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  1. Hey Everyone! I'm currently trying to decide between Western University and Queen's for the Medical Science and Life Science programs. I'm stuck between the two schools as I know they are very similar so I'm hoping I can get some feedback from you all that can help make my decision a little easier. Western University: Pros: -The Medical Science program seems rather specialized compared to Queen's -I can graduate with my Bachelor's of Medical Science rather than just a B.Sc -The Medical Science program is ran by Schulich Medical School so I feel like I would be getting the best of the best in terms of academics -Better dorms -They seem to have A LOT of clubs and recreational groups to participate in -Western is ranked higher Cons: -I've heard Western is a huge party school and I think it would be harder to focus if everyone around you is going out all the time -I've been told that first year is very difficult -The campus isn't as close knit as Queen's -I've been told that Western is very much like a high school and can tend to be a little clique-y Queen's University Pros: -I've heard the people at Queen's are a little more academically focused -The more "conservative" school of the two -Kingston -The campus is close knit and so pretty! -Smaller class sizes -I've heard Queen's is fairly generous in terms of bursaries.. Not too sure of this though Cons: -I haven't heard as many things about the Life Science program itself in comparison to the MedSci program.. -Supposedly Queen's sends less people into Medicine than Western -I've heard the science programs can be very competitive My long term goal right now is to get into medicine after undergrad so I'm hoping to attend wherever will best prepare me for the MCAT and my future in general. Also, please correct me if some of my pros or cons are incorrect as a lot of my information was passed down onto me from others. All advice and input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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