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  1. Hopefully, the rest of your interview went well, but yes it's not ideal to have a weak answer to this question. In future, this is a question that should show that you have thought a lot about why you want to do medicine and that there is a logical thought process behind it and maybe some sort of event that initially triggered your interest, and then that was further backed up by your education and extra curricular experiences. If the rest of your interview went well though, I think its unlikely that one question will significantly change the outcome of your interview. Good luck!
  2. You can message me if you want. Graduated from western with a bsc in psych, and I’m also familiar with the medical sciences and health sciences program.
  3. Personally, I think it's fine as long as they're listening and not talking to you excessively during the info event/tour.
  4. You can call Chantal as well but she is probably not there anymore. I would try her tomorrow maybe. Sorry to hear about your flight problems- not sure what the med school will do in your situation, except to say that they're pretty reasonable and know that you can't control the weather!
  5. Its not likely CARS that was the problem. I know of people that have gotten in with the minimal MCAT requirements. It was probably the letter, like you said.
  6. You should email Queens and ask to be sure about your grades from paramedic college. Many schools do not consider college grades, but I'm not sure of the specifics. In terms of not getting interviews in your previous cycles, the most obvious reason is your CARS on the MCAT. Getting that up to 128 (ideally 129) should help you a lot at all the schools that use the MCAT (except U of T- no problem here from the mcat perspective). Also, if you are eligible to apply outside ON, I would consider doing that too. Another big factor could be your ECs (in terms of what you actually did) or how they're written on your ABS. Can't tell easily from your description of them. Good luck!
  7. Its also 3rd and 4th that are fine for the 3/5 rule in your 5th year as long as you have not graduated (stated under another part of the FAQ called "what are the course level requirements in my undergraduate years")
  8. Glad you found this. They should put it under the other FAQ section with the other course level requirements because it's very easy to miss.
  9. That's not currently a requirement if you read the FAQs on the website (unless it's in another section elsewhere).
  10. Courses at the year 3 and 4 level are fine for 3/5 rule for your special year. (i.e. your remaining 2 courses can have year 1 or 2 level courses in them). To be sure though, I would email or call admissions and ask.
  11. Sorry to hear you're having a tough time with this. I think in terms of whether it's realistic to transfer to UBC, I would meet with academic counselling at U of T and ask all your questions to somebody with some knowledge of how this works. I would also set up a phone meeting with academic counselling at UBC and explain your situation to verify that you are told the same thing/given the same information by U of T and UBC. People here likely don't know the intricate details of how a transfer would work in your situation. Also, before transferring (if you choose to do that), make sure UBC is right for you and an actual improvement in terms of suiting you academically by talking to upper year students in the program you're interested in. Also, obviously transferring would be a big decision, so make sure you're doing it for the right reasons. (i.e. are there things you can do to significantly improve your marks at U of T that you have not tried? Is it likely that homesickness is playing a big role in wanting to transfer?...just things to think about).
  12. You have to take 5.0 courses from September to April for it to be considered a full schedule by all med schools in Canada (i.e. you can't take 4.0 September-April and 1.0 in the summer. That would not count as a full course load. However, if you take 2.0 courses in the fall semester and 3.0 courses in the winter semester instead of the usual 2.5/2.5 split, that counts as a full course load and is fine). Hope that made sense!
  13. Thanks for your reply! Yes I'm not sure exactly what kind of research, but I was thinking something along the lines of a case report if something that would make a good case report comes up. Otherwise, I'm also interested in medical education, and was thinking I could possibly get involved with that in some way.
  14. Congratulations!!- Glad all your hard work paid off.
  15. At my school we have pre-clerkship electives. They are for 10 hours (or more if desired) and are often observerships, depending on the specialty (though I have had some where the doc wants us to see the patient on our own first).
  16. Hey everyone, Just looking for some advice from upper year med students/residents. I'm in my second year of medical school, and did research last summer (a summer studentship) that resulted in publication of an abstract in a good quality journal and a poster presentation at a national conference (and a travel grant). I'm currently potentially interested in either internal medicine or family medicine. I was wondering how important it is to do research over this summer? (I also have some research experience from undergrad- I volunteered in a lab in third year and did a thesis in 4th year which resulted in a poster presentation at a provincial-wide conference and a podium presentation at a local conference. Both conferences were done outside the thesis course i.e. not a course requirement). Also, if it's important, I'm first author on everything mentioned above. I would rather not devote this summer to research since it's my last "real" summer before clerkship and was instead thinking that I'd prefer to be involved in research in some capacity over my third year and take the summer off to travel (and maybe do a couple of electives). Also, if you have any advice for how to get involved with research during the school year next year, that would be great too (like should I just email doctors who's research work I'm interested in, and see what happens?) Any advice/insight would be appreciated. Thank you!!
  17. I had a 3.73 and was interviewed with a 129, so I'd say a 129 is probably a good number for you. Maybe 128, depending on CASPer.
  18. The tables are quite long since the interviews are where CBL is usually done, so usually they are for groups of about 8 students and a tutor. You shouldn't need a megaphone lol.
  19. I've generally heard that its reasonable to spend 2-3 minutes on panel answers, a bit longer for things like "tell me about yourself". For MMI (if you have any of those), its more like 5 minutes
  20. I would maybe contact Queens by phone and ask what they would recommend doing in your situation. Essentially, I would not come to your Calgary interviews extremely stressed/tired if that's where you're most likely to get in anyways. Obviously, if you can switch with someone else that would be ideal.
  21. It means they have open access to your ABS entries basically. (Its not a separate one page sketch)
  22. I think this depends on the school because I got an offer exactly 2 weeks after the first round of offers, and I got 1 week to respond (uOttawa).
  23. You have two weeks to respond to an offer if you get an acceptance right away. If you're first waitlisted and eventually accepted (while waitlisted at another school as well), you have 1 week to respond.
  24. Aside from your interview, there's a tour and a presentation. Depending on what time your interview is, one or both of those may be before or after the interview.
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