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  1. CDA says your scores are valid for 3 years. At least thats what I recall.
  2. Offers are out for UofM Dentistry, comment below if you got in, waitlisted, or rejected if you want. I'll start: aGPA: 4.30 DAT: 25 IP Accepted Good luck to everyone else.
  3. pm me if you want I can help. I got 26 AA and I got some advice I can give to people.
  4. I think its 93rd percentile? I'm not too sure tho.
  5. Oh I included my PAT in my overall score, so overall score is just your AA? My AA is 26.
  6. Hey everyone, I was wondering where I can find percentiles for the overall score for the Canadian DAT. I know universities don't actually care what percentile you're in but it's nice to see where I am compared to others. I found a percentile range for the american DAT but have no luck finding one for the Canadian version. I got an overall score of 25 for my February DAT and was wondering what percentile that is. Does anyone know?
  7. Got my score back yesterday, got a DAT score of 25. Here's my breakdown. Bio - 30 Reading comp - 26 Chemistry - 23 AA: 26 PAT - 21 Anyone else surprised that the PAT scores are pretty low this time? Edit: In case anyone wondering, my previous Nov DAT was around 24 AA - 25 (Got 30 bio last time as well lol) PAT - 22
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