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  1. westcoastbestcoast

    Cube Counting Technique

    Which of the 2 main methods for cube counting do you guys prefer and why? 1) Counting cubes for the entire figure and then answering the questions 2) Going thru each question and answer then individually by finding the number of cubes u need
  2. westcoastbestcoast

    UBC Application

    What's the purpose of UBC Dent asking: Other dental/medical schools you're applying too? What other courses will you complete (in addition to prerequisites and already completed) before entering dental school? Just curious, Thanks!
  3. westcoastbestcoast

    UBC Entrace Stats

    According to UBC's posted stats the average DAT score for an entering student is ~22. Is this BIO + CHEM + RC? Or does this include PAT? What is this 22 composed of? Thanks!
  4. westcoastbestcoast

    Speed Up Hole Punching

    haha yeah, so far i've been looking off my computer screen to get the gist of the techniques but will definitely print them up and practise!
  5. westcoastbestcoast

    Speed Up Hole Punching

    Awesome! Thanks for the insight. What is the "symmetry from first fold" method? I've always worked backwards from the last fold
  6. westcoastbestcoast

    Speed Up Hole Punching

    So far I've been drawing grids and using the line of symmetry method, but under time constraint drawing 15 mini grids could take up valuable time. Does anyone have any strategy to speed this up? Or use a grid for more than one question and avoid being confused? Any help is appreciated!
  7. westcoastbestcoast

    DAT bootcamp notes

    https://datbootcamp.com/feralis-biology-notes/ Are these notes posted on DAT Bootcamp Feralis revised? They seem totally different format from Feralis original notes. Just wondering, thanks!
  8. What's the average number of years a UBC med student applies before matriculating?
  9. westcoastbestcoast

    UBC Dent and Med

    Does UBC Dentistry have classes in the Life Science Building? Or joint classes with Med students?
  10. westcoastbestcoast

    Feeling discouraged

    I'm currently an undergrad studying to get into dentistry school and am consumed with my studies. I often pull 10 hour days for weeks at a time to get through all my material. I'm getting the results I want, not stellar, but my marks are competitive and I enjoy what I'm studying, but a part of me feels like I'm just going to fail out of dental school if I can get in because of how difficult I'm finding the material in undergrad. Did anyone else feel like they're really pushing their limits to get into dental school? Feeling drained and consumed by their studies? I don't really know what I'm looking for by posting here. Does anyone else feel like it's super difficult to get into dental school?
  11. westcoastbestcoast

    Does prestigious undergrad matter?

    What do you consider "prestigious"?
  12. westcoastbestcoast


    This is a totally random question but do dentists take the Hippocratic oath?
  13. westcoastbestcoast

    UBC DMD Interview Invite/Rejection 2018

    quite surprised at this. perhaps your CASPER really brought you down?
  14. westcoastbestcoast

    November 2017 DAT Thoughts

    RC 20 PAT 20 AA 21 Average: 85% What are my chances at getting an interview at UBC? I'm defs below the posted scores - but very slightly. Am i too far off? Thanks!
  15. westcoastbestcoast

    UBC Average DAT

    On UBC's posted entrance statistics, it says the average DAT score for interviewed IP applicant is 22.1 (last year). Sorry if this is dumb but is this AA? or AA + PAT? Also, i couldn't find information as to what the scaled score relates to in terms of percentile? I get that varies from test to test but around what percentile is a 22? Thanks!