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  1. NothingButNetters

    GPA calculation

    https://www.grad.ubc.ca/faculty-staff/admin-resources-templates/gpa-calculators theres an Excel calculator where you can plug in your marks and see how they change your GPA. Just use the percentage conversion table UBC uses to convert letter grades to %. But yes, the credit weighting is important.
  2. NothingButNetters

    Proof of Citizenship

    I’m a little confused @ohimark... Are you saying that the text under the Interview Decision header has changed?
  3. NothingButNetters

    Proof of Citizenship

    For those folks who said they interviewed in the past with Above Average results and are also in this year’s applicant pool, do you know what was the crux/demise of your application those previous years? (i.e., Not uploading documents? Low MCAT? Poor choice of verifiers/references?) Were you able to make some changes for this cycle? Some insight would be lovely!
  4. NothingButNetters

    Proof of Citizenship

  5. NothingButNetters

    Proof of Citizenship

    Was anyone’s not updated today?
  6. NothingButNetters

    Proof of Citizenship

    So was anyone’s status updated this week? A friend just had theirs changed to Recieved today...
  7. NothingButNetters

    Proof of Citizenship

    I felt the EXACT same thing, but was trying to convince myself I was just overthinking everything and being irrational... but it does make sense...
  8. NothingButNetters

    Proof of Citizenship

    Same, not received yet. I did submit mine in late December.
  9. NothingButNetters

    Proof of Canadian Citizenship upload

    Thanks for your responses! I appreciate it! This is what the email from the OAS said today: Please upload a scan or photo of your proof of citizenship to your Documents tab by February 15 at 12:00 p.m. PST. For most applicants, we will not update the received status for proof of citizenship until after the interviews are over. You can check the time stamp on your Documents tab to ensure you uploaded your proof of citizenship before the deadline.
  10. Has anyone’s uploaded document of their Proof of Canadian citizenship (i.e. Passport scan) been marked as “Recieved”? I uploaded it back in December to get it out of the way... Or will they only be updating these files for review later in February? Cheers!
  11. How long does one have to accept when they receive an offer off the waitlist?
  12. NothingButNetters


    I really am not a fan of the connotation throwing out the word "microaggression" in conversations has received over the last couple of years and merits eye rolls, but it's more about privilege (another entire topic that can be explored) and has to do with making comments from a vantage of privilege in society (white, cis, male, straight, etc.). A comment made from a place of privilege that discredits or oppresses the less privileged group is often what credits a "microaggression" because it may be subtle or unintentional, but reinforces marginalization. Thus, comments made by another gender against males isn't a "microaggression", because historically males have that privilege women don't (even those who are trans*). Thus even putting together the string of words like "microaggression towards men" is the same line as "reverse racism". As a male myself and a person of colour and gay, it is important to recognize which privileges you have and do not, but it's difficult to sit back and not comment when the same systems and stereotypes and dogmas of things are perpetuated because people don't understand their privilege. There are many resources on the web to understand privilege and what privileges you have in society.
  13. NothingButNetters


    I hope you don't think "microaggression towards men" is a thing... Much like I hope you don't think "reverse racism" is a thing...
  14. NothingButNetters


    Throwing a wrench in this topic, but as a member of the LGBTQQIAAP community, gender isn't a binary and what stats the OP may have received from their friend may be biased to the interpretation of said person. The tone of the original post seemed to allude to the fact that it was going against the status quo with the "bold move", but I think there SHOULD be more opportunities presented to those systematically oppressed by the profession. At the interview, I was very surprised to see the lack of diversity in the applicants, but hey, the process is blinded to race, but the cause may be less people of colour feel the need to apply to Queen's or less are invited for an interview. I think the fact all women were chosen for the cohort of QuARMS is a testament to their merits and potential in the program, rather than the fact that they are all female. Statistically, yes, it is uncommon and surprising 100% would be female, but hardly a "bold move", but more of a "commendable applaud", in my opinion.
  15. NothingButNetters

    Class Size + Waitlist Movement

    Hey, did you happen to find out that answer? Cheers!