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  1. Hey BC20! Do you by any chance know what GPA your friend had that caused them to be rejected?
  2. Hey LethyPharm! When you applied last year, what was the highest number of credits that you took? I have never done a 30 credit year (my highest is 24) but I am applying this year anyway. I heard that people without 30 credit course loads still get accepted but I am just wondering how many credits is considered too low and uncompetitive.
  3. Hey everyone! For those of you that have been accepted-- what other courses did you take outside of the prereqs? I am going to be applying in the fall and I've already completed more than half of the prereqs so I need some more courses to have a 30 credit course load. Were there any courses that you took that were 'easier'? Thank you all in advance and congrats on your acceptances!
  4. Hey guys! I was just wondering if anyone has gotten accepted WITHOUT having a year with 30 credits. Last year I only took 24 credits and this year I will be doing the same. I know they say that its favourable to have a year with 30 credits, but does anyone know if it is an absolute requirement to have a year with 30 credits? Will I be rejected even if my GPA is competitive?
  5. Hey everyone, I think my question might be a little silly but I'll ask anyway! On the U of A website, it says that the requirements are: Where it says "successful completion of a combination of university level course work", does anyone know if they prefer us to take more science related courses or can we take any courses that we want? I've already completed the prereqs and now I'm just trying to decide what courses I should take next. For those who have applied already, what other courses did you guys take besides the prereqs? Thank you!
  6. Hi all, I just completed my first year of university and plan to eventually apply for pharmacy at the University of Alberta. With that being said, my first year of university was an absolute disaster. I have two withdrawals from my first semester and am anticipating an F in a course in my second semester. My overall GPA from this first year will probably be 2.5 or even lower than that. My question is: to what extent does the U of A care about how well or poor you did in your first year of university? I know that without a doubt, there will be an exponential improvement and a true reflection of the grades that I am capable of obtaining in my second and third years. I'm in a state where I am absolutely ashamed and embarrassed.. Please, any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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