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  1. Can you apply to accredited dental schools internationally? My suggestion is if $ is not an issue, you can look into US (Detroit a fav among Canadian students) , Australia, Ireland
  2. you can use LOC to pay off your OSAP, it does make a whole lot of sense as you the interest on your LOC is primarily 2.7% (Prime) while OSAP is somewhere around 5% (or slightly even higher). Few of my buddies (2-3 year DDS) bought expensive cars though...not a good move unless bank of mom and dad is there and abundant, I am getting off point, the bulk of the matter is, if you DON'T spend the money on extravagant items and have money left after 4th year, note: this also depends on where you attend dental school, it makes sense to pay off your Government loans from your LOC ALSO: exhaust OSAP or other governmental bursaries funds DURING school as you will NOT pay any interest on them while your in school but you pay interest on you LOC as quick as you take out funds
  3. This is what I did in undergrad ...I admit that this is an unorthodox move: 1) I printed the slides, took them with me to lecture, wrote my notes on the paper 2) I then took pics from it and put it on my ipad and read them while on bus going to/from school 3) I would dispose of the printed notes and have the pics backed up in my computer it worked amazingly well for me and I don't complain.... I also have a Surface pro, but I can't type fast nor I like the Pen that comes with it, it took my focus away from the lecture. Note: everyone is different but for me, writing notes on a piece of paper is the easiest and most efficient way to learn
  4. Australia, New Zeland, Ireland, US graduates can practice in Canada....some employers (minority) try to be OVER-THE-TOP selective in the recruting department. from personal experience, Irish and Australia dental students have been more exposed to clinical dentistry than SOME canadian students. In fact, it is standard policy for Canadian students to try to sneak into the labs on the weekends (or after classes) to expose themselves to certain procedures and build up speed because, they don't get enough practice during school hours. Note this behavior is mostly pronounced in year 3 and year 4 when we actually have patient feedback about our speed and posture. bottom line, you WILL find many jobs and YOU have to turn some down, not the other way around (as long as you have earned your accredited degree from one of the countries mentioned above).
  5. not sure where your getting the 500K from.... it is more in the range of 325-350K ...
  6. to correct you that is median and not average or mean
  7. not really...it can be until mid-late august...keep your hopes at a normal range...not so high that you feel disappointed if you dont get in and not too low so that it dampens your mood for the rest of summer
  8. how did you get into a canadian school without physiology? this one rules you out of UofT and at UWO, you have to write a test and get a certain score...right?
  9. if you get into the 4 year program, the tuition fee will be around 44,000 euros, I believe the stat that trinitydent has provided is regarding the 5 year program. Trinity has 5 year program cork has 4 or 5 year program depending on which one you get accepted to - but regardless 4 or 5 years, you will end up paying same tuition fee...
  10. I like your stance over this and hope everyone follows your pattern of thought
  11. from personal experience, I can relate to JavonFuturePT, many of my friends applied to physio as a back-up to med/dent. I do however respect PT as a profession and truly believe there are people out there who are passionate and want PT as their #1 choice. But lets not jump to bashing people who might not have physio as their primary aspiration for a career and only see it as back-up ...on a side note, the place I used to volunteer at had a famous PT who openly admitted that he only started considering PT when he tried and failed to get to Med school
  12. Canadian students studying Med/Dent in US more often than not take 100% of their released fund out of PLC each year...so it does happen...but for sure, this does not apply to Canadian students studying domestically
  13. Hi folks, I am trying to apply for a PLC at CIBC for 275k. However, I wanted to know how the interest system works. I know for a fact the accumulated interest depends on withdraws. For the sake of the argument lets assume, I take out maximum portions each year and its at prime 2.7%. Note: to make things further simple, lets assume I take out each installment on the very same day that the funds are released and hence pay interest starting month 1. Funds Released year 1 - 68,750 Debt Accumulation --------------------------------------------------------68,750 year 2 - 68,750 ------------------------------------------------------ 137,500 year 3 - 68, 750 --------------------------------------------------------206, 250 year 4 - 68, 750 --------------------------------------------------------275,000 Questions 1) what would be the monthly interest rate/month for year 1, 2 , 3 , 4? Would really help if the calculation process be shown so others who might have similar questions can observe as well. 2) what is compound interest?
  14. hi folks, my question is with regards to when students can take ndeb #1 and # 2. Moreover, do they have a say in terms of 'WHEN' they can take these tests or is it mandated by the university/province in which they study dentistry at?
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