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  1. If they have reached their capacity, why only students from gulf universities are not allowed to apply ?
  2. Hello, I came across something in the AFMC student portal and I got really curious. In McGill's institution profile under international students, it says: Please note that we are no longer accepting applications for the year 2016 from students registered at King Abdulaziz University College of Medicine and Allied Sciences, King Saud University, Kuwait University, United Arab Emirates University, King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences College of Medicine, Arabian Gulf University, King Faisal University, Al-Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University College of Medicine, Taif University, United Arab Emirates and Alfaisal University College of Medicine. I am not a member of any of these universities, but does any one know what is the cause behind this ?
  3. Are you sure oshaku ? Because my dad is eligible to get a RAMQ card after living only 3 months in Quebec ?
  4. It is stated on the website ''Your parent/sponsor is not required to reside in Quebec for a minimum time before you may benefit from Quebec tuition rates''. Does that mean if my dad moves to Quebec and obtains a RAMQ medicard, I become immediately eligible to apply to the faculty of medicine as a Quebec resident ?
  5. I don't have any info on that but keep in mind that in Europe students go from high school to med school so some program there are actually 6 years long so maybe 3rd and 4th years there are not the same as here.
  6. Hello, I am an international medical student and I have a hematology consult service elective at U of T in a week or so. I have a couple of questions please: 1. I have heard that Canadian medical students have a special way of writing follow-up notes on patients ...... if I recall correctly I believe it is called a SOAP note. Can someone please elaborate on this technique of note taking (or any other technique you were taught or recommend) ? 2. I will be applying to CaRMS in the 2017-2018 cycle or maybe in the 2018-2019 cycle. I can't help but think that if I ask my preceptor to submit a letter of recommendation to CaRMS 1 or maybe 2 years later after I actually did an elective with him, he will have completely forgotten who I am by that time. Can anyone think of a solution for this ? Advice is greatly appreciated.
  7. Thanks all for your feedback. I have another question: I am under the impression that in order to have the best chance of matching to an IM program, GIM electives are preferred over IM subspecialities. Is this true or not ? Another question: one of my aims from this elective is to do some networking with doctors in order to be able to get a research position later on. In your experience, is there more research opportunities in IM subspecialties than in GIM ?
  8. Hi LittleDaisy ........ I have learnt from your profile that you are a McGill student ........ can you please shed some light on GIM consult specifically at the Glen. I have heard that it is mainly for ER patients requiring admission to the medical ward ? There is something that I am particularly worried about ......... I have heard the the staff changes every single day ?
  9. Hi everyone, I am an international medical student and I have an elective in General Internal Medicine Consult Service at McGill coming up in October. I would like your advice on how to best prepare for this elective. I think it is going to be hard to study everything in internal medicine (and then actually remember it lol), so I am trying to choose which topics to focus on. Also do you recommend any specific resources to study from? In general any advice on how to do good in this elective would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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