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  1. I went the route of bringing luggage with me. Had the extra advantage of looking very prepared, but whatever works for you.
  2. Oh you can eat anytime, not just before the interview. Make sure you have pockets so you can stuff 'em full of muffins.
  3. Coats - yes - coat rack ( makes beautifully chiming sounds reminiscent of a soft summer breeze) Bags - Not lockers or anything like that. I left my bag at the reception table cause I didn't wanna take it in with me. They watched it for me! I wasn't the only one. So, that's an option
  4. Yeah, you all get summoned at around the same time, within minutes of each other... but it's still nerve wracking to wait to hear your name... The name tag is simple, just your first and last name written in font 18 Times New Roman (jks bout the font but you get the point). As for the food, I personally didn't take any but from what I saw, there was water, coffee (I think?), muffins, granola bars, those fruit sensation snacks (yum), and the snack size version of celebration cookies. You guys are trying to visualize the moment?
  5. Registration is legit 5 seconds. You come in, they ask for your name and ID ( DON'T FORGET ID!!!!!). Once they find your name, they give you a sticky name tag with your name printed on it and you go sit with everyone else for the rest of the 45 min prior to your interview. Then 10 min before your interview, you all have to move to another round table where they come and pick you off one by one... I mean, where they come get you for your interview!
  6. So basically.... long table... they can be quite far away but not to the point of needing a megaphone. Although, I would recommend stretching your neck and shoulders beforehand cause you'll be doing a lot of left-to-right-back-to-left movement with your head since they can be sitting on either side of you. Everyone was really nice and helpful and there's a round-table situation going on before your interview where you can share your hopes and dreams with other med hopefuls or as other people did, ask questions to the fourth year med students (they were pretty darn helpful). The interview itself goes by so fast, it's crazy (you know what they say, time flies when you're having fun!). On a serious note though, everyone tried to make you feel comfortable and the Youtube vid they showed in the info session was funny ( I was really impressed by the Rockstar cover ending... you'll know what I mean when you see it). Good luck y'all. Just think this, after the interview, there is just 2.5 months left to wait (Invites come out May 8th). No biggie. Just two point five months. That's just 10 weeks, or 72 days... 1728 hours...
  7. Mission accepted. *message will self destruct in 5,4,3,....2......*
  8. Where are you getting stuck ? Theres the green button that says "ticket" that you need to click on and then there is the checkout button afterwards.
  9. Invite Time Stamp: 29/01/2018 - 5:33pm EST Location: IP Stream: French wGPA: 3.94 Current year: Graduated ECs: Varied but no publications/research Casper: Went well, was very stressed out though and slightly freaked out by the timer...
  10. I called them and they said they have started calling for both the english and french stream already. I asked if the class is close to being complete and she said she couldn't tell me. Good luck everyone!
  11. I feel like we should all sit in a circle, introduce ourselves and say how we feel. Let me start... *Gets up from a creaky wooden chair in a dark underground room illuminated by a single bulb* "My name is Sincere, and I am on the waitlist." Everyone : "Hi Sincere" "I feel jumpy at every phone call, obsess over my phone battery ( I have two portable phone chargers at all times), and check my voicemail IN CASE my phone did something weird and I missed the call" *sits back down and looks to person on the right* ....
  12. That moment where every phone call gives you a heart attack.... My friend called me on a number I didn't have saved and I almost cried. :/
  13. Okay! Well, if anyone gets off the waitlist within the next two weeks, let us know for confirmation!
  14. *with a tear streaked face and surrounded by candy wrappers*
  15. I can't copy paste the link here but the group is called " MD2021 - University of Ottawa" Good luck!
  16. So the offers off the waitlist only come after the 2 weeks are up? Or " à fur et à mesure" that people decline?
  17. No, cause when you accept somewhere, you're removed from the running of becoming americas next top model (other schools)
  18. From what I heard, it's 95. Anyone correct me if I'm wrong!
  19. Thanks for taking one for the team! Hopefully it's not terrible news
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