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  1. Wow, you look very zen to me! for me, nights and making life changing decisions would be 11/10 (at least that's what I assumes! haven't been in the situation so far). Do you mind sharing some of the methods for managing the stress, if you have any?
  2. What are some examples of work related stress, if you don't mind. Are they in general better or worse than study related stress?
  3. So you're saying the stress is not about the job itself, but more about the settings of the job, right?
  4. Medical students/residents/staffs, on a scale of 1 to 10 how much work/study related stress do you have to deal with on a daily basis? Has it changed throughout time? And how do you try and manage that stress? It would also be nice to mention your specialty, if you have any.
  5. Thank you! I'm going to take a fifth year then. What do you think about my ECs? Is there any particular area that I can work on? ( I would probably get more research done until the application cycle, but besides that, I don't know what else to do)
  6. Yeah My GPA does not make it to the cut off for western because although all my third year courses are 80+, there is a signle course that drags the GPA to below 3.7. I finished my second year with 3.69 omsas GPA, and first year was below that. Basically I have 1-2 courses each year that make me not eligible for western. I assumed if I don't make the cut offs for western I'm also not eligible for Queens and Ottawa. NOSM won't accept me because I have no connectiona with the region. And based on what I checked on premed101 mcmaster's acceptance average gpa was higher than mine. That's why I think going to BC for master's would help me because I would become IP for BC and they need lower GPA for IP. But after what you guys suggested I'm now indecisive between a master's and a fifth year.
  7. Thank you! I honestly don't know how much a fifth year can help me. I'm kind of hesistant in doing a fifth year because I think I would waste a year of my life if I don't get into medschool after the fifth year, but if that would increase my chances significantly, I'm definitely okay doing this. I don't know if I should graduate before doing the fifth year or just continue taking courses after my firth year is finished. Does it even matter which option we choose?
  8. Thank you! I would definitely write the MCAT again to get better scores and I think spending 2 years doing masters gives me enough time to expand my extracurricular activities. The only thing that I think would hold me back at that point would be my undergrad GPA. I'm just not sure if good MCAT and extracurricular would make up for my GPA or not.
  9. Thank you, that's what I thought!
  10. So I am in my third year undergrad. I am expecting to finish my degree with a 3.7-3.75 wgpa for Uoft, and not making the 3.7 cut off for western. I would like to do a masters before applying to med school to do some research and have time to work on my ECs and MCAT(499 MCAT on first try with 122 on CARS). The question is given my GPA, would it even be possible for me to get any interviews after I finish my masters as an Ontario resident? If I move to BC for my masters, would my chances increase in getting into med school? Two more silly questions: The answer is probably no to this one but is there ANY Canadian med school that I would have chance of getting into before doing masters?(Basically finishing third year undergrad with 3.65-3.7 UofT wgpa, 499 on MCAT, possibly a summer of research experience, 200 hours of hospital volunteering, 50 hours of other volunteering, and being a club president, some working experience) Also, the reason that I did not perform very well in my undergrad was mostly due to having a lot of drama/emotional dilemmas at home(parents divorce, loosing money, mother's depression), had to emotionally support everyone AND dealing with my own depression and anxiety without seeking therapy. Do you think that any med schools would consider this as a valid reason for having a low GPA? especially that I don't have any professional proof. Thank you
  11. Hi guys sorry if it's so long. I'm just lost. I finishes my first year undergrad at uoft with a bad 3.4ish gpa due to so many reasons. I have no EC or research experience and I have some questions 1.If I manage to get a gpa of at least 3.9 in my second and third year, will it be good enough to get into uoft medical school? 2. What ECs should I do? I know I need some volunteering/work/club experience but I don't know which one is better and how important they are. 3.how important is research? I applied for12-15 researches for summer and didn't hear back from any of them I'm concerned that I don't get any at all since uoft is very competetive and most people have better gpa than mine. 3.5 I don't know how to approach professors for LORs.They don't seem to want me anywhere near them 4. My family is not rich at all and we don't have any savings or investments. We don't own a home. If I manage to get into a u.s medical school, can I get enough loans from banks to support my education? 5.If I don't get into med school right after my undergrad,what should I do to be competitive for the next cycle? Is having a fifth year better or applying for masters? I will apply to all canadian med schoola but my first choice is uoft and I appreciate it if you could give me some info about how to be competitive. I am Ontario resident and will write my mcat next summer. Thank you
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