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  1. Wow. That's a pretty casually cruel thing to say about someone's trauma. People have raised points about self-preservation and impression management which are clearly meant to help OP. I don't think you added anything valuable by acting as if there is no place to introduce very personal parts of your life to interviews. It's not unprofessional to be authentic to who you are, and people are allowed to own their experiences. Just because an interviewer might be made uncomfortable does not mean that sharing things is "unprofessional", and assuming that OP wants to treat their interview as a "therapy session" is really ridiculous. OP clearly states a desire to authentically answer the question about why they chose medicine.
  2. Generally, I really enjoyed myself and thought it was a very fair interview. It's funny that I generally have the same impression as others; the interviewers I had were mostly kind people who smiled and showed they were paying attention. I think I had 5 that went very well, and the rest I'm not sure of, although I think my first station was mostly less great because I was nervous, so maybe my interviewer will take pity on me. Now just for three short months (ha) of waiting. Good luck to everyone!
  3. Time Stamp: 11:09 PST Invite/Reject: Reject GPA: 3.58 CARS: 131 Casper: I know I could have done much better, this rejection was expected once I reflected on my CASPer. Congrats to everyone who got interviews! Geography: IP
  4. DoctorArts

    Anyone from Ontario???

    If you look at this part of the website, you'll see what the averages are for OOP students: https://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/admissions/admissions-statistics/ They are definitely higher; OOP students needed 10.72 more points/100 to get an interview this year. That being said, in/out of province depends on where you live for BC, not where you're from. So you can become IP by moving here, if you're dead set on UBC, or if you just want to increase your chances of getting in anywhere. In some of the other provinces, you have to live there for 2-3 years.
  5. TIME STAMP: 11:05AM PST Interview Invite or Regrets: Invite Early or Regular Deadline: Regular GPA or AGPA (if applicable): 83-ish% MCAT: (131/131/130/130) 522 Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): BA complete, two years of BSc second degree Geography (IP/OOP): IP Extracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): As an older applicant, I have done a lot. I have been working since I was 15 in really diverse areas from Tim Hortons to Operations (Administration) Manager for a small startup. I also did a lot in theatre and the arts and then some lab volunteering and hospital volunteering for good measure. Also put in yoga, dance, and lived experiences of adversity in my application. Really excited for my interview, and excited to meet all of you at some point! I've put off coming to the MMI practice group until now because I didn't want to jinx myself haha
  6. DoctorArts

    My MCAT Guide

    Hello fellow wannabe doctors, I am currently a TA at SFU and I made the following MCAT guide for my students since I had quite a few of them asking me how I succeeded on the MCAT. I figured I might as well share the love! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OVjOBp8jB2mDGp7x27uZTeMpp4qdA0ugYTvbatvNL8c/edit?usp=sharing
  7. I applied to 6 schools: NYU (already rejected pre-interview. I applied very late due to taking MCAT in August), U of T, McMaster (IP), UBC (IP), Queens, and Alberta (OOP). If I don't get in this cycle, I'll be applying to probably ~15 American schools next year, but hopefully that won't be necessary because ain't nobody got time or money for that.
  8. DoctorArts

    Interview Invites date?

    Anxiety Day 2018 starts tomorrow. I've never wanted an empty inbox so badly in my life! Good luck everyone, may the odds be ever in your favour!
  9. DoctorArts

    Interview Invites date?

    Thanks for your response, @OwnerOfTheTARDIS, you made me smile. I completely agree with @keener12345, I find it exhausting. Hopefully we'll be hearing good things. I definitely understand how tough it is for reapplicants, but for first time applicants, how are we supposed to have any insight into our NAQ? Tough for everyone, Merry Christmas! What did people do without forums? You wouldn't know anything!
  10. DoctorArts

    Reference Lettre

    Hmmm well I also have references who are verifiers. She said that she only had 500 characters so it sounds like this is the verification.
  11. DoctorArts

    Reference Lettre

    One of my references told me that she got the email today to fill out her reference!
  12. By "ranks", I meant for each of you. As in, where does it stand in your personal rankings. I obviously made that very unclear haha. Also, @JohnGrisham, I definitely understand what you're saying in terms of not putting your personal value into medicine. That being said, I'm clear on my reasons for being invested in medicine, and I don't think being nervous is unusual or even undesirable at the end of the day. Uncertainty in life and the inability to plan ahead while mid-cycle is stressful for the majority of candidates. I also find many aspects of the application process questionable or based on assumptions that privilege certain candidates over others. Add on to that the sacrifices made by me as well as the people supporting me, and you have my current state of mind. All that said, I know how many others are in the same boat as me, and I wish everyone luck!
  13. I'm full on losing my mind. I have oscillated wildly throughout this year from very insecure to very confident and I no longer know what to think. I haven't heard from any verifiers, but I also didn't ask them to let me know if they'd been contacted. I haven't been asked for any backup verifiers, so I have to assume my verification has gone smoothly since there is no reason for me to think I wouldn't get a full file review. But basically, just waiting is horrible! And this is the earliest I'm hearing from any school, which seems ridiculous. Hard to believe it's even worse in the States, with the applicants applying over a year before they start. Anyhow, let's hope for the best for each other, and that this year is a lighter applicant year in terms of numbers. I'll definitely update when I hear either way (although I will full on cry for hours if I don't get an interview, tbh). Anyone want to share where UBC ranks? It's my second choice school, but I am a very weak candidate for U of T, so I still really am hoping for an interview and subsequent acceptance.
  14. DoctorArts

    Question about referees

    I had my status changed almost immediately; it's automated. I know that sucks big time.
  15. Yes, it's Kaplan MCAT Biochemistry Audio Review. It's podcast style, so might not be the best for a first pass through the material, but it's really good for reminding/clarifying. I did a lot of it while in the car. https://www.audible.ca/pd/Kaplan-MCAT-Biochemistry-Audio-Review-Audiobook/B073XRYZT4?qid=1538425609&sr=sr_1_1&ref=a_search_c3_lProduct_1_1&pf_rd_p=65c74350-6dfb-47fa-85fd-1459a4762abd&pf_rd_r=3SA45YVSPVTF80BR08J5&