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  1. Can anyone share the higher-level info regarding the LOC package they received with Kyu? Interest rates, account fees, credit card, etc? Also can we start applying for osap?
  2. Anyone know when tuition fees are usually due? Is there anywhere I can find the exact fees for this year?
  3. Given Ottawa will be officially hybrid, is there really an advantage of living super close to the school? Now thinking it might be better to live downtown and have grocery stores/cafes/stores in close proximity and commute whenever we need to attend in-person sessions. The main drawback I see to this is the commute (when required) and the lack of social experience one may not get from living in a predominantly med area. Any thoughts?
  4. Anyone successfully find 1br? Thinking if it’s a hybrid and we don’t need to be on campus that often, might make sense to live downtown instead of right by the school...
  5. In the same boat as you two. I really value my privacy and would like to live alone, though I'd be open to max 1 other roommate. Having a difficult time with 1br or 2br
  6. Any recommendations on good comfy shoes that still look somewhat professional and aren't runners?
  7. Seems like most schools (so far) will be a blend with virtual and in-person for clinical skills and small group activities. Moving during a pandemic, especially between provinces, is going to be a little difficult but glad we are in the position to be discussing medical school.
  8. Just out of genuine curiosity. UOttawa has not announced yet
  9. You are right - I think this may be in the wrong subforum. I posted a similar question in a personal finance forum and received some information there so I think I am good. Thank you for your advice!
  10. I remember during the interviews we were shown schedules for first year - is this information available online? I tried to locate it on the uottawa med website but requires a login. Just wanted to get a sense of what to expect in terms of classes. Any other general info on what to expect in first year would also be greatly appreciated.
  11. I will be getting married right after second year. My SO currently works and has no intention of returning back to school. He is ok to offset some of our anticipated living costs, but I am genuinely curious how others in a similar situation handled finances. Is there any where I can get more info on splitting costs with a partner during med?
  12. Anyone know when the official registration will happen?
  13. Does anyone possibly chime in as to what first year costs specifically will look like?
  14. So with the interim one, you do get an interim certificate? Or is it just all at the end , after the in-person session?
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