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  1. m_jacob_45

    not sure what to do - give up?

    You're totally on track right now. Many people have a poor first year GPA (and I mean have some Cs and Ds) and still get into med school. So, marks-wise, you're totally fine. Can't judge your mcat until you've written it. ECs look good too, keep it up. Try to keep positive. The stats may look rough, but remember there are other thing affecting the stats, like many people apply before they're qualified to in terms of GPA, MCAT, and ECs. So, its not like everyone who's applying is actually a competitive applicant. That said, it's still difficult to get accepted, but you're no worse off than anyone else at this point.
  2. m_jacob_45

    BLS certification

    It also depends where you do it. The first time I did it, it was a pretty serious course. It took a whole morning and you actually had to pass the test using your own knowledge and show the instructor your CPR technique. The other times were a lot more relaxed.
  3. m_jacob_45

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    I got in previously, not this cycle.
  4. m_jacob_45

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    I got in off the wait list, and if you miss the call for any reason, they'll immediately email you asking you to call them back.
  5. m_jacob_45

    BLS certification

    Yup, you can take photos or scan and email them in.
  6. I would put it under ECs. Its not volunteering, so I would not put it under there. If you prefer to put it under other, I think that's fine too. I had a small amount of shadowing, and I don't think it hurt at all to include it on my application, especially since I mentioned it in one of my U of T essays, and I put it under ECs.
  7. m_jacob_45

    Acceptance by May 22! SOS

    When I accepted my offer, I made sure they received everything (forms, deposit, etc) by the due date. I would make sure they have it by the 22nd, even if it means using a courier, or some other form of express mail. You can also deliver things in person as well.
  8. m_jacob_45

    Bad wait-list question

    I have never heard of this happening in the English stream. I think they intentionally make the good waitlist relatively large because they don't want to mislead people who may have gone ahead with other plans for the year.
  9. From what you've written above, I would suggest finding work instead for the year since you already have tons of research productivity and an MSc would only marginally improve that and make you have to wait another two years. The only other thing I would suggest in terms of what to do next year, is considering a 5th year if it will make you more competitive at U of T and other schools you're looking at applying to. Especially schools that look at last two or best two years, like Queens, Western, also Ottawa if your GPA is good using their formula. Finally, definitely put more effort into the interview next time (like spend a lot of time actually practising answering questions for a critical audience and also spend time reflecting on your past experiences so you have anecdotes ready to go to answer different kinds of questions). In regard to redoing the mcat, I probably would not recommend it in your case unless your very confident you would score the same or better in CARS, and not drop the other sections below 126.
  10. I also used to write my notes on printed out slides, but found that there are too many slides to do that in med school. Currently, I take notes on the slides on the computer, which I've found to be pretty easy with powerpoint, but more difficult with formatting for PDFs. I don't have a tablet, but that would be a good option if you want to buy one. Also, I find in med school, certain types of lectures tend to have everything you need on the slides, so for some classes, I don't take any notes and just listen.
  11. m_jacob_45

    Same Class Taken Twice

    I'm not 100% sure of the rules, but I would just want to make sure retaking the course does not invalidate your first time taking it or anything like that.
  12. m_jacob_45

    Same Class Taken Twice

    I would not do it in case there's a risk of it affecting your full-courseload status or anything like that. If you do decide to do it, I would email all med schools you're planning to apply to in the future and verify that its ok and won't cause any issues for you.
  13. m_jacob_45

    What is the best choice?

    Having 1 W is not a big deal in itself. I had one and still got two interviews. The only downside is if it makes you ineligible for weighting. (Mine was in 1st year, so it made me ineligible for weighting at U of T, but otherwise, did not cause any issues).
  14. I think you should definitely apply. With your research ECs and a good CASPer, it's possible you would get past the GPA screening. However, as the other poster said, you might require another degree unfortunately, but I think it's worth trying since you seem to have everything else going for you.
  15. m_jacob_45


    Hopefully they don't, but it will help in terms of GPA competitiveness for Mac, U of T, and Ottawa. (Won't make a difference at Queens and Western).