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  1. I suggest you move on with your life, medicine isn’t for everyone
  2. Let’s have the NPs run a hospital and see how much people like that. If we don’t stop mid level encroachment, we will soon end up like the US.
  3. Oh yes I’m sure cineplex is sh**ing their pants because some SJW med student is boycotting them
  4. You can always turn the PBL into lecture based curriculum by using services like Pathoma, Boards and beyond
  5. 4.0=Academically savvy? Not necessarily, especially if you are from Mac health sci.
  6. The $200 is being used to pay people who put your name onto a spreadsheet and fire off a couple of emails to preceptors and then talks to you with crappy attitude when you dare ask them questions. Disgusting and shameful rip off is what it is
  7. I use an iPad with Apple Pencil to store my textbooks and take notes, highly recommend it!
  8. If you are bringing it up to score cheap empathy points from them, don’t, they will see right through it.
  9. Where are you getting this info? Their website still has the old information from previous year
  10. If you choose to study abroad, you should know the risks and consequences. But hey, rich parents don’t care and will sue to make sure their kids get their way.
  11. Who’s funding this ridiculous lawsuit? A) wealthy parents who send their incompetent kids to “medical schools” overseas b) Garbage Caribbean medical schools who have everything to gain if they win this lawsuit or perhaps both??
  12. If you have little science background, go for Kaplan. Note that using Kaplan alone won’t be enough to get you great marks
  13. Your PI sounds like the kind of person that would sabotage your med school application if you ever ask him for a reference letter down the road. Run while you still can.
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