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  1. Hi, I am trying to figure out if I make the cut offs for Sask, but they don't give much details for OOP applicants. They mention all undergraduate courses are used, but I just wanted to confirm that this means summer courses (some schools dont use them), and if this still applies even if you have more than 120 credits. For in province only the most recent 120 credits are used...so I don't know if it is the same for OOP. Thanks!!
  2. Hey! I am in the exact same boat. People do it all the time. Usually you need to give a deposit to secure your spot, and then you forfeit that money when you withdraw from your spot but so far I have not seen a deposit for OT (although I have only scanned it).
  3. Quick question. I submitted my RSVP form stating that I had a conflict with an interview, and I am pretty sure I clicked the option that I could not attend my time but when I submitted I got a "thank you for confirming your attendance" message. Did anyone else get that when they specifically said they could not attend? I just want to make sure I wasn't stupid and accidentally clicked that I could go.
  4. Thanks! And yah I agree, I thought anglophone was lower but maybe that changed?
  5. Yah, I submitted the 13th. However, none of my other friends have had verifiers contacted yet so its perfectly normal to not have heard. I feel more weird by the fact that mine have been.
  6. Sorry, there is most like a topic already discussing this, but has anyone e-mailed in for this years OOP GPA cutoff? Thanks!
  7. Okay thanks! I just heard the most was typically 3 people being contacted so having 5 was a bit alarming.
  8. Hey, so already 5 people have gotten back to me saying they were asked to verify an activity for me and I know the process is meant to be random but has anyone had the same experience so far? I just feel like they now think my account is sketchy which it shouldn't be as its my second time applying and the activities have not changed since last year (where no one was contacted).
  9. Hey, so this is definitely a long shot but a friend of mine missed the September 15th deadline to open an account. I highly doubt anyone opened a second account or opened an account and are no longer applying but if you have and don't need it let me know. I believe everything can be edited from scratch (although I could be wrong).
  10. I hate to say it but I think the majority is probably over, unless Monday for some reason has a wave. May just be me being pessimistic though as I have no facts but it's 3 days after the deadline.
  11. So are we thinking the 26th will be the first round of wait list acceptances?
  12. Does everyone who isnt accepted get on the waitlist? Or are some rejected? Just trying to figure out chances
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