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  1. I think they just started... 3 identical listserv emails in 5 minutes. Woo!
  2. It’s been pretty quiet since May 10th as well... no email or anything. I’ve started doing my vaccination updating with Health Services and registered for CPR. I guess we just wait until the class is full?
  3. Felt I should add my stats in here because I’m super stoked and would want someone like me who was applying to see this... 2013 was my first application to medical schools in Canada, 2019 was my 1st interview at UBC. Accepted, VFMP (1st Choice) TIME STAMP: 11:56am PSTEarly or Regular Deadline: RegularAGPA (if applicable): ~83MCAT: 124 in CARS, 513 overall. Geography: IP Educational background: BSc and MSc (Thesis) in basic science , plus some Continuing Ed. ECs: Not an Olympian. Didn’t have any publications from my Master’s degree until after the June deadline, but some poster presentations. My weak GPA didn’t get me on the Dean’s Honours List. BUT I had years and years of service/volunteering/philanthropy, student governance and policy work during high school and university years, working in marginalised communities in BC and Quebec, experiences from my life that let me be in leadership roles outside of school, finding a true pride being a member of the LGBTQ2S+ community, and having made genuine connections with people that supported me over many, many years and were so thrilled to be verifiers (and making me cry seeing their genuine excitement when I told them I got in). Honestly, it took a village to raise me and they were all included in my application. Interview: I worked a full-time and part-time job while prepping for interviews, but all I can say is that I spent NUMEROUS hours working with friends, colleagues, anyone who I could find that wanted to spend the time to give me honest feedback to prepare. I wanted the input of non-applicants (I wasn’t here for the biased opinions and shadiness, and that’s the T), and I went in feeling great. I read articles for 5 hours a day to understand what was going on. I listened to podcasts while I worked. I watched the evening news before going to bed. Unfortunately, getting to the interview day and walking up to the first station, it was an out of body experience that I didn’t anticipate and my anxiety got the best of me. I know I had brought enough into the conversations, but it wasn’t at my best — however, I was happy to know that it was enough. Having low grades and a threshold CARS score was really pushing me to prove my worth in the interview and I did (and I’m so proud of that). The acceptance email comes and the grades no longer matter, the number of times I tried and wrote the MCAT no longer matter, the years of failed and rejected applications no longer matter. I’m looking forward. Forward to a new chapter and new beginning. Getting into medical school is easy for some with the grades and the privileges, however, without those, it’s full of hurdles. Jumping over enough of them will eventually get you to the finish line. One yes is all you need.
  4. So.. is there a Facebook group for Class of 2023? Congrats everyone!!!
  5. NothingButNetters

    D-DAY 2019 — Discussion Thread

    Imagine this was the good old days and you had to wait for a letter in the mail telling you that you were accepted... would be checking your literal mailbox everyday.
  6. NothingButNetters

    D-DAY 2019 — Discussion Thread

    Does anyone else have a failed course on their transcript? I don’t know if some schools replace a supplemental/retaken course as the only grade... maybe someone else is in the same boat? (Or have a D in a course?)
  7. NothingButNetters

    GPA calculation

    https://www.grad.ubc.ca/faculty-staff/admin-resources-templates/gpa-calculators theres an Excel calculator where you can plug in your marks and see how they change your GPA. Just use the percentage conversion table UBC uses to convert letter grades to %. But yes, the credit weighting is important.
  8. NothingButNetters

    Proof of Citizenship

    I’m a little confused @ohimark... Are you saying that the text under the Interview Decision header has changed?
  9. NothingButNetters

    Proof of Citizenship

    For those folks who said they interviewed in the past with Above Average results and are also in this year’s applicant pool, do you know what was the crux/demise of your application those previous years? (i.e., Not uploading documents? Low MCAT? Poor choice of verifiers/references?) Were you able to make some changes for this cycle? Some insight would be lovely!
  10. NothingButNetters

    Proof of Citizenship

  11. NothingButNetters

    Proof of Citizenship

    Was anyone’s not updated today?
  12. NothingButNetters

    Proof of Citizenship

    So was anyone’s status updated this week? A friend just had theirs changed to Recieved today...
  13. NothingButNetters

    Proof of Citizenship

    I felt the EXACT same thing, but was trying to convince myself I was just overthinking everything and being irrational... but it does make sense...
  14. NothingButNetters

    Proof of Citizenship

    Same, not received yet. I did submit mine in late December.
  15. NothingButNetters

    Proof of Canadian Citizenship upload

    Thanks for your responses! I appreciate it! This is what the email from the OAS said today: Please upload a scan or photo of your proof of citizenship to your Documents tab by February 15 at 12:00 p.m. PST. For most applicants, we will not update the received status for proof of citizenship until after the interviews are over. You can check the time stamp on your Documents tab to ensure you uploaded your proof of citizenship before the deadline.