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  1. Are you joking? It amazes me how many med students/doctors think that it's our right to be accountable to nobody, as if we're royalty. This doctor disrespected his profession, patients, and tax-payers by his withholding of medical records (and it also sounds like some records were incorrectly maintained), his repeated lies and scapegoating of patients making complaints, and, of course, undertaking sexual relationships with the mothers of his patients. Please consider the implications on your own license of people like this being allowed to practice. It's disgraceful, and he was clearly given the benefit of the doubt multiple times over, even when he was caught in lies.
  2. If you're withdrawing more money down the line, what would you be paying off the interest with? I mean, if you have some source of income then you can go for it and make payments every month, there's no penalty. But generally it's not a great idea to keep a large amount of savings and draw from your LOC. Basically, to pay for things you should: 1) Use government student loan (0 interest while in school) 2) Use any savings that are earning less than 3.7% 3) Use your LOC So for most students that would mean that they have no choice but to use the LOC to pay for the interest on it. Obviously compounding isn't fun or ideal, but taking out money at all isn't fun or ideal. We're all going to be able to pay it off, so don't let it keep you up at night.
  3. 3.7% is the interest rate for the year, but interest is compounded monthly. So really, your interest rate is 3.7%/12 per month. So you take out $20,000. End of month 1, you owe $740/12 = $61.67. You can pay this off with your line of credit (Scotiabank does this automatically), so now you just owe $20,061.67, unless you mysteriously have some income or external help. So now, at the end of month 2, you accrue more interest, but now $61.86. The extra amount is the interest you are paying on your first month's interest.
  4. Wow, that's crazy! Congratulations. Are you freaking out/in shock?
  5. I had to ask to get the ScotiaOne account to be eligible for the $300. Originally my advisor was going to set me up with the student account so I'd have unlimited e-transfers, which I don't care about.
  6. This kind of circumstance is exactly what the section is for. Don't overthink it, include your circumstances and let them decide how to evaluate you. You should know that they state that they only look at that section of the application post-interview.
  7. No, it's not a lie. It's a policy. They can give the credit card to whoever they want to, and they decide they want to give it to medical students. They post that we are eligible for these credit cards on their websites.
  8. 1) The amount will go down because you have a spouse. But I did a deep dive into their long description and at that income level, it's not going to be substantial. Also, you're evaluated at a higher need level regarding like how much you need for rent and food. You're going to be okay, I would be very surprised if you don't get anything. If your partner has government student debt, they will take that into account as well. At the level of finances we need, your partner couldn't afford to support you at that income. You can find the percentages of what the expected contribution should be roughly if you deep dive into their documents on their site. I don't remember what it was, but I was pleasantly surprised. 2) I would contact the financial aid office regarding this one. I think you can still apply though. 3) No rental agreement is needed. You are also independent, so that's not relevant really. They're not really working with your financial situation as much as they are working with the profile of what someone in your situation would generally need. 4) No, but they can audit. I'm paranoid, so I'm definitely purchasing and getting rid of other debt stuff. Remember you won't need the same level of cushion bc LOC. You can send me a PM if you have more questions
  9. No, you don't. The point is, there are a lot of people on waitlists and you should decline when you know your preference. But lets say that you're on WL for your #1 school, and UBC is your #2. You can accept UBC and decline when you get off the waitlist. You'll just lose your deposit.
  10. Hi! That rejection must really suck. That being said, there is definitely room for an improved application for next cycle! I don't really agree with you that your TFR is above average, 1 point out of a hundred is not meaningful. The good news is that NAQ is the easiest score to boost simply by getting creative and editing your entries a lot. Think about what makes your life different from other people's and throw that in there. UBC is clear in stating that the Diversity of Experiences category is your chance to showcase unique things about your life. Are you an older sibling? Do you go to a lot of concerts? Do you read a lot of books? Really, include that stuff. If you've had tough times, include those. Besides that, you should definitely retake the MCAT - the average accepted score is 514, and the general consensus is that the MCAT is evaluated competitively post-interview. Since you already got to interview, this is a good place to get your application closer to perfection. Holistic also doesn't mean that your statistics don't matter. Of course you want your stellar GPA to matter, so the MCAT matters as well. Once again, sorry for the bad news. Many people have setbacks on this path in one way or another, so know you're not alone! Good luck!
  11. Timestamp: 11:56 PST Result: Accepted - VFMP (1st choice ) Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA: 83ish MCAT: 522 - 131/131/130/130 Year: B.A. 2013 + 2 years sciences ECs: Definitely what got me the interview. I have had 13 jobs dating back to when I was 15, one of which was quite impressive and I got a phenomenal reference from. I also was heavily involved in the arts for quite a while and I definitely had a lot to show that I have leadership qualities. I also think it was pretty important that I included 3 significant life history items that were very stressful/unique. It can feel awkward using that kind of thing, but I feel it's very legitimate because it directly relates to who I plan to be as a physician (omg I'm going to be one of those). Geography: IP Interview: To be honest, after the interview I thought I was going to get in. Several stations were on topics that I am passionate about and have discussed with friends many times. To all of the non-trads out there, I feel you. It takes a lot time to get everything together to be on this path, and low GPAs etc etc can really make you feel inadequate. My biggest piece of advice is to own your narrative and make it clear in your application; UBC makes this really possible so try to tell them who you are! I am really proud of myself, and I'm so looking forward to meeting you all. For everyone who was rejected, please know that admissions committees do not get to determine your worth, and that we are all in this together. I was rejected flat out from every other school, so I am just so grateful and very aware of the randomness of this process.
  12. The constant nausea is getting a little tiring. PLEASE UBC PLEASE.
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