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  1. I can absolutely appreciate how busy they must be right now, that's why I came here instead of spamming them. Thanks for the response! Good luck this fall, if all goes well maybe I will see you at the interview! Average is well above what is needed, thanks for the response! I felt like it was almost to good to be true, so I had to double check with someone. I can't wait to get started on the application then!
  2. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone here could clear up a question. I tried contacting the U of S, but at this point it has been well over a month since I got my last response (The others taking 2+ weeks each). Currently I am attending a non-direct entry college program (Year 1 of 4), I completed ~90 credits before switching, and I am hoping to apply to the U of S in the future. One thing that I have come across that is confusing me is section 2 [C] under ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS for In-Province applicants. It says the following... "Individuals in a non-direct entry college can apply if prior to application ≥ 90 CU have been completed, the initial coursework was started no more than 48 months earlier, and ≥ 102 credit units (CU) are completed by the end of December of the application year. At least 120 CU must be completed by the end of June prior to entry to medicine. If in later years of or having finished a non-direct entry program, the most recent 120 CU completed prior to application will be used for the UAA calculation, provided the 120 CU have been completed within <60 months. As in [A], although any coursework taken in the calendar year following application will not be used in calculating the UAA for admission purposes, academic performance in these classes must average >75%." Can anyone confirm whether or not this means that I should be able to successfully apply this fall without a 4-year degree? I will have well over 120 credits before I even start the application. I know I should contact the school, but I have tried and am still trying. (I first started trying to contact them a few months ago and all replies stopped leading up to interview time. Thanks guys!
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