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  1. I can' t tell yet for clerkship, but the time that you will spend studying in pre-clinic can vary a lot depending on your previous background/knowledge and your studying style. Typically: mornings = lectures; afternoons = learning activities (small groups, sim center, clinic, etc). Lectures are recorded and available online usually within 24h. Basically, what a lot of students do is to listen to the recordings at increased speed, this way you can save a little bit of time if that's something that works with you (I personally tend to zoom out when I listen to live lectures, so listening to them at 1.7x keeps me awake and more focused). Again depending on your background, some blocks might be easier than others, but overall I'd say the work/life balance is great for the first 1 year and a half and you may be able to spend quite a lot of time at home, if that's what you wish. Hope this helps, you can message me if you have other questions
  2. I met people in their early 20s who'd be studying all the time and stay home even on saturday nights, wheras some people in their 30s go out and drink like there's no tomorrow. Some people get married at 21 and other are still single at 25 or 35..... But there are parties and social events that will be organized by your program. Attend those, and you'll find people who want to party and have fun like you, no matter their age!
  3. I think it depends, some entries will need more explantions than others. What I did was first to put everything I did in every category, with the draft justifications. Then at looked at redundancy, and what were the stronger or weaker elements (those were eliminated) to eventually acheive the 2 pages goal. Also, don't underestimate the power of rewording your entries to make the justification as short as possible! As for languages, I did MMIs in French, and as I studied at McGill before, so I assumed it was obvious to them I could speak both languages, but I guess you could include it in some entries. For example, if you did volunteering with a particular ethnic population and you were able to converse with them because it's your first language, say it. You could also put it in the hobbies category if you like to travel and learn new languages. Anyways, at some point they want to know your degree of profieciency in either French or English if you academic journey doesn't demonstrate it. There is a language "exam" before the start of the first semester that basically just assess you level in French or English, but it won't affect your admission. They'll just let you know which resources you might wanna use to get better in one language if needed.
  4. All that makes you a competitive applicant! To make a good CV, go and read the CanMed page. Then for each entries on your CV, make those CanMed competencies stand out. If you have 5 different volunteering entries that have the same justification, it's a bit useless. Say that this one helped you with developping team work, while that another helped you with improving your communication skills or your leadership and so on. The justification and variety is a lot more important than just blindly stacking up 2 pages achievements. Good luck
  5. Je trouve qu'ils ont fait un bon move d'enlever les pre-reqs de science de cegep du calcul post-entrevue. C'était un peu futile selon moi considérant la plupart des applicants ont acquis un background académique beaucoup plus riche après le cegep, et c'était d'autant plus ridicule pour quiconque avait un diplôme dans une discipline scientifique. Au final ça ne changera pas grand chose, sauf que le parcours sera peut-être moins long et coûteux pour ceux qui pensaient refaire des pre-reqs pour augmenter leurs chances post-entrevue.
  6. I think they missunderstood you. What McGill requieres are certain pre-requisites in health science and a bachelor degree done at full-time. Usually the 4 year bachelor applies to people who don't have a cegep degree (ie all those outside Quebec), so maybe they suggested that while assuming that you will not go back to cegep. On another note, a few people in my cohort started med school at 39, and good numbers started in their 30s. It's really up to you to decide if you want to go back to school for a good while!
  7. I think in a case like yours you should be fine, it's more than a valide reason. So I didn't write a letter of extenuating circumstances, but I wrote an additional note in the workbook (you have the option I think on the last page) to explain why I did 7 sessions in cegep - I did my first DEC in the normal 4 sessions, and few years later, after graduating I went back to cegep to do pre-requesites in science, and the shortest way to do it was in 3 semesters. They never bothered me with it.
  8. Interprofessionnal teams happens only once per semester, you basically have a session where you learn how interdisciplinary teams work. If you do the 30 minutes assignement and if you're attending sessions you'll pass the course! Reflection and examination are recap exams that you also only need to pass, though for this you'll need to prepare a little bit more!
  9. I have a GT Racing chair, the exact one I bought seems to be out of stock right now (https://www.amazon.ca/-/fr/gp/product/B078MFY6TH/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1), but there are many similar models by this brand. Overall, it's very comfortable. I use the lumbar pillow all the time, and while I rarely use the cervical one, it's nice to have it when my neck feels stiff. Of course there are better chairs if you are willing to put more money into it, but since I have cats I don't want to spend too much on a chair that will serve partly as a scratching post Though to my surprise, they haven't been scratching it much so far....! My only disapointment is that I tought the back seat would be moving backwards just by leaning in, but in fact you have to lock in your position with a lever, so you can only have the back seat go to specific angles.
  10. Kind of staying in the health topic, my best amazon purchase is definetly a gaming chair (most affordable ergonomic chairs you can find according to my searches). I have been back-pain-free since I bought it in last november!
  11. Il faut vraiment que tu aies reçu le grade pour le 31 décembre, avec 0 flexibilité. Je sais que c'est un peu ridicule parce qu'avec ce système là, il faut carrément finir ses études un an avant le cycle d'admission pour lequel on veut postuler, mais c'est comme ça malheureusement.
  12. Pour l'UdeM, McGill, Laval (si on considère 60 cr = 2 ans de bac) et tout ce qui est hors Québec, tu dois être à la dernière année de ton bac pour pouvoir appliquer, de sorte à avoir terminé ton programme avant de commencer tes études en médecine, si tu es accepté.
  13. Un ami récemment gradué en med fam m'a dit que ça peut être un peu plus difficile à Montréal même, mais dès que tu vas un peu dans l'ouest ou dans l'est de l'ile (ou même de l'autre côté des ponts si c'est une option pour toi) c'est assez facile apparemment.
  14. "In a release, Minister of Health and Social Services Danielle McCann said the creation of the new admissions is intended to address a lack of medical personnel in Quebec especially for its aging population. She noted that the current pandemic crisis, which hit more than 300 elderly residences across the province, “demonstrated the importance of correcting this situation.”" - quote from the article It's very odd because the problems in our province during the pandemic has never been the lack of doctors. In fact, most of the CHSLD staff are nurses and PABs, those are the ones we need the most right now. Also, they have been cutting spots in med schools for the past 5 years or so, I can't believed they didn't consider the aging population when they decided to cut those spots. I'm looking forward to hear more about it, because their justification doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
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