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  1. Hello everyone, I got accepted off the waitlist today at 12:30 PM (August 31,2016) . IP Best 2 yrs: 89% (full course load) DAT: 19RC / 24AA Graduated from UG Accepting Congratulations to all those accepted, and best of luck to the ones on the waitlist - do not give up hope!
  2. Does anyone know if the waitlist movement would increase in August as much as it did in June?
  3. Congratulations on being accepted to the other program, and I am sorry to hear that you are in a bind. From my experience, I don't think you should bother calling them to ask them about your chances of getting off the WL, because they wouldn't disclose that information. Good luck!
  4. Very well then, I suppose my phone will be my best mate from now on haha. Thanks!
  5. Congrats to all who were accepted! Does anyone know if there's a way to check the waitlist ranking?
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