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  1. Thunderbirds

    Failed an elective - what next?

    Yikes, I never understood Calgary's logic of making students do 8 out of 12 total weeks of electives (also, a very low total # to begin with) at beginning of clerkship. I can't imagine trying to make an impression/get letters week 1 of clerkship. I mean, they've always done well in the match in past years, but you can't help but think that it may have a slight impact on the 22 students who went unmatched at U of C this year compared to U of A (5 out of 162) and UBC (9 out of 290).
  2. Thunderbirds

    Countdown to Match Day

    I agree about location. We all focus on the nitty-gritty details about each program, but at the end of the day, when it comes to ROL for most of us, it ends up being about location. There are many programs (eg. Ottawa, Queen's, Halifax) that I like a lot, but not ranking in top 3 because I don't have the desire to move out East. I feel OK/confident one hour, then next hour I worry about being unmatched haha. I doubt I will be able to sleep the night before.
  3. Hi guys, just wondering if people can share their experiences (and pros/cons) of the 5 Ontario cities, especially London/Kingston/Hamilton? This is more-so for electives and CaRMS purposes eventually, as I have never lived outside of Vancouver. Obviously, the specific program itself is a big factor too, but I'd like to hear people's experiences living there (affordable, nice, weather, proximity)...and also on a general note about the facilities (eg. enough major hospitals, enough acuity, all subspecialty services provided (i.e. CVICU, cath lab, cancer care) etc.) Thanks.
  4. Hello, Any recommendations for ICU elective (preferably Ontario) outside of BC. Thanks.
  5. 2nd year med student here with clerkship looming. 1. Any schools where you get a chance to be with one preceptor for full week, or even two? 2. Any schools known for unofficially favoring those who did electives there? I'd like to stay in Vancouver, but if not, West would generally be preferred. I am thinking of doing 8-10 weeks of electives in clerkship in anesthesia, and backing up with FM with the rest. Also now that CaRMS tour is over, any positive/negative perceptions of programs across the country? Thanks.
  6. Thunderbirds

    2016 Backpack Vote

    I agree. Teal's a good color, but I prefer purple.
  7. I was wondering if people could help me with the pros/cons of these two specialties versus each other, so when I say it's a con or pro, I mean relative to each other. This is what I have so far: 1. IM is more diverse practice (hospital, clinic, etc.) and day-to-day work while Anesthesia is typically OR based with some clinic work (eg. PAC, CNCP) 2. Both have significant cerebral aspects and hands-on, but anesthesia has more of latter and IM is a lot of former 3. IM can be very long-term focused while Anesthesia is more acute/immediate 4. Develop a patient base of your own so good for connections with people whereas "see you never" in anesthesia most of the time - that also means easier time taking vacation (?) but no long term relationship with patients 5. Income - similar (?) - although IM has overhead where anesthesia has very little, if any (?) Does anyone have any tips on how to approach a decision on this? I have shadowed both (CTU for IM and OR) and have enjoyed both so far.
  8. Agreed with above. I'm with Scotia currently. As for car, definitely not necessary in the first two years, but if you have the funds for it, I guess... why not?
  9. Thunderbirds

    Debt In Residency

    Is paying off $50k during a 5 year residency reasonable expectation? That's $10k per year. Let's say net income is $45k in PGY-1 after taxes and tuition. I suppose it leaves $35k for living expenses and any vacation. I am assuming it would get easier each year except PGY-5 where you're paying for those big exams. Also, just to make sure, can you pay off federal or provincial loans in a lump sum amount, or is there a max amount you can pay per year?
  10. Thunderbirds

    Caribean Medical Schools

    1. http://www.carms.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Table_50_IMGs_by_Region_of_Graduation_English.pdf Make of this data what you will. It's up to you to decide if those numbers are worth spending $300k on medical school in Caribbean. About 75% of those who do match (~22%) will match to FM, IM or Psychiatry. 2. No residency in Canada, no practice in Canada. 3. My personal opinion: try your best in Canada or US for 3-4 cycles. If not, there's plenty of other health care professions where you can provide meaningful care and make a difference.
  11. Thunderbirds

    Carms 2016 Match Data Out

    This is going to be a somewhat strange question, but how do people manage to match to alternative disciplines? For eg. 43.8% of people who had Dermatology as their 1st choice discipline matched to an alternative one. Now, I am probably making a big assumption, but these people probably did majority of their electives in Dermatology. How does the other program still take those people despite knowing it isn't their #1 choice? These days, people talk about how FM doesn't want you if they see 6 weeks of electives in one specialty. TL;DR: how do you manage to be competitive for your "back-up" option while competing with people who have it as their #1? I guess it isn't that bad. One of the biggest dilemmas is how much backing up should one do, or go all-in for one specialty.
  12. Thunderbirds

    Cool Things To Shadow As A Preclerk

    Probably IM, but maybe anesthesia or FM. Good to know that forensic path and psych were good experiences for you.
  13. Hello, 2019 here. Having finished my first year, I realized I ended up shadowing a lot of things I kinda already knew (eg. Emerg, Internal, Anesthesia, Obstetrics, ICU, etc.) I am fairly certain on what I want to do, but I want to take second year as an opportunity to see things I will probably never ever see again (but at same time, keep exploring my career path that I think I want). So I ask med students/residents: what are some cool/weird things you shadowed? Just for sake of shadowing. Eg. Emerg psych, or forensic pathology (it ain't CSI), or STI clinic, etc. Any disease specific clinics?
  14. "Learn to say NO to people". THIS. I admit I still have this problem, but I am definitely working on it.
  15. Along the same lines, where do clerks usually stay while doing electives in other cities? I can't imagine paying for hotels for 10 weeks.