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  1. m_jacob_45

    wGPA rounding?

    This was for the 2020 class.
  2. m_jacob_45

    wGPA rounding?

    I’ve been told they round to 3 decimal places
  3. I got a 129. I generally found that the worse I felt actually correlated with a better mark since the right answers often left me feeling uneasy, whereas if I felt too confident, it was often due to choosing "trap" answers that seem great on the surface, but there is something wrong with them at a basic level. So, my confidence was not too great, but at the same time, I kept a positive attitude by reminding myself that I often do well on CARS even if I felt bad about a lot of my answers. I would say I ended up making "reasonable guesses" on the majority of questions (i.e. usually I could rule out 2 options, and was stuck choosing between the other 2).
  4. So kind of radical advice here, but if you're able to take organic chem in the summer instead, I highly recommend it since you are much more likely to have a second year GPA that is competitive when applying to med school, and it allows you to still have the knowledge for the mcat. Saying this since the vast majority of people do not get over 80 in those classes, though its manageable if you study really hard and chemistry comes to you naturally. I'm a Western grad, currently in med school. Feel free to message me if you have more questions.
  5. m_jacob_45

    O Week

    In my first year, O week started Sept 3rd. I think I moved in on the 1st. There were lots of planned activities, a lot of outdoors things like a bbq, a beach day, we went to a water park, and some nights out as well to different places around Ottawa. Obviously this might vary from year to year, but should be the same general idea.
  6. I think whether you have a lot going on at RGN after class will depend on you personally. I ended up going to interest group meetings probably twice a week, and would also be doing electives at all 3 TOH campuses. I also would go to nighttime events pretty often (many put on through interest groups) like career nights, suturing workshops, conferences, etc and also social things like coffeehouse, mentorship events. For people who live downtown/far from RGN, they're probably a little more picky about what things they want to go to.
  7. I don't know anybody with a regular job in my class, but that sounds doable for most of the year, just not during the 1-2 weekends before an exam. Also, you'll need to put in effort to get more done on weeknights, but it sounds possible if your boss is understanding about giving you more time off on weekends before exams.
  8. Also keep in mind when you start doing your community preceptor placement and csl in second semester, you’ll likely have two late nights a week (mine used to finish at 5 and the day of the week varied). This varies from student to student but is good to be aware of.
  9. m_jacob_45

    Honors Specialization in Neuroscience @ UWO

    I would ask this question on one of the western Facebook groups. You’ll probably get more responses. I did my honours spec in psychology bsc, which has some overlap if you have any questions about courses common to both degrees.
  10. m_jacob_45

    Full course load?

    yup that's fine.
  11. I've never been a varsity athlete, but I went to UWO, and if you decide to go through with this, I would strongly consider taking orgo in the summer (after second year) so you're not overwhelmed, and so that it doesn't affect your fall-winter GPA. Second year med sci is pretty heavy even without orgo, so I would see what you can do to make things a bit easier on yourself.
  12. m_jacob_45

    GPA Help?

    Your question is really specifc, so you probably need to look at different schools’ websites or email admissions to ask, but I know some schools don’t look at professional degrees, but I don’t really know more details than that. Also not all schools (like western) allow you to apply with a 3 year undergrad, but I think it’s generally ok.
  13. I’m pretty sure it the same as the post you mentioned, but someone else correct me if I’m wrong.
  14. Just fyi, western medical sciences is more on par with the life science programs you’ve listed above. Most people in the health science programs end up doing allied healthcare, with the exception of maybe bsc kinesiology.
  15. m_jacob_45

    not sure what to do - give up?

    You're totally on track right now. Many people have a poor first year GPA (and I mean have some Cs and Ds) and still get into med school. So, marks-wise, you're totally fine. Can't judge your mcat until you've written it. ECs look good too, keep it up. Try to keep positive. The stats may look rough, but remember there are other thing affecting the stats, like many people apply before they're qualified to in terms of GPA, MCAT, and ECs. So, its not like everyone who's applying is actually a competitive applicant. That said, it's still difficult to get accepted, but you're no worse off than anyone else at this point.