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  1. I'm currently a preclerk med student wanting to go into family medicine and looking for advice from upper years/residents on how they have found the FM programs at different schools across Canada for a comparison. Looking specifically to know how competitive, intense, innovative the programs are and what kinds of opportunities are offered. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hello fellow premed101 forum dwellers, if you're interview didn't go as well as planned, don't fret! I know many people currently in my class who thought their MMI went horrendously or that they felt like they messed up on more than one station I know it's easier said than done but try to take the next few days to not overthink everything that happened on interview day and maybe plan something to do for the day that you're getting the email so regardless of what it says you'll have something to spend that day doing based on the thread it looks like the incoming class of 2021 is going to have some dank meme game! good luck and we hope Queen's is your #1 choice if you're accepted! we look forward to welcoming you to our family - one of the 2020's
  3. I got into medical school this year and started a VLOG series on things we do at Queen's University. Not entirely related to medical information but it does have the "Life of a Medical Student" pretty well captured (at least the life at Queen's)! Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEMfnWQn4a5O77QeGF-YGVWlL91bHViHX
  4. Accepted! GPA: 3.87 3rd year applicant in province MCAT: 515 EC's: above average Interview: went well
  5. Accepted! GPA: 3.87 year: Finished 3rd year UG (BSc incomplete), in province ECs: pretty good MCAT: 129 CARS
  6. If we get in off the waitlist at Queens, how long will we have to accept it? Also do the waitlist offers only go out after that May 27th (or what ever the deadline is to accept offers for people who initially get in) or will the waitlist offers go out as soon as the spots open up (ie if someone declines on may 15th and a spot opens)? I'm going to be travelling this month so it would be good to know!
  7. I came out feeling good about the panel but the MMI completely threw me off
  8. I noticed there wasn't any general thread going on this so here it goes: if we (applicants) are accepted to multiple schools, why should we pick Queens?
  9. Does anybody know the number of Queen's applicants who were waitlisted last year and how much movement there was?
  10. are the lectures at Queen's all vodcasted like they are at other schools? What time does school start and finish on a typical day for first years?
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