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  1. It's great that you are working towards your goal of getting into the program, but I do not think your cumulative GPA is high enough for admission. Aiming for a cumulative and prerequisite GPA of 3.3 (B+) or higher would be more realistic, although the recommended GPA of 3.5 is what is officially considered competitive. Obviously if you get the chance to do an interview, make the most of it and practice as much as you can especially since they're providing you with sample questions. For the Letter of Intent, I would recommend that you shadow a pharmacist (or multiple) or work at a pharmacy if you haven't already in order to convince the admissions committee that pharmacy is truly the field you want to enter. Hope that helps and good luck with your future applications!
  2. An email was sent out today for people who were accepted into the Calgary cohort. It was mentioned that the people who decide not to accept the offer still have a place reserved for them in Edmonton.
  3. I am not totally sure what to make of the interview offer. Did everyone who applied get an interview or is it just some of the applicants?
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