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  1. Congrats on the interviews guys! If at any point any of you are looking for 1 on 1 mock MMIs with feedback sessions, I'll be running sessions in downtown Toronto or the Hamilton area! PM me if you're interested!
  2. Hey guys congrats on the interviews! If any of you are interested at any point during your prep to have a mock run, PM me! I'll be running 1 on 1 mock MMIs with feedback sessions in the Hamilton/Burlington area!
  3. Congrats to everyone receiving McMaster interview invites today!!! Just a reminder, if you're looking for 1 on 1 mock MMI sessions with feedback, shoot us a message on fb or send us an email at ogadmissionsconsultants@gmail.com!! We're MUCH more affordable than traditional MMI prep companies and give more personalized intensive feedback/assessment than most other student-run interview groups! Make us part of your prep this cycle!!
  4. Wow earliest release date in recent memory!!! Congrats to all who got interviews! To those who didn't keep your head up and keep trying, and fingers crossed for the rest of the schools releasing later this month! For all interviewees, really consider using OG admissions consultants for your MMI prep!! MUCH cheaper than professional prep companies, and only a bit more than your usual student run mock groups and you get more tailored feedback. Regardless of how you decide to prep, DON'T STOP PREPPING! You can score better than most just by being an excellent, clear communicator, so practice, practice, practice! Practice talking in your car, on the toilet, with random people you meet, etc etc etc. CONGRATS AGAIN AND BEST OF LUCK EVERYONE!
  5. Hey Bawgg, Yes, this is when the school sends out email interview invites. Usually the invites are sent out before the rejections, in the morning. If you see people posting here about acceptances and you don't receive an email, it usually is indicative of a rejection email later in the day.
  6. Hey everyone! Made a post like this for McMaster and it seems some people thought it was interesting, so I thought I'd share the dates interview invites were released by uO the last few years! Hopefully this gives anxious souls an idea of when the school sends out invites!! 2019: January 22nd 2018: January 29th 2017: January 24th 2016: January 28th 2015: January ??? 2014: January 31st Best of luck everyone!!!! And if anyone is looking for additional panel interview prep, feel free to PM me!!
  7. Hey guys! Hate to be that guy, but if anyone here is looking for more tailored 1 on 1 MMI prep in the Hamilton Area/Downtown Toronto, feel free to PM me, message us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ogadmissions/ or send us an email at ogadmissionsconsultants@gmail.com Best of luck with all of your interviews!! The OG team
  8. Hi everyone! In case you're anxiously awaiting McMaster's interview invites, here is a list of the dates they have been released in previous years: 2019: January 10th 2018: January 10th 2017: January 18th 2016: January 13th 2015: January 21st 2014: January 24th Aaaaand if you end up getting an invite and are looking for one on one MMI or panel prep, feel free to PM me!!! Best of luck everyone!!!!!!!!
  9. First off, congrats i8aSS on the acceptance!! For anyone reading this who may be looking into prep companies but can't afford the thousands, there are PLENTY of free opportunities to practice your MMI skills as well, including the many mock interviews being set up (just look around the forum or in fb groups). Alternatively for some more tailored feedback/additional prep, a more affordable option may be to reach out to student run consulting groups. You can check the classified section of this forum for a few options! http://forums.premed101.com/forum/44-for-saletrade-classifieds/
  10. Hi everyone! Totally understand that there are MANY interview prep resources, and many of them are free out there. However if anyone is looking for additional MMI or Panel interview prep, OG Admissions Consultants is offering 1 on 1 in-person interview prep with evaluation and feedback by current Mac or U of T med students in the Hamilton-Burlington-Oakville/Downtown Toronto Area. We are familiar with the process at multiple schools including Mac, UOttawa, U of T, McGill and Queens. We have LOTS of relevant material and insights!! If interested shoot us a message on fb at https://www.facebook.com/ogadmissions/ or send us an email at ogadmissionsconsultants@gmail.com Thanks so much!! The OG Team
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