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  1. Does anyone know how they contact us if we get waitlist offers? I'm assuming email to UAlberta address?
  2. I keep refreshing this page every morning to see if anyone got waitlist offers. Hopefully they start sending them out by tomorrow.
  3. I believe we receive an email only if we get an offer that round
  4. I believe last year's deadline to confirm acceptance was May 29th. First round of waitlist was May 27th. I could be wrong.
  5. Based on previous years, I'd expect the first round of waitlist offers to be made on 25th or 26th.
  6. Hi everyone, I just called the MD Admissions Office, and they told me they are in the process of updating the GPAs to include the current year. So send them the transcripts, and they should get looked at by May 30th. Good luck to everyone on the wait list
  7. Hey everyone, I am currently on the wait list. On the FAQ sheet it states that our rank can be affected by our current year GPA. I was wondering if/how our current year's GPA would affect our position on the wait list? With transcripts due on June 15th, I'd expect most of the seats to be finalized by then.
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