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  1. Yea, you can apply for them and get them by paying the fee. If you want them free you need to have your LOC there.
  2. This leads me to think that you lived at home during your undergrad. I think getting out of the house and living on your own is an important thing to do. You'll be in debt no matter where you go. I don't know how much money would have been saved if I ended up in another province, but at the end of the day I'm not losing sleep about it. Queen's had a very strong match into competitive specialties this year.
  3. Id argue going anywhere with less learners is better for that. Less learners = less competition for research = more chances you get what you want. It also works that way in terms of clinical learning. If you're in the room on an observership and there is a senior clerk, resident, fellow, and attending there with you, there's practically zero chance you'll do anything more than shadow. On the other hand, if it's just you and the attending, you will play a bigger role.
  4. Research becomes more and more important the more competitive a specialty becomes. All those (minus peds) are considered very competitive specialities and you'd likely be shooting yourself in the foot if you didn't have any research before CaRMs. I think EM and derm are in the top 3 of competitiveness. We recently had a talk from clerks who matched to anesthesia and all of them said they thought their research was important in them matching and tried to dispel the advice that's commonly propagated (i.e. that research isn't important). Also, getting into research is a great way to make connections. I think clinical research is more valuable this way, because if your supervisor is a clinician you can shadow them and try to book electives with them. Once you move along with your project, you may get asked to present at the departmental research day where you would be able to meet and network with other physicians and residents. Assuming you have a good relationship with your supervisor, I think this would make for an excellent letter for CaRMs. Getting 1-2 publications is easier said than done. Even if the research itself is done, with the rate it takes for reviewers to get back to you it can take well over a year to get published. Or you can face numerous rejections as you descend the ladder of impact factor.
  5. gangliocytoma

    8 week cap announcement

    This is what they told us during our clerkship talk, maybe it's school to school dependent, but the idea is that this will require you to parallel plan. In my school all the electives are pre-carms so it doesn't matter for us.
  6. gangliocytoma

    8 week cap announcement

    They'll have to do electives in 3 primary entry specialties (FM, general surgery, anesthesia, etc.). That means if they do 8 weeks IM, they still have to do at least 2 weeks in 2 other specialities. That means they would only have 4 weeks left to internal subspec.
  7. gangliocytoma

    8 week cap announcement

    thank goodness.
  8. gangliocytoma

    Shadowing Experiance

    homeopathic doctor ≠ ND, NDs may prescribe homeopathic medications however.
  9. It's very difficult to find anything clinical in Toronto as a student from another school. Your best bet would be to find a research supervisor who is also a clinician and hope they'll let you observe every now and then (this is also extremely unlikely and difficult). I think you should just stay at your home school and use the program there.
  10. gangliocytoma

    OSAP CHANGES FOR 2019-2020

    So.. Ontario took away tuition tax credits under the Wynne government to increase OSAP grant amounts. Now Doug is dropping tuition 10% (cool), decreasing grant amounts and likely total loan amounts. I'm certain that the decrease in OSAP will be greater than the decrease in tuition. I see this as a lose, lose, lose for us. At least bring back the tuition tax credits if you're going to do this...
  11. I don't think your GPA would be holding you back too much. Your MCAT looks decent as well. I don't think 1 yr research based masters exist, most of them will take roughly 2 years but could be longer if your experiments don't work out. I wouldn't go into a master's if you aren't passionate about it.
  12. gangliocytoma

    Critical Care - Competitive Now?

    Ahh gotcha! Best of luck with the application!
  13. gangliocytoma

    Critical Care - Competitive Now?

    Isn't there a lack of jobs in CC? Why would people wanna rush into it?