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  1. Before you take the MCAT, you have to take a year of biology, a year of inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, a year of physics and introductory level of knowledge of psychology. I think for you will be useful to read steps of process to became a nurse (it`s in this article)
  2. I don`t know which one from this Nursing schools (Western, Queens, Mac) is the best. I didn`t study there. But I know about Denver School of Nursing, my sister was studying there. So, this school is equipped great for studying there, there are all for learning and living. It`s located close to transport. If I`m not mistaken, you can get 4 different nursing degrees. Better, check it here. There are good conditions in campus.
  3. hi Ashley! my congratulations about your finishing Pre-Nursing program! that`s cool to have a big family, so I guess you are happy woman!=) don`t worry about your tattoos and piercing, there are things much more important, then tattoos, I mean personal qualities of nurse. Nurse should have good communication and judgement skills, be patient with patients, who have mental diseases (more qualities are here). So for nurse more important are professionalism and personal qualities.
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