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  1. Yes that is the plan, I will accept an offer from UT if I get it and just lose my deposit if I ever get into UBC sometime in the summer. I'm super bummed because I did everything I really could to try and get into UBC and stay here, because I would really like to be close to my family. I've never worked so hard for something in my life. I guess even my best wasn't enough, although very close as I'm on the waitlist. Just hoping for the best honestly and trying to focus on what I need to do next! Damn I was banking on the numbers provided on the website where more than half the waitlisted people got in... 6-7 is really little..! Do you think that the new addition of the comp document & essays had anything to do with this? And when do the first few people on the waitlist usually hear back? I'm thinking around May or June?
  2. Yeah it really is stressful I'm rooting for the best for you too, even if I don't know you, because I wouldn't want anyone to feel the way i'm feeling right now I hope we get off the waitlist in May/June. This was my dream, and at least we know we still have a chance. Trying to be hopeful now!
  3. When did you hear back? I’m worried because i’m also waiting for my applications in ontario and they let you know on May 17, and if I get in to let’s say toronto i only have a couple weeks to accept my offer at toronto. If I accept an ontario offer but still waiting for UBC, can i cancel my ontario offer if I manage to get off the ubc waitlist? Edit: Nvm, for some reason i read that as you got waitlisted last year but are in now. Delusional thinking as you can see at the moment.
  4. Probablypt

    UBC PT 2019

    Congratulations to those who got an offer and are accepting their offers! Any lurkers who got an offer but are not going to accept their offers and are going somewhere else please give up your spot! lol I unfortunately got waitlisted and have started a UBC PT waitlist thread, so waitlisted peeps and lurkers, feel free to worry over there.
  5. Got waitlisted at UBC MPT with 92% average and am super scared and feeling uncertain. How many people usually get off the waitlist? They don't even tell you your spot on the waitlist. When do waitlisted applicants usually hear back? If you never make it off do you just never get contacted ever again?
  6. Probablypt

    UBC PT 2019

    i’m starting to get really nervous!!!!! We will know in a matter of less than 10 days.......
  7. I received my invite around 10am this morning
  8. Anyone know how CAP cancellations work for U of T? UBC says they wont get back to us until after mid april. Say UBC gets back to me (and hopefully I get in) AFTER April 18 (last day to RSVP for CAP) like on April 20, can we still cancel our CAP seat? how would this work? Since UBC is my first choice, I dont want to spend money to go down to Toronto to do my CAP if I already got into UBC, but if UBC doesnt get back to me by April 18 i would want to accept the CAP invite just in case I get waitlisted or rejected from UBC.
  9. Probablypt

    UBC PT 2019

    It was how i expected it to be. I think I did well on a couple stations, was unsure of 1 or 2, and the rest was okay. But then again I don't think it's expected for applicants to pass every station with flying colors! That would be impossible to do! And I think they still do take into consideration your grades after the interview. I saw somewhere on the website that they give you a score for your grades and for your interview and make their decision based on that (and your 'overall application'). Fingers crossed everybody!
  10. Probablypt

    UBC PT 2019

    Just received my invite as well!! Congratulations to everybody who received an interview!!!!!!!!!! I'm curious to know how they have arranged the order which people get an interview. Mine is around noon time!
  11. Probablypt

    UBC PT 2019

    On their "how to apply page", it says "Stage One: Applicants with a CASPer z-score ≥ -1 will advance to the next stage". And on the their admissions info session video on the same page (around 24 minutes in), they said that they take approximately the top 80% of the applicants from the CASPer before moving on to other stages of the admissions process.
  12. Probablypt

    UBC PT 2019

    You would have had to do pretty bad on the CASPer to be cut off from the next stage though, as U of T states that they are using it to weed out people who scored with a z score of -1 or lower.. which is pretty low. They said something like the bottom 20%. Then after that your CASPer score won't be considered anymore. So if you have a CASPer score that is below average but not quite in the bottom 20%, you're still fair game to move on to the next portion of their admission process. I'd think since UBC isn't saying anything they will be using it to look at our application as a whole just like how they look at our extracurriculars now. Maybe to look out for red flags? Say you have like a 95% average and great extracurriculars but totally bombed your CASPer, then maybe they'd look out for that. Similarly if you applied with an 83% average and have OK extracurriculars but your CASPer was in the top 10%, then they'd give you an extra chance too (i think Western PT looks at CASPer this way).
  13. Probablypt

    UBC PT 2019

    I have a feeling it'll come out tomorrow thursday...
  14. Probablypt

    UBC PT 2019

    I was checking this forum back to the 2018 application cycle and i'm thinking that interview invites or regrets should be coming out this week (in 2018, interview invites got sent out on Feb 8 Thursday).... i'm super nervous....!!!!!
  15. Probablypt

    How are CASPer results used?

    i would think that it would also make sense for them to use the first cycle its ever been used as a trial, so that they can see how scores correlate with other factors within people's applications. all i know is that for toronto PT, they just use it to weed out the people who scored at the bottom 20% of the CASPer. If toronto is doing it this way, i'd imagine that schools are also still in the preliminary stage of using CASPer scores to assess applications