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  1. I feel like I am making this too hard, but that's only because I am not sure if they usually reject since I am not their patient, or if there are privacy issues concerned Any tips/advice that helped you? Thanks!
  2. Perfect! This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a lot for the help. I just do have one following up question that I should've asked - did you time your self for these types of passage or were u focused on if you grasped the concept/learn from mistakes etc.
  3. Sorry I was not clear. I just wanted to know exactly how much time you devoted to practicing each day from those 8-10 hours and/or if you had a plan of how many questions you wanted to accomplish or just tried to do as much as you can do in that day? Thanks again
  4. Great! Thanks for the informative reply! I was also wondering how long/how much did you spend on the science practice questions each day after you finished reading that particular section? I find some subjects like bio where content on its own is not enough for me because I need to improve my application but some material like physics I would take a long time to go through the chapter to try to understand whats going on. So I was wondering if you just kept it consistent and if you always practiced for the same length of time each day and if you did a variety or just the few in those books. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks for the great tips! I was wondering, how many passages/questions did you try to do roughly per day? Did you use the non-official stuff first till time got closer? Also, did you cover the review the material again at some point, or did you just go the same way everyday for every topic until it was time to get to practice exams? Thank you
  6. This is my first time writing the new MCAT but have wrote the old one and only got a 10 on that section even though I consider bio to be my most strongest area. I feel now with finishing my undergrad and having accumulated a lot of knowledge, going back to the biological content seems to be more straight forward. However, I do not think I am spending my time efficiently just first reviewing my content for this section because I feel the passages are completely different. I think I am missing out applying these passages rather than know my basic knowledge. Any one that was successful for the new MCAT can suggest what was their technique for it? As of now I am reviewing mostly biochem and biology but when it comes to the end of the chapter passages it seems completely different and I struggle. Maybe I should be doing more passages and spend less time on content for it? Thank you
  7. When you say Volunteer experience do you mean purely focused on dentistry oriented volunteering or a range of different volunteering? I would say I have a good range of volunteering but its from a wide range, from non-health care to various fields in health care but not completely focused on dentistry. I want to apply to dent this cycle but I only have a 88.15% average and will be doing my DAT this fall. I will be focusing on more dent oriented volunteering this summer however I am not sure if I have a shot, and wanted to know some technicality of your volunteering experience! Thanks (and congrats!)
  8. It all comes down to your interview if you hypothetically 4.0 your next year. If you get a 3.7+ you will get an interview. I dont think there is a set formula for those who get an conditional acceptance or not. Just hope you can bring out all your experiences in the interview and kill it enough to get accepted. I'd like to think the higher your 1 year gpa is the higher the chances.
  9. Appreciate the help, but I have already clicked on the link. I wasn't looking for what is tested, but more so of what others used as their primary resources for studying and recommend from takign the exam last year. Again, you mention "used books", but I was asking about what those books others have used and recommend. Similarly "practice exam". Do you mean strictly AAMC ones, or ones from other companies. After I get a feel of the resources I can be using, I will definitely take on your advice.
  10. anyone who took Mcat in 2015 can shed light to how they "Self-studied"? I think a lot of people can agree to self studying is more effective than a course however, it is very overwhelming not knowing where to start or what to buy. If this has been asked around before, any links I can go to? sorry, I am fairly new to these forums. Thanks!
  11. Yeah this is the main problem! I am not in a position to confidently look down on people's GPA and I thank Western for giving me a fighting chance in terms of GPA, but sometimes I wish Western could raise their GPA a lot more higher just for the sake of dropping the MCAT requirements or at least reducing the instability each year. Best 2 years and 3.7 seems like a promising road till most of us face the MCAT requirements, then it all makes sense why GPA is lower (relative). But I don't think they can filter out as many people increasing GPA vs. increasing MCAT.
  12. Hello, I do not see this topic frequently mentioned on forums so I was wondering if anyone had similar situations and what they did about it, or if there are helpful information you have seen before that you could bring my attention! I really want to do my MCAT this summer but I seem to be going through a tough time trying to fund studying for it (i.e. study materials). Ideally, I was hoping to give my self the best opportunity in studying for this through study resources or sign up for a course, but it may be tough around this time for myself and also for my parents since they have been going through a slow time as well due to some sickness etc. I work part-time but very rarely, and was hoping, again, to give my self the best opportunity to do well so having full time work may hinder that. So I was wondering if I can get your advice on how to reduce costs and also obtain adequate resources to get the ideal preparation for MCAT required if I do not sign up for a course (assuming the course is always the most expensive)... Secondly, did any one try to get loans, grants etc to fund their mcat studying? Are loans worth it? I'd like to think I am not the only one who can't reach into my wallet and pull out $2K for mcat resources on the spot...so if you have been there before or know of this, your opinion is appreciated!
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