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  1. Just adding to what other people said, but if you get at least 125-126 when you start practising, 3 weeks should be enough time if you practice everyday. I would recommend doing the AAMC material, EK 101 passages, and TPR hyper learning book.
  2. Similarly to what Commons said, being a member of a group is not something I would mention. Only talk about it if you had a significant role in the group (i.e. a group leader, event organizer, etc). Also, in my opinion, I would not include that you are a blood donor unless you organized blood drives or something like that. Overall, your activities sound good!
  3. Don't really have too many suggestions for out of province schools as I don't have any experience with them, but my general advice would be to apply anywhere you would be willing to go and you meet the minimum requirements. Good luck!
  4. You sound like you have a pretty good chance with your stats. Due to CARS, I don't think your best shot would be at Mac or Western, but you should still apply to Mac, its possible that your gpa and CASPer could make up for it (I would not bother with Western). You seem like a good candidate for U of T, Ottawa, and Queens. Also, remember high school activities count as well, and I would definitely try to add activities that show you are a person with interests/hobbies outside of medicine i.e. if you play any sports, instruments, other hobbies etc.
  5. My advice on this is to void only if you massively ran out of time on a section or were sick/had some sort of emergency during a section.
  6. Interesting article, it was a good comparison. In my opinion, as somebody who has had braces and orthognathic surgery, a water pick can be very valuable for people who have limited mouth opening, jaw pain, gum/teeth/lip numbness, and its also easier with braces. I am definitely an advocate for them. Good luck with everything!
  7. I would definitely put it in if its remotely reasonable. At worst they won't take into consideration what you wrote.
  8. Similarly to what the poster above said, if you have somebody who was aware of your work the whole time, that would be optimal (make sure to send them the OMSAS entry so that they know the number of hours, can read the description, etc).
  9. Yes, absolutely. I think a 130 combined with a great CASPer has a chance at outweighing that 3.6. Good luck!
  10. Double check the instructions (or email the school), but I think you should put your phd under formal education. To answer your second question, they only look at activities done during undergrad (possibly I think to level the playing field for younger applicants who would not have had as much time to pursue the number of activities as somebody older with a masters/phd).
  11. Just to explain about OMSAS, its the application service that is used for all ON med schools. You first need to convert your undergrad marks to your OMSAS marks using the relevant scale (google OMSAS conversion chart and you'll see what I mean). Then within the ON schools, Mac does not drop any marks, U of T drops a certain number of credits if you've maintained a full course load all 4 years, Queens either looks at your last 2 years or cumulative gpa depending on what is better for you, Western looks at your two best years, Ottawa weights your later years heavier than your earlier years (you can look up the formula for how they calculate gpa on their website). So, OMSAS itself does not actually drop any marks, its the specific schools. I don't know the post interview breakdown off the top of my head, but its different for each ON school
  12. 1. Mac does not consider the ABS portion of the OMSAS app 2. I'm not sure- you need to figure out your OMSAS gpa 3. yes 4. not me personally 5. You have the minimum gpa even if your gpa did not increase with OMSAS, but it would not leave you in a very competitive place. This really depends on your OMSAS gpa (you want ~3.7+ to be competitive with a great CARS and CASPer score). 6. I believe for the 2015-2016 cycle it was 32% CARS, 32% gpa, and 32% CASPer (and I think you get an extra 1% added for having a masters and 4% added for a phd (but don't quote me on this) Good luck!
  13. 1. What province are you from? If ON, you need to calculate your OMSAS gpa and your gpa for each ON school (with weighting applied if you qualify/if relevant). If you're from another province, you need to look at how your gpa would be calculated at the relevant school. For ON schools, approx ~3.9 (with weighting) is considered competitive. 3.7 + is still manageable though depending on mcat, etc. Basically, look into requirements of all schools you want to apply to (whether you are in or out of province), and calculate your gpa for those schools. 2. To keep all doors open, you should be aiming for 127+ for the non CARS sections. For CARS, it depends on the schools again (i.e. 125 is fine for U of T), but you'll be better off with 129-130 at Mac, Western, Queens. Also, these requirements change year to year, so the better you do, the more options you will have 3. Your work experience is great and I'm sure you learned a lot from it, but you should get into volunteering as well (research is nice but not totally necessary). You also need to be able to answer "why medicine", so clinical volunteering can help you do that, but again, is not totally necessary if you can draw on other experience to answer that question. Ultimately, to increase your chances, you should try to have a rounded application as much as possible. Also, focus on doing your best on the mcat. 4. I kind of answered this above, but I think clinical volunteering is great because it gives you sense of what its like to work in a hospital/medical environment/ with patients. Whatever you do though, you should feel as though its worth your time and be able to talk passionately about it (i.e. don't take a position where you will be doing a lot of clerical work and not actually see any patients). Also, if you have other interests that you could do as a volunteer position, do that (e.g. something related to sports, something related to your cultural/religious group if applicable, etc just some ideas) Hope this all helps and best of luck!
  14. When I applied, I put research activities that did not result in publications or posters under volunteering or employment (depending on if paid). The ones where I got a poster/pub/abstract, I put under research (and still included the number of hours in the description even though this was not explicitly asked for). I would not list the same activity under different sections. Hope this helps!
  15. Its fine as long as its occasional (try not to use family members if you have other options)
  16. If I remember correctly, the limit is for the total number of entries (i.e. 48 items), there is no limit per category (you assign each activity to a category as part of the entry). The only exception to this is that for Ottawa, I think you have to mark your top 3 activities per category (3 is maximum, you can also have less)
  17. Definitely apply to Mac. I had a 3.73 gpa and 129 CARS and got interview and ultimately waitlisted (which I took myself off after getting into another ON med school). So, I really think you have a chance if you can do well on CASPer. Good luck!
  18. For the sake of simplicity, I just count half course grades once and full course grades twice. E.g. (lets say these are my first year university marks and I took a full course load of 5 classes/semester) 80 in a full year course=3.7 (x2) 78 in a half year course=3.3 85 in a full year course=3.9 (x2) 82 in a half year course=3.7 66 in a half year course=2.0 90 in a half year course=4.0 91 in a full year course=4.0 (x2) So 3.7+3.7+3.3+3.9+3.9+3.7+2.0+4.0+4.0+4.0 =36.2 /10= 3.62 gpa
  19. Similarly to what others said above, its more important to say what skills you used/learned in positions/experiences (or how they changed you as a person) rather than just stating what you did. Incorporating CANMED roles is good too.
  20. Solid advice. Took this class and got 85 on both assignments and 83 on the final. Ended up with 84. Key is to be reflective as mentioned above. Also, to answer a question that was posted earlier, going to class is useful to get to know the prof. It helps you get a sense of what he is looking for in the assignments and exam.
  21. Fyi, I emailed Chantal today to ask her something, and got an automatic reply to say that she's away until Thursday. So, its unlikely that any calls are coming before then...
  22. I just found it through searching University of Ottawa groups (pretty sure this is it): https://www.facebook.com/groups/1005032599586769/
  23. I would strongly suggest doing a free practice CASPer just to get the timing down. My first practice test, I didn't have time to answer all the questions and would consider myself an average speed typist. Also, I would recommend reading Doing Right.
  24. Hey guys! I was recently accepted to Ottawa, so I have taken myself off the Mac wait list. Hope that it helps somebody else get in. Good luck everyone!
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