected right away last year but I didn't give up! My last 30 credits dropped quite heavily this year, but just keeping fighting, work on bettering your personal profile and most importantly practice with a group of people for the MMI. Good luck!
  4. I received my invite on the first day (March 29) and I had to reply by Sunday, April 2nd. So I think those who didn't respond or declined, their spots would have been offered today or at least sometime soon this week.
  5. I'm going to go by percent because my previous uni went by a 4.33 GPA scale. My first year average was 82% and my last 30 credits was 91%. As for the MMI all I can really say is that I wish had had the opportunity to practice with a group. I know last year there was a Facebook page made for UBC students to get together and practice. I kind of went into the interview having practiced questions but not really in the MMI format. So if you can, get group and practice!
  6. Hey, just joining the conversation for this year's applicant pool. I applied last year and made it to the interview stage, but unfortunately that was the end. I think my personal profile has improved over the past year and I've gained greater interpersonal skills. My GPA has dropped a bit since transferring to UBC but fingers crossed it is still competitive this year.
  7. Unfortunately the issue caused me to only get my rejection letter now Very upsetting, but good luck to all of you accepted!
  8. As long as it doesn't say final transcript under "UBC is waiting to receive..." Or something along those lines, you should be all right. The three transcripts are probably your high school, interim and final.
  9. the waiting game is awful. i hear 2-3 weeks, hoping it would be closer to 2 haha. also really need to know before june 1, so i can accept my back up plan if needed :/
  10. yeah, there were a couple tough questions. but overall, i think it was decent. now for the brutal 2-3 week wait.
  11. Does anyone know if the pharmacy MMI is similar to the medicine one, where the focus is on -- Abortion - Dual Relationships - Conflict of interest - Euthanasia / End-of-life care - Substitute decision-making - Embryonic stem cell research -  Patient autonomy - Patient confidentiality  -Informed consent - Beneficence ??
  12. I am also in the first time slot. Yippee... haha. Excited to meet some of you there then
  13. You can apply in second year as long as you finish all required courses in the spring. Summer courses don't count for that fall.
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