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  1. m_jacob_45

    What are my chances of getting in?

    I would add Ottawa, Mac, and U of T to your list. You never know if a school you’re not expecting will be interested in you. I was surprised to get an interview at Mac with a 3.73 and 129 CARS, so I think you would have a chance there as well with a good CARS score.
  2. m_jacob_45

    What courses should I take?

    I’m not sure what school you’re at, but at my school I only took 1.5 credits of 4th year courses. (My thesis course and I took a class about the brain, behaviour, and immune system).
  3. m_jacob_45

    What courses should I take?

    I’m a current med student who graduated with a BSc in psych. I would ideally do orgo in the summer so it does not ruin your average if you get under 80 (that’s what I did). Biochem is more optional but helpful. Cell bio is unnecessary. Also I would recommend taking organic and/or biochem if you want to apply to Ottawa since they’re prerequisites- check the website as these have changed recently.
  4. m_jacob_45

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2019

    Also people who receive an offer off the waitlist get a week to respond so the class very likely stilll has a reasonable number of spots left, it just may take longer now between offers since each round is fewer and fewer people. Also, while I can’t weigh in on the time stamp theory, your gpa is helpful. If you have a lower gpa than the last accepted person for your stream who posted, that means you may still be in the current bin. If your gpa is higher, then hopefully you are in the next bin.
  5. To add an alternative view point to above, I would not stake too much at this point on your high school performance. Looking back, high school marks really don’t say much since there are huge cultural differences in regard to marking difficulty between schools to the point where an 80 at one high school may be a 90 at another. For example, I graduated high school with an average under 90 and am now in med school, while I know a lot of people who got above 90 and are not in med school or who are still pursuing it after trying for a few years (a pretty common scenario actually). All this to say that it’s very hard to assess where you stand compared to peers until you have completed a year or 2 of undergrad. In regard to your program, it doesn’t matter from a med school perspective as long as it will play to your strengths and give you the background to write the mcat. In terms of back up plans, something with coop is nice to ensure you have some built in work experience and practical skills. Good luck in your choices!
  6. I'm about 99% sure it runs in the summer since I have taken it last August and also its currently running, but I have not specifically asked the driver since I have not used it in the last month. It runs between the General, Riverside, and Civic and comes every 20-30 minutes. The schedules are posted at all of the stops.
  7. m_jacob_45

    Living Recommendations

    I’m a current UOttawa med student. Half of the class lives downtown and half lives near the hospital. Near the hospital there are houses, not many apartment buildings except l’avantage. It’s a more expensive building though. I think about 800-900 a month per person. Near the hospital, it’s one bus to a loblaws and Walmart, but there are definitely more amenities downtown.
  8. Ottawa is great!! But good luck with whatever you choose.
  9. m_jacob_45

    Waitlisted wGPA?

    I don’t think they do because I got in off the waitlist in 2016 and the order of gpa’s went down within the interview score groups even when people rounded to 3 decimal places. Also to answer your second question, you can definitely get in with your gpa.
  10. m_jacob_45

    What is Basic Cardiac Life Support?

    I think your school means BLS (basic life support, which is a prerequisite for ACLS). This is offered through the heart and stroke foundation and other providers as well. I would confirm with your school to make sure.
  11. m_jacob_45

    Full course-load eligibility

    They will count each year with 4+ courses in the gpa calculation as long as you take the missing credits before you apply. (I.e. you are currently 2.0 credits short, so you would need to takes those classes either in the summer or during another academic year by overloading.) I would recommend you take 5.0 classes each year for the rest of your degree and take the missing credits this upcoming summer or another summer). Hope that helps!
  12. m_jacob_45

    How do you "back up"?

    Also just to add, for family, its preferred to do a wide range of electives with 1-2 electives in family medicine. (So no point in doing 8 family med electives).
  13. m_jacob_45

    GPA dilemma

    I interviewed at Mac with a 3.73 and 129 CARS, so I don't think 3.72 would be that detrimental, but I definitely see where a lot of people here are coming from that you don't want an English course to drop your gpa. I think it depends partly on how this affects your U of T weighting as well...
  14. I didn’t use one, so I can’t really comment on which are good but it may be worth it if you think this is a weaker area where you need more help. Also, I think it would be helpful to have med students or residents look over your ABS/essays as well if you did not get help last time. Your new mcat will likely help quite a bit as well.
  15. m_jacob_45


    Just to follow up on match rates, the data is very difficult to interpret and not straightforward. Essentially all the schools have a high match rate and there is variation from year to year. Its very difficult to interpret the match rate data since some schools will strongly encourage backing up to protect their match rates, so its hard to get a sense as an outsider how to compare the rates between schools (some schools may not suggest backing up as much as others, hard to know how many people matched to their top choices in terms of specialty and location). Also some people prefer to go unmatched than to back up especially in more competitive specialties.