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  1. gangliocytoma

    How much do EM physicians make in ON/BC on avg?

    Academic EM docs get salaried vs fee for service I think. This way all EM docs at the centre will make roughly the same $$, even if some decide to spend more time doing research/admin work than take clinical shifts.
  2. You wouldn't. I doubt you'd get enough funding by yourself to just "do your own thing" as even big researchers have trouble getting grant money these days. You'd have to get approval from your PI to allocate funds to your project, and therefore your PI would be on the paper. You'll likely also get help from other senior lab members so they would also be on your paper. You'd have to convince your PI that your interest is worth spending money on. Also, publishing something in a meaningful, peer-reviewed journal costs upwards of $500, and will likely require you to make revisions and changes, and can take well over a year from time of submission before it's accepted.
  3. gangliocytoma

    My chances for Queen's?

    Without knowing your MCAT it's impossible to say. ECs seem good to me. Check to see if your ECs meet the CanMed roles. If you can tick all the boxes, pending a good MCAT score an interview is possible (but never guaranteed).
  4. Since when is the Passport Infinite waived? I would love to get rid of my useless Passport Gold
  5. gangliocytoma

    Tips on how to be more competitive for residency

    Start school first and all will be revealed shortly after. Take this summer to relax and don't worry about residency yet. Schools in Canada are pass/fail.
  6. gangliocytoma

    Queens or UofT MAM

    @dantheman24 Regardless of where you choose, you'll have great schooling. If you have any questions about Queen's shoot me a message.
  7. gangliocytoma

    Queens or UofT MAM

    Sounds a lot like how Queen's does their curriculum LOL. Online DIL (directed independent learning) prior to a lecture. Also have cases that we work through in class during lecture and connected cases in our FSGL (facilitated small group learning) where we go through cases with a faculty member in groups. They try to incorporate clinical skills with relevant things you are covering in blocks. I.e. newborn examination/adolescent interview/toddler assessment while Peds block is running.
  8. gangliocytoma

    Queens or UofT MAM

    If you wanna do some world class research, I'd recommend to head over to McMaster, Canada's most research intensive university. Way less students so you'd be more likely to work with the PI you want!
  9. gangliocytoma

    Queens or UofT MAM

    Eh not really anything measure things by. The match rate for Queen's speaks for it self Kingston is a nice town with tons of great restaurants. Queen's as a university is nice and has a great community feel. I can't comment on the "tighter-knittedness" of the MAM group but we have a great group here. Tons of clinical exposure and ability to connect with mentors. Doctors will always stop and take time to explain things to you even if they're busy rounding in the ICU or performing a surgery. I don't really see any drawbacks of Queen's. I'm sure U of T is great too tho!
  10. I wouldn't include them at all for OMSAS. They will likely have negligible impact on your application, and are seen as things that favour people with "connections" i.e. your uncle is a surgeon and he let you watch a surgery when usually that experience would not attainable by most of your peers simply because of who you know (not saying this is you, but it's a story that has been tossed around a fair bit). If anything, save your story for the interview if you felt particularly inspired by your experience. If you have other things you can put in your OMSAS, ones that show who you are as a person, I'd definitely put those instead. Putting observerships does not give admission committees any insight in who you are as a person, your values, your ability to demonstrate teamwork, collaboration, empathy, pursue scholarship, show your leadership capabilities, or your resilience. Just something to think about.
  11. Did you get interviews in places other than U of T?
  12. Where else did you apply? What were the outcomes for other schools?
  13. gangliocytoma

    FM + 1 EM ... where to start

    Unlikely. From what I understand EM departments in academic centres would be more likely to hire an FRCP over a +1EM. There are some older +1EM docs in my school that do conduct a fair bit of research (likely from the days before the FRCP program existed) but they're slowly being handed more admin related roles and having FRCPs (with fellowships) hop on to be the main research and clinical force.
  14. gangliocytoma

    Queens Waitlist 2018

    Be patient! I was in the same boat last year... keep your hopes up and make appropriate plans for next year just in case!
  15. gangliocytoma

    McMaster life sci vs McMaster health sci

    Actually, I've heard the opposite. I know of some supervisors who refuse to take health sci students because of their lack of basic science knowledge and lack of prior lab exposure/skills. Edit: that being said, there are still many health sci students that do very well in all sorts of labs