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  1. The impression I got from reading stuff from last year was that they are not used unless you are put on the waitlist, outside of you needing to maintain a certain standard. Can anyone else confirm that?
  2. Thanks for the comment! The goal has always been to do things because I will enjoy them and I think they are interesting, rather than to load my resume. Over time it lead to some great opportunities, and talking about all of it is always easy because I thoroughly enjoy pretty much everything I do.
  3. Finally had my GPA updated, looks like it was higher than expected at 3.95! Hopefully there are others getting the same surprise, February could not come soon enough. Good luck with final exams guys!
  4. For anyone still waiting to hear back, I just got an email from my 1st verifier this afternoon!
  5. Has anyone else not heard back from any of their verifiers yet? I made the mistake of not explicitly asking mine to inform me if they were contacted. Which I'm slowly working on as I run into the ones I know personally, but so far none of the ones I talked to have received anything yet.
  6. 100% agree with this. I actually told my people that they were not references, just that I needed someone to confirm that I had in fact done the things I was claiming to have done. Hopefully it works out okay in that regard, I had to recontact a few people already. It's not the end of the world, but it would be nice if things were laid out a little more clearly ahead of time (With regard to the online interview portion as well).
  7. Fair enough. My concern moreso stems from the fact that some of my verifiers don't actually know me at all, other than the fact that I did things and they are able to verify that I did, if that makes sense? Sport accomplishments for example, I just contacted someone at my provincial organization to ask them to confirm some records I hold. They don't actually know who I am though, outside of my name and performances on paper.
  8. They are asking verifiers questions as well?? I have just been telling my people that I needed them to confirm numbers, and that's it. Some basically just know I have applied, but I haven't talked to them about anything else beyond that.
  9. I won't comment on IP status. But are you planning to wait to apply until you are considered IP? I would think you'd be better off applying as soon as you can, so you can take a shot at it OOP & at the very least get feedback for the next year. Unless I'm mistaken I believe the IP & OOP admission stats aren't really that much different. Maybe slightly different, but not remotely close to the way that the U of S is for example. That is assuming you have made the cut-offs, if not I 100% understand particularly with the CARS cutoff.
  10. I didn't originally need a degree when I went into chiropractic, so I didn't take some prereq's for major courses for my degree program. As a result I have 1 class I need to take next fall before I can graduate, which leaves me unable to apply to the U of S this year. Either way though I would much rather go to the U of A, even though I love Saskatchewan, so I am more than happy to give it 2 shots before going to the U of S. U of S IP stats are definitely more than doable, this years stats were pretty low.
  11. Thank you! I will look into it. My hope is to stay close to Saskatchewan to be near my family, but I can't say I'd be at all disappointed if I got into UBC. haha
  12. First time applying, I have zero overseas volunteering. I have traveled overseas for things other than vacation though.
  13. Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments! I'm going in with no expectations this year, but it's definitely encouraging to get positive feedback on here. I'm looking forward to the challenge.
  14. Thanks for the response! I feel like I have some stuff that I think is "cool", but I 100% agree that it will depend on how well I wrote them & who is actually evaluating it. I'm hoping I wrote them well, but in the end it's really hard to know exactly what the person reading them is looking for.
  15. Does anyone know how this would relate to OOP? I think I remember U of C having very similar stats for entry b/w OOP & IP, they just had much higher standards for getting an interview. Do you guys think that would hold here as well?
  16. 100% agreed, it depends on how they approach my GPA though. I have been to several different schools, and I'm not entirely sure how each will transfer. If they acknowledge all of my schooling I will be above by a decent margin, if they don't I expect something like 3.87. Either way I hope to have a better shot next year after boosting my average. For EC's there are a lot of different things, the highlights from each would probably be: - Working as a trainer for several years with kids, teens, adults, & elderly populations - Working in sales & customer service: Which was huge for learning to deal with disputes & talk to people - Working as an anatomy SI leader followed by lab instructor for my university - Working as an intern then an Assistant coach for a professional sports team/TV series in the US over the last 2 summers - Breaking & holding national (Formerly) & provincial (5+ years now) powerlifting records - Being ranked #1 across all weight classes for Olympic weightlifting for <20 years age group in province (#2 previous year) - Basic undergrad awards, including a single parent award, as well a few other scholarships that are ok but not hugely standout - Executive Board Member (2 year term) of provincial weightlifting association, it is the governing body within the province that works under the national organization. This was a 2 year elected term. - Founded & served as president of the "Diagnosis Club" while in my 1st year at CMCC (Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College). This club brings in specialists to present on interesting cases that they have seen in their own practices to help bring together what we were learning w/ real-life cases & knowledge from other fields. The club will host PhD's, neurologists, physiatrists, chiros, Ortho surgeons, and more this year. - Served an interim position on the student council at CMCC even though I had decided to leave. They needed someone for the spring/summer so I took over. - 3 years on Faculty student society, 2 years on the executive board, we are one the most well respected societies on campus & have grown enormously in the last few years. - 2 years as MC & organizing member of "Alumni Dinner committee" for Faculty awards night that we host yearly - 1 year of research experience working on a variety of different projects mostly based around sport psychology - Some generic volunteering for events - 6 years as part of the "Provincial team" for weightlifting - 3 week weightlifting training camp in Bulgaria under several former world/Olympic champions as well the most decorated weightlifting coach ever - Completion of 1 of 4 years of Chiropractic training at CMCC. Including a full head to toe cadaver dissection. This biggest thing from this was that our curriculum in the 1st year was science based, so biochemistry, anatomy, histology, biomechanics, orthopedics, diagnosis, etc. ~30hrs of class per week lead the development of a ton of skills, especially time management! - Full-time parenthood: I have a almost 4 year old son, who I had when I was 19. While it may not seem like something to put on an application having him has definitely taught me more than anything else.
  17. Waitlist or accepted straight away? I've got the same MCAT, and somewhere just under 3.9 so curious for sure! Also to you what makes EC's "above average"?
  18. There was a thread that had 2/3 OOP, 2/3 IP, & 4th IP but 4th OOP never came out. I've seen a number of people asking, but never found an answer
  19. On a similar note, my school doesn't allow us to register for winter semester classes until November. Does that matter for the application? Or is it okay to submit it with just fall registration, then submit it again once I have registered in wither courses?
  20. I'm not really sure what is considered good, I believe my "Volunteer" section will be mid-high 200's.
  21. This is the part I have trouble with. On some there isn't much room to put both, so I either put things that I did or what I feel I got out of it. Inevitably things get left out either way, but it feels wrong to not answer the question when I end up deleting some of my duties.
  22. Do they take location into consideration if you are OOP, or is it just IP? I have lived in rural towns my whole life, but I am also applying out of province.
  23. I am starting to wonder what the best way to present information would be, especially with how limited the space is you really can't write a whole lot. Does anyone have any good tips for writing this section? Things to do or not to do? I have been writing full sentences, has anyone tried using bullets? (I doubt I would do anything other than sentences myself) One of my entries for DoE is that I was a member of the provincial team for my sport for 5 years. Basically I just had space to put what it was & the years I competed at Junior nationals/Western Canadians/Senior nationals. Does that seem like a reasonable entry?
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