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  1. My EC's are heavy on the research side and less diverse in community volunteering experience. I have one valuable experience in community service that I'm going to continue for another 2 years. Will I be in a worse position If I invest in one altruistic experience as opposed to investing in many different experiences? (I know that the latter is obviously better if done long term but I'm not an exceptional student so I'll be spread thin and I need to invest a lot of time into studying)
  2. Olle

    McMaster Global Health MSc

    Is the admission to this program mainly based on your 3rd and 4th year GPA? I'm kind of worried because although I do have research experience, they're basic science research and not related to public health.
  3. That's really weird that uOttawa would do that. As if EC's outside of undergrad doesn't develop you as a potential doctor... For most schools that look at EC's, the more experience you have heightens your possibility of getting into medical school. So I wouldn't worry about that. For example, if you broadened, and deepened your experience as a graduate, your NAQ score at UBC will rise.
  4. My understanding is that Queen's doesn't take summer courses if you're 2-year gpa is higher than your cgpa
  5. Olle

    Alberta GPA calculation

    My worst year is one with 28 credits. I have two full course load years (33 and 30 credits in 3rd and 4th year). Can I still remove the year with 28 credits?
  6. Thanks for the input. My teaching experience at different programs were relatively long-term commitments (2~4 years) so I don't have a problem with listing them separately on the application. In my case wouldn't it be an advantage to list them separately since it shows my dedication to the activity despite having moved to different cities?
  7. I volunteered at a language services program, teaching kids a foreign language for 4 years in high school. I moved to a different city since then for university, and I finished doing the same work as in high school for 2 years. I'll be moving to another city for my masters and probably will be doing another 1 year of the same work. Would this be seen as 7 years of volunteering? I'm going to split each of the 3 experiences into different sections in the application as they will have different supervisors, but I'm asking in terms of big-picture evaluations by adcoms. Thanks.
  8. So should graduate students add their graduate grades to their undergraduate grades when calculating the GPA?
  9. Are grades achieved during your masters degree seen separately or is it merged with your undergrad GPA for UBC medicine?
  10. Olle

    Is it even worth it with my grades?

    You should try calculating your GPA following UBC's % conversion table. You might be able to give UBC a shot.
  11. Your lowest year is dropped regardless of the number of credits you took for that year. Everything before or after that lowest year is counted towards your AGPA. That includes summer courses.
  12. Olle

    need some advice

    Pull off a stellar 4th year and do a 5th year?
  13. Doesn't change anything for UBC undergrads
  14. It would never take the OP 5-10 years. He's young, presumably will have an undergraduate degree, he's almost guaranteed to receive a high score on IELTS, and if he finishes a masters degree or gets an accredited job, I'd say it'd take him max 1 year including preparation time for the application. I've seen some people in his case get a PR in 3 months (but these people graduated from a Canadian high school and university which boosts your registration score).
  15. You could try for Express Entry which would give you a PR from as early as 2 months to 6 months depending on your scores... But you will have to come to a Canadian university, graduate, and get an accredited job. Also, BC and Ontario gives you the option to apply for Express Entry after getting a masters or Ph.D degree, so I guess this is the most realistic in your case.