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  1. If you choose to study abroad, you should know the risks and consequences. But hey, rich parents don’t care and will sue to make sure their kids get their way.
  2. Who’s funding this ridiculous lawsuit? A) wealthy parents who send their incompetent kids to “medical schools” overseas b) Garbage Caribbean medical schools who have everything to gain if they win this lawsuit or perhaps both??
  3. You are wrong, I know plenty of fools who did that.
  4. If you have little science background, go for Kaplan. Note that using Kaplan alone won’t be enough to get you great marks
  5. Your PI sounds like the kind of person that would sabotage your med school application if you ever ask him for a reference letter down the road. Run while you still can.
  6. moonlitocean

    Line of credit interest rates

    Has anyone been able to negotiate for more than prime -0.25%?
  7. UofT logic: if you are not black, you can’t be marginalized
  8. moonlitocean

    Should I transfer from UofT to McMaster?

    UofT gets easier as you progress. No I would not transfer. You will also find more research opportunities being at UofT
  9. His fault for going to a shitty school for residency
  10. moonlitocean

    Thoughts on this article?

    The fact that there are even spots reserved for IMGs when some CMGs can't match is simply ridiculous. I fully agree that IMGs should only be used to fill remaining spots
  11. moonlitocean

    Thoughts on this article?

    Giving up on her Canadian application at 21: classic example of someone who wants to be in the medical field but doesn't wanna put in the efforts.
  12. moonlitocean

    Thoughts on this article?

    Those students chose to go to the Carribeans, they should have known the risks and hurdles. Nobody in Canada has to cater to them. Why should anybody entertain the idea of making Carribean students' paths easier when we already have CMGs like Robert Chu not being able to match for two years?? There's a reason that the Carribean schools take so many incompetent students, because they are for-profit degree mills. Here's what US hospital program directors have to say about these students (taken from SDN): "bad judgment, bad advice, egotism, gullibility, overbearing parents, inability to delay gratification, IA's, legal problems, weak research skills, high risk behavior." I say keep them the hell away from our healthcare system.
  13. moonlitocean

    Robert Chu--Unmatched Doctor Commits Suicide

    The fact that those Carribbean schools are willing to take someone straight out of high school shows you just how little credibility they have. They will take anyone who is breathing and can write a cheque.
  14. moonlitocean

    Caribbean Medical School

    If you enjoy being in massive debt with only a 50% chance of practicing medicine, then go for the Caribbeans