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  1. Saturday morning here. I am eligible for the DSAAP program if that helps, I forgot about that. They may be doing that before the rest of the IP.
  2. I had at least 1 of my references contacted yesterday, 1 has not been contacted, and I haven’t heard from the 3rd. I’m IP
  3. So, I started out somewhat jokingly thinking about getting my nails painted to match my suit for my interview. Now after talking to a few people I am seriously considering it, and I wanted to see what you guys thought about it. I am male, and my suit is navy blue so I was leaning towards navy blue with a lighter blue accent nail. I used to be a part of a group that would paint their nails before a major event, guys & girls, so that's where the idea came from. Having said that I think that if it ever came up in the interview I would be able to speak at length about it and challenging norms/beliefs. Question: Do you think it is inappropriate for a male to wear coloured nail polish to an interview? Or is it simply abnormal? If you think it's inappropriate do you also think it is inappropriate for a female to wear coloured nail polish? If there is a difference between the two please explain why.
  4. Would anyone be interested in going out for supper, or getting together post-interview? I think it would be a good opportunity to meet other people who may be potential classmates in the near future! I interview Saturday morning, so I will be in Saskatoon Saturday night then back to Regina for Sunday night. I would be up for either, or both if anyone is up for getting together.
  5. Congrats on the OOP interviews!! Typically that drive is super easy, because it is double-lane the entire way. The weather today & for the next few days is terrible here, but this is the first big snow dump we've had this year. If I had to choose any highway to drive on it would be that one. As for moose/deer you should be aware, but I've been driving in SK/AB for 8 years & never hit a deer personally. As long as you are awake you'll be fine, they are easy to spot on a major highway. Fatigue may or may not be an issue, depending on whether or not you are used to driving distances. The drive is ~520km, which isn't too bad considering you will probably be able to cruise the whole way. Overall I would say you should be good to go, as long as you have a little bit of time to wind down & prepare for Sunday. If you need anything send me a PM and I can help you out. I will be interviewing Saturday morning then I'll be done for the weekend.
  6. I thought I would make up a list of events as they arise, so that more people will hear about them and be able to attend. It's not always super easy to find the announcements, so it would be great if anyone can add what they see. Regina - U of R Premed Club on URSU vibe https://www.campusvibe.ca/campusvibe/group/17967669-5bab-4af9-b965-15cb7f9c94a7/ce0b0fa3-7873-49ce-9140-130320d19325 Mock MMI - March 6th, Regina General Hospital, More info will be coming out soon, ashley.tshala@usask.ca Practice/Prep Sessions w/ current 2nd & 3rd year students - Tentatively Thursday's 4:30-6:30pm, there may or may not be a session next week on the 22nd Practice group on U of R Campus - There is apparently a group that practices 3x per week on Campus at the U of R, I don't have a contact for this though. It seems to be based out of the sciences if that helps at all. Saskatoon - U of S Premed Club - https://www.facebook.com/uofspmc/ Mock MMI - March 4th, U of S, there is a large waitlist right now, uofs.pmc@usask.ca Part 2 of MMI Prep - February 27th from 4:30-5:30pm
  7. It's worth noting that the U of A has interviews the same weekend, so there may be movement after their invites go out.
  8. TIME STAMP: Feb 5th 3:02 pm Interview Date: March 17 or 18th Result: Invite! GPA: 86-87.5% (Depends on how they calculated it with multiple schools) MCAT: 513 ECs: Lots related to sports (All aspects), little related to medicine Year: 5th Geography : IP
  9. My heart skipped a beat when I saw this thread, but hadn't received an email yet.
  10. It's normal. I didn't receive any confirmation online, but my application was acknowledged when I spoke to Sherrill in-person at a presentation last week.
  11. Interview stats for OOP will likely actually go up, if that's possible this year. They are dropping OOP seats from 10 to 5, and will only be interviewing 50 OOP instead of the 100 or so from previous years. Edit: This came directly from Dr. Ziola (Director of Admissions) last week at a talk at the U of R.
  12. Thanks for the response, but I'm not sure I understand you completely. I know they will see the description, dates, & time commitment. My question is, will they see the "Experience Impact" section specifically?
  13. Does your verifier see your impact statement for the Top Ten? I am not worried about them denying anything I say. I ask because some of the impact statements get fairly personal and I am not close with all of my verifiers.
  14. It's hard to say what the stats will be like this year, but for 2016 entry the IP median 2015 MCAT percentile was 57. That is just over a 501, which is the 56th percentile. The median for the old MCAT was 74th percentile. If the scores are relatively consistent you will probably be good, but it's impossible to say for sure.
  15. 4th Year OOP Max scores: cGPA (/4): 4.0 ECs (/17): 13.0 MCAT (/132): 131.75 Avg scores: cGPA (/4): 3.93 ECs (/17): 8 MCAT (/132): 129.4
  16. Has anyone received the OOP email? I haven't gotten mine yet.
  17. Result: Reject GPA: 3.95 Year: 5th year UG MCAT: 513 ECs: I think they are pretty good, I commented them in a different thread a while ago. Athletics, volunteering, and lots of interpersonal work experience. Geography: OOP Bummer, I was hoping to get an interview this year. Oh well, back to the drawing board and time to consider an MCAT retake!
  18. It looks like the application website had an announcement a couple days ago.
  19. I just wanted to see if anyone knows if they ever allow for leeway on the transcript deadline? I am getting worried that my transcript will not be fully processed by tomorrow. I sent in the transcript request on Jan 18th, and it was sent by courier on Jan 23rd from Saskatchewan. I know that's super late, but my transcript wasn't complete until the 18th because I was waiting for an "independent study" to be manually entered. I did everything I could, but that was the soonest the admin staff was able to get it done. I emailed Med admissions to give them a heads up & I was thinking I would give the registrar a call today to check in.
  20. It was said in one of the emails that invites would go out in early February, I believe, as the online interview portion would be at the end of February.
  21. The stats I mentioned were based on a few threads that's I looked at when I searched through the forums. Looking back to last year several people posted the admission & interview #'s that they were given in the rejection letters. The OOP MCAT and GPA were slightly higher, but the interview and overall were very similar.
  22. If it helps at all, one of my verifiers said that it was all multiple choice and super easy to fill out.
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