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  1. Probablypt

    UBC PT 2019

    Just received my invite as well!! Congratulations to everybody who received an interview!!!!!!!!!! I'm curious to know how they have arranged the order which people get an interview. Mine is around noon time!
  2. Probablypt

    UBC PT 2019

    On their "how to apply page", it says "Stage One: Applicants with a CASPer z-score ≥ -1 will advance to the next stage". And on the their admissions info session video on the same page (around 24 minutes in), they said that they take approximately the top 80% of the applicants from the CASPer before moving on to other stages of the admissions process.
  3. Probablypt

    UBC PT 2019

    You would have had to do pretty bad on the CASPer to be cut off from the next stage though, as U of T states that they are using it to weed out people who scored with a z score of -1 or lower.. which is pretty low. They said something like the bottom 20%. Then after that your CASPer score won't be considered anymore. So if you have a CASPer score that is below average but not quite in the bottom 20%, you're still fair game to move on to the next portion of their admission process. I'd think since UBC isn't saying anything they will be using it to look at our application as a whole just like how they look at our extracurriculars now. Maybe to look out for red flags? Say you have like a 95% average and great extracurriculars but totally bombed your CASPer, then maybe they'd look out for that. Similarly if you applied with an 83% average and have OK extracurriculars but your CASPer was in the top 10%, then they'd give you an extra chance too (i think Western PT looks at CASPer this way).
  4. Probablypt

    UBC PT 2019

    I have a feeling it'll come out tomorrow thursday...
  5. Probablypt

    UBC PT 2019

    I was checking this forum back to the 2018 application cycle and i'm thinking that interview invites or regrets should be coming out this week (in 2018, interview invites got sent out on Feb 8 Thursday).... i'm super nervous....!!!!!
  6. Probablypt

    How are CASPer results used?

    i would think that it would also make sense for them to use the first cycle its ever been used as a trial, so that they can see how scores correlate with other factors within people's applications. all i know is that for toronto PT, they just use it to weed out the people who scored at the bottom 20% of the CASPer. If toronto is doing it this way, i'd imagine that schools are also still in the preliminary stage of using CASPer scores to assess applications
  7. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your videos! Keep doing what you're doing
  8. Applied (all PT): UBC, U of T, Mcmaster (not sure) Accepted: Waitlisted: Rejected: GPA (4.0 scale): According to the ORPAS gpa conversion scale, my cGPA is 3.89, and sGPA is 3.93. Prereq+last 10 avg for ubc is 91%. -strength of essays and references: how would you really know? Essays are so subjective but i've gotten it edited by many people so I can say i've tried my best for the essays part References should be good. - worked at a research lab for the past 3 years, volunteered at a different research lab for one summer, and a lot of experience directly engaging w/ people with various disabilities (mostly neuro-related) in many settings (community, residential, clinical, recreational) throughout my undergrad by volunteering in clinics and nursing/residential care homes
  9. Probablypt

    PT Private Practice

    The average PT salary in vancouver is around $67k a year according to payscale. Knowing what pt's in private practice make (more than $67k for sure) because many clinics do a contractor style profit split, is this number bound to go up, since PT services are increasingly expensive (~$80-$120 per session = PT gets 50-60% of that per session)? My goal is to be making $100k a year before I hit my thirties because I want to be financially stable. I just wanna know that this is possible if I work in private clinics! Maybe in the future I'll work in the public sector to get benefits, but receive lower pay
  10. Probablypt

    Future PT students

    Hi PhysioStudent, thanks for making this thread!! I'm wondering, do you know what UBC and UofT are looking at more for their prospective PT students? I feel like my strengths are in my grades (around 90% for last 10-20 courses) and experience working in a PT related research lab and having lots of experience volunteering w/ physically handicapped people, but I'm worried that I don't have enough experience being involved in the school community with clubs, and that I don't have any scholarships. I am also really passionate about PT. I love learning about the body, how things work, and how movement disorders occur/can be treated. I love building patient rapport- being a figure they can trust, learning about patients, getting to know them as people, and just building relationships while helping them in their recovery. I am really passionate about the profession. But, I am not really that athletic, like I go to the gym and go to some MMA classes here and there, but I'm not really the typical 'sporty' physio who coaches basketball on week nights, plays rec league hockey on the weekends, all while training for a marathon. I guess what I'm curious to know is, will it affect my application that sports are not in my extracurriculars?
  11. Do you remember what UofT told you? I know some people who were like me and were able to use their supervisor as their reference for UBC, but i wasn't sure how Ontario schools worked.
  12. I have a quick question about academic references when applying to PT programs in Canada. I am planning to apply this coming fall, and I want to make the PI that I am working for as a research assistant one of my academic references. We do a lot of academic work in terms of research, where I developed a lot of literature review and systematic review skills which is rigorous academic work, but I have NOT taken any courses from my PI because he teaches at a graduate level only. To get into his lab, I also needed to have a pretty good standing academically to be considered, so he does know how I am doing at school. Would this person be considered a valid academic reference even if I have not taken a university course from them?
  13. so this year, UBC has decided to add 2 new things to the application process: A written response to one of the broad-based admission questions, and a document that tells you to list all your extracurriculars, scholarships, employment, research experience, and a 300 word paragraph talking about one of your mentioned experiences. My question is, how exactly are they giving weight to this new portion of te appplixation? Are they trying to be more similar to med school applications where they give an extracurriculars/leadership score to applicants? Im actually kind of worried because while I do have a pretty decent GPA (89-90 average) and a great deal of experience related to PT (clinic volunteering, 1-on-1 PT volunteer experience, research experience with SCI/stroke, volunteering in SCI centre, presenting research proposal related to rehab interventions and SCI at a research conference), i DO NOT have extracurriculars related to university clubs and student government because i was so focused on my out of school commitments. I am a commuter student so it's really hard to get involved at UBC, which is why i sought many opportunities outside school! Also not to mention, I don't particularly care for or like the culture of student body governments, which is why I chose not to get involved with these things. previously, i could care less if I wasn't involved with the student organizations at my faculty because you only really needed the references as proof of your involvement in research/volunteering with people with disabilities. Now I am worried that my lack of direct involvement with clubs/student council/government will affect my application, making it seem like I may lack leadership skills. To put the cherry on top, I have not received any scholarships/awards after high school and am now panicking over a blank space in that document. My faculty does not even give out a deans list distinction, so I can't even put that down. I know, I may seem like I am freaking out a bit. I just didn't know where to start or who to tell, and wanted a discussion on this new portion of the application. What are your guys' thoughts on the new document requirements for the UBC MPT application?
  14. Hi all, When I'm in fourth year I will probably be applying to PT at UBC (first choice, because I live in BC), UToronto, Western, and MacMaster. I am wondering what are the pros and cons of UBC's MPT program compared to those I'm applying for in the east coast. I see many comparisons between the PT schools in the east (Mac vs UWO vs UT vs Queens etc) but haven't really seen any comparing west coast PT schools like UBC or UofA against them. If I would rather settle down here in Vancouver and don't get into UBC PT for example, is it worth it to choose an Ontario based school (assuming I get into at least one of them) and create my network doing placements in Ontario instead of applying again in the following years at UBC so I can create my network doing placements in the place I actually want to live in long term (even if it will take longer)? Or will going to an Ontario PT school not affect my job prospects in BC? Thanks in advance!
  15. Hey, thanks for replying! I was thinking that too.. it was hard to imagine him bombing the interview because he was a very likeable clever guy, but who knows how we act under pressure! I know you can't discuss what questions you got ESPECIALLY not over internet, but are we required to know economical/political issues surrounding PT etc? I know that for example pharmacy it would be good to know issues on mariijuana, euthanasia, fentanyl, etc because many ethical questions surround those, but what topics do you recommend reading up a bit on regarding the profession of physical therapists that are debatable/open to discussion?