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  1. Lets get this started! Class of 2022 - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1948060105218573/?ref=br_rs U of S College of Medicine - https://www.facebook.com/groups/236043476589326/?ref=br_rs
  2. This is amazing, I will 100% be doing this. Thank you.
  3. Congrats Koopatroopa! I guess I will see you in a few months then!
  4. Time: 1:43pm Accepted!!! Regina (By choice) IP - Eligible for DSAAP GPA: 86-88, depends on how they used my credits MCAT: 513 (128 CARS) Interview: Felt really good about it, I was really calm & had fun throughout Feels surreal, but amazing to be in!
  5. haha! This past week especially has been a complete write-off, but I'm OK with it too! It's been a nice change of pace, but I'm excited to be able to plan ahead again.
  6. Nothing yet, I suspect it will come soon though! They may have done OOP first. Me too! Nothing is getting done for the next little bit.
  7. Sorry to hear you need to keep waiting @broclivity44, but it seems like there has been a ton of OOP waitlist movement in the past & they seem pretty good about getting waitlist offers out quickly. I hope it works out, and thanks for letting us know emails are coming!!
  8. Thanks @broclivity44, good luck to you & @dumbebell as well! I'll be spending most of the morning at the gym, good way to pass the time. Man, I'm feeling it now. I've been able to stay fairly calm/confident throughout, but it's stressful knowing the time/day. I think I'd rather be somewhat blindsided.
  9. Sounds like a good plan! I didn't schedule any work tomorrow, so the morning is going to be the longest part of this for me I think. The last week or so I got back into playing video games for the first time in a few years. It's been a good distraction since I've had a lot of downtime lately! Gymnastics with my son tonight though. Good luck Koopatroopa! I've seen you post a lot on the forums lately, I'll be rooting for you tomorrow!
  10. Counting down the days... Super excited, nervous, and actively trying not to think of what I could have done better in the interview. It's nerve-wracking to see all of the other people on here going through rejections, and to see that some people are getting in on their 4th, 5th, or 6th tries. Having said that it's super exciting to think that a good chunk of us will be Med students in 3 days.
  11. King74

    Decisions Next Week?

    This is the same deadline we were told with the U of S. At interviews they told us emails will go out May 15th, and responses will be due May 25th. It's nice to see they are giving everyone a chance to see what the other schools say before responding.
  12. I contacted the recruiter for my area, and in one of the documents it said that anyone having their education subsidized (Med school) will sign a 12-year VIE. This means you sign a 12 year commitment, but you are only required to complete 4 years of active service. When you complete your 4 years, if you have time remaining on your VIE you may serve it voluntarily or be honourably discharged. My understanding from reading the material is that the Basic Military Officer Qualification (14 weeks), Basic Medical Officer Course (4 weeks), Health Services Operations & Staff Officer Course (6 weeks), & potentially 2nd Language Training (up to 7 months max, but can be delayed if they need you posted somewhere) is not included in that 4 years of service. I believe that's why the VIE is 12 years, instead of 10. The BMOQ can be done during the summers between school years, if scheduling allows, and the 2nd language training may not be required, so it's not that bad.
  13. Yes, 5 years of study anyway. You can take time off in between though. For example, my degree took me 6 years to complete, but for 1 of the years (year 4) I was attending a college that is not affiliated with a university. I was told that as long as I did not receive transfer credit for that year they would simply consider it as a gap year, and ignore it. As a result, I was eligible to apply this year, and my degree fit within the 5 year requirement.