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  1. Got the call around 2 pm today! My gpa is 3.92. Good luck to everybody still on the list! (English stream by the way). Also, I originally got my wait list email at 7:59, if anybody was still wondering about that haha.
  2. If your main issue is just CARS, and you're happy with your other sections, I would recommend Exam Krackers. I would buy their strategy book and the 101 passages. I ultimately used a combination of their strategy and TPR's strategy, and found that their questions and passages were more representative of the mcat passages than TPR. I have not used Kaplan at all so I can't comment on their materials. I was in a similar situation as you and wrote the mcat twice. I first got a 6 on verbal, but got 129 on CARS, and I think fixing my timing issues and practising with EK materials helped (though I thought TPR was pretty good too). Hope this helps!
  3. This is generally true for P/C, B/B and P/S but not for CARS, which uses a slightly different scale. A 129=11 for CARS.
  4. Lol. I don't think it means anything. My computer listed my time as 8:23, but the actual header of the email said 8:22. Best of luck to everyone!
  5. I believe the 8:08 and 8:09 time stamps were for the French stream only (all the English ones were from 7:58 and 7:59). I guess we should just not speculate too much since we really don't know haha.
  6. Yes, its definitely possible. I know for me, my phone generally receives emails a few seconds earlier than my computer.
  7. I don't think it makes a difference whether you get a good wait list email at 7:58 or 7:59. Chances are they sent them all at once as a merged email (the computer automatically changes the line that say Dear Mr. XYZ so that it says each individual's name, but ultimately sends all the emails in this category at once), and some devices received them faster than others. I imagine they then did the same thing a few minutes later with the bad wait list emails. I think the acceptance ones are more staggered since some of them say slightly different things (e.g. people with scholarship offers, etc). This is just my speculation, don't have definite proof. Also, I got a good wait list email at 7:59 and my last name is in the middle of the alphabet.
  8. I'll do my best to answer your questions: 1. I don't know 2. I'm wondering why you would think this (especially considering Ottawa does not look at the mcat. Is yours about to expire?) 3. I don't know 4. Late June/ early July Hope this answers some of your questions!
  9. No outright rejections. I remember the admissions people saying this on my interview day.
  10. Honestly, you never know. I met someone at one of my interviews who had only applied to that one school and gotten an interview so anything is possible. Obviously the more, the better, but if you think you have a particularly good shot at 1 or 2 schools, I would still apply.
  11. If you're in Ontario, your best bet would be to keep a 3.9+ gpa from this point forward. If that means changing your program or what not if its hard to get high marks, I would do that. Then, I think you would have a decent shot at Queens, Western, etc (schools that look at your best 2/last 2 years). Or you can look into a 2nd undergrad. I personally have not done much research about that though so I'm not sure how people are considered who do this. Good luck! Your ECs sound amazing and your MCAT score is great! Also, as the poster above mentioned, a 5th year would also be a good option to consider.
  12. Can anybody confirm that there is actually a bad wait list this cycle? I have not seen/heard of anyone who is on it? Thanks! Good luck to all!
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