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  1. Thanks! This is very helpful. For my masters project, I created a management plan for rental housing for a First Nations community that included extensive meeting facilitation. This then led into doing several more projects for the First Nation and working with Elders on the project. I suppose that my supervisor for the work could attest to my dedication to work for the community and desire to help and make a difference.
  2. Thanks! The club was a pre-veterinary medicine club. I suppose that means I will be looking for some volunteer activities this year so that I can provide a strong reference.
  3. On the UBC website it states that 3 reference letters are required and typically include 1 academic, 1 professional, and 1 community service. Does anyone know how UBC would define community service? I am asking as I have not volunteered in a role that is obviously service to the community for an extended period of time (only one-off occasions), however I was a volunteer and president of a student club for 4 years and have done some work professionally that I would argue served the community. Any insights on who/what activities would count as community service? Thanks!
  4. Hi Folks, Still contemplating this idea. I think I will commit to writing the MCAT this spring, but I am still not sure whether a switch to medicine is something that is in mine or my family's best interest. Do you have any suggestions on what to consider when making the change? I am going to have a conversation with my partner. I am also thinking about reaching out to an old classmate that went into med and perhaps ask a doctor I see often if they would be willing to talk to me about their experience. Things I am worried about: - Debt from med school and the trade off -- I currently make $65,000 a year and have 4 weeks vacation, a pension, and great benefits. To go to med school I would be giving that up and taking on $100k in debt. However upon graduation I would be making the same or more than I am now and substantially more after a 2 year FM residency. - How will my debt and loss of income impact our ability to buy a home? And what if I don't get a residency within commuting distance? - What if I hate the job? I like my current job and I don't have much experience in a health care setting. That said, I love a challenge and feeling like I am making a difference and helping people. - How do I manage wanting to start a family while in medical school? If I do wait until residency, I will be 32 by the time I think about having my first child, IF I get in first round. Am I worrying too much or are these valid questions? Any further advice?
  5. Thanks for that feedback! I always thought I would need more volunteering experience to have a shot, but if a good MCAT score means I have a chance, I will be applying next cycle! My partner is supportive, although understandably worried about the time and financial impact and how it would affect our ability to purchase a home. I'm not too worried, although I would like to have kids around age 30, which would be during clerkship/residency.. My reasons for going to medical school include my desire to help people and improve the lives of those in need, my interest in continued learning and rural services and communities, and on a personal level, the flexibility within the career and ability to make a good living so that I can accomplish some of my own lifestyle goals (I want to live on property and own horses.. which is expensive in BC haha). My current career is very interesting, but its incredibly frustrating and bureaucratic and there is very little sense of satisfaction when a project is completed. It's also very sedentary and desk-oriented, which is not something I really enjoy. I would rather practice as a family physician and be able to choose where I live and how much I would like to work.
  6. Hi all, I've been playing around with the idea of medical school for years and think I will apply next cycle. Looking for any thoughts on my chances and where I should improve. Highschool: took AP Bio, Chem and English and scored 5s on all. Won multiple awards in bio and chemistry. Won student of the year in grade 12. Sang in choir, played rugby and softball, worked part time at Tim Hortons, and owned my horse. Undegrad: BSc in Forest Sciences with 87.7% graduating average. continued choir and horses, not much volunteering. worked at a horse show venue every summer and during the school year at some points. did an undergrad thesis and a forestry competition in 4th year. Have pre reqs in bio, chem, biochem, genetics, microbio, etc Grad: Master of Natural Resource Management with 4.11/4.33 GPA. Worked closely with a first nation on multiple projects including housing and fisheries negotiation as part of treaty. Not many ECs during this time as I was working a lot. Work experience at varying levels of government (provincial policy/indigenous relations/agriculture) and with first nations ( projects related to housing, treaty, stewardship, and port development and traditional use) and in rural areas (forest technician in northern BC). Currently a community planner with focus on agriculture for a municipality. I sing in choir still, run, ride horses, and backpack/hike/camp. I have applied to volunteer at a local hospital to gain some more exposure and enhance my application. I have a passion for youth in need and the elderly, particularly those in undeserved rural areas. I have been particularly inspired by my experience working with First Nations elders and hearing stories of how their health needs have not been met and personal experience with Indigenous youth in care who are no longer with us. I still need to write the MCAT. I am 26, female, in a serious relationship but not yet married/no kids. I plan to only apply to UBC and would like to be in one of the rural programs (IMP or SMP). I am concerned with being in med school while potentially wanting to start a family, get married, and buy a house. Any tips on how to strengthen my application/chances and ability to enter med school while in prime family starting age (lol). Thank you!!
  7. Hi everyone, I am 25 (turning 26 in March) and have just landed my 'dream' job as a community planner and I am wrapping up my masters. My job involves a lot of research, meetings, and public speaking and pays well (my career will probably top out at $110 k/year). For context, I live in BC and am a single woman I have always had medical school in the back of my mind since high school, but lacked confidence when I was younger and thought I didn't have the motor skills or social skills to be a physician. However as I have gotten older I realized I am more that capable and I really want to do work that I know is making a difference and having a positive impact on people's lives. I have high grades (oGPA 87.7% from my undergrad) and have taken most pre-reqs for medical school (although I plan on applying to UBC and maybe a couple other schools). I have worked in a huge variety of roles professionally and I am especially passionate about working in smaller communities and Indigenous populations. I love the idea of working as a locum for several years around BC. However, I am also at a time in my life where I really want to find a partner and have children. I am currently single but I want to have a couple kids before age 35. As it stands now, if I got into med school during for a 2020 start, I would be 27 and graduate when I am 32. Can anyone speak to finding a partner/getting married/being pregnant/having children while in medical school and residency? How do people do it? Is it possible? I am notorious for planning my life out and I know I should just live life how I want to and have things fall into place, but I really don't want to sacrifice having a family to pursue a new career when I already have a decent one.
  8. Thanks for all the feedback! Definitely making this decision clearer. Perhaps I will email them about the AP credit. I'm thinking about volunteering with Sheway.. does anyone have any experience there or have any other groups they recommend? I have scattered volunteer experience, but would really like some where I get to connect with people.
  9. Ok another question.. For the electives/clerkships, do you NEED to go to a different city/hospital? Or could I take all my electives in Prince George and the surrounding area? How long are the electives/clerkships? When you become a resident, how likely is it to find a placement in Prince George if you did the NMP? Or would I have to be open to moving? I am interested in FM and a +1 specialty, possibly emergency or dermatology
  10. Thanks! You've definitely encouraged me to at least give it a shot. I don't know if anyone can answer this.. but although my overall average is quite high, I got 57% in OChem, 64% in Biochem and 64% in Inorganic Chem.. considering these courses are some of the most important for med, do you think UBC would see that and take it into consideration? I could have done better in these courses but had a lack of motivation and personal things going on during that year of school. I'm hoping that it wont matter that my grades in the heavy science classes are not as high as I would like.
  11. I'm considering going to medical school with intention of becoming a family doctor in a rural or semi-rural area in BC (ie Prince George/Kamloops). I have not shadowed a GP so I was hoping someone on here could speak to the realities of being a GP. Does it ever get boring or is there opportunity for continuous learning? If I had a family and only wanted to work 3 days a week, could I do that? And how much would I expect to make? What does your average day look like? Is it easy to pick up and move to a different town? Any other bits if advice/reality you can give me would be much appreciated!
  12. Hi all, I'm new here but I wanted to get a few opinions on what a good plan of action would be. Currently, I'm 23 yo and in a graduate program at SFU in natural resource management and planning. I've always pondered the idea of medical school and I know I could be a successful physician. I'm mostly interested in being a GP and working in a semi rural area. I wouldn't describe medicine as my passion, but I enjoy problem solving and helping people and I really value job security, flexibility, and growth. My s/o is about to begin his career in Prince George, BC and my degree lends itself to that region, however my career would likely culminate in Victoria. His job also has the added benefit of funding education for himself and family members, which has refreshed the idea of medical school in my mind. I'm hoping to write the MCAT either this year or next and apply for the NMP or SMP depending on where I am at. However, I have a few reservations: 1. If I apply this year or next year, I would have just finished my masters and will have not given that career path a fighting chance. I would be starting med school as age 25/26 and if I did a GP residency, be finished by the time I'm 31/32. I could always wait and apply 2-3 years after I have finished my masters and looked for job in a resource management field, but then I wouldn't be finished school until my mid thirties. 2. I always thought I wanted kids in my late twenties, but how I would attend medical school and have children is beyond me. I know it's possible, but I feel like I would be missing out on a lot of things both with school and family. Does anyone have experience with having kids while in school or having really young kids? How did you manage that? I'm also curious about my chance of being successfully admitted to UBC... My undergrad is in Forest Science at UBC and my average was 87.7%. I will grad from SFU with close to a 4.0 GPA based on my first semester marks. I have not written the MCAT so I can't comment on that. I would like to work with Aboriginal communities/rural communities and I have a really diverse range of experience from agriculture, to forestry, to politics. Also, I did AP English and when I went to UBC for undergrad they gave me 6 english credits for it. Do you know if UBC med will recognize AP English as 6 credits or only 3? Any and all thoughts are appreciated!
  13. I'm going to start studying for the MCAT and I'm looking at finding some prep books off craigslist I found two possibilities nearby, but unsure what would be better i) Kaplan Updated MCAT 7-Book Subject Review and online tools ii) or all of this: FULL BOOKS Exam Krackers - all new in very good condition * 101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning (A HUGELY helpful book! A must-have even for adept readers) * 1001 Questions in MCAT Physics * 1001 Questions in MCAT Chemistry * 1001 Questions in MCAT Organic Chemistry * MCAT Physics * MCAT Organic Chemistry * Kaplan MCAT Advanced 2009 Ed. * Kaplan Verbal Reasoning & Writing 2010 Ed. * Kaplan MCAT Premier Program 2010 * Kaplan course books for all subjects * Kaplan course Lesson Book * Kaplan course Verbal Reasoning Strategy & Practice * Kaplan course High-Yield Problem Solving Guide (VERY helpful for last few days before exam) Princeton Review - * MCAT Workout w/ 2 full length exams Barron's - * MCAT 12th Ed. OTHER * Coles Notes Chemistry Problems * Reading Comprehension Success * Barron's "Essays that will get you into medical school" * Carribbean Medical School Journey & Guide 2009 FREE * AAMC's Official Guide to the MCAT, 1st Ed. * AAMC's 2011 Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR) * Princeton Review "Cracking the MCAT CBT" for organic chemistry (includes chapters on ketones, alcohols, hydrocarbons, carboxylic acids, etc.) * 6 full-length Kaplan MCAT tests, answer key and diagnostic report * AAMC full length paper practice test * Kaplan Topical Tests for all subjects (short topic tests followed by answer key and diagnostic description of where you went wrong and why) * Kaplan Subject Tests for all subjects and units (for each subject that you would go through with the class, there is a summary subject test with answer key) * Kaplan Advanced chapters and tests w/ answer keys (focuses on the most difficult aspects of each MCAT section, good for those above basic level) * Schaum's Easy Outlines Crash Course on Basic Electricity * Kaplan Physical Sciences Tests #1-7 (40-100 minute sample tests of the physical sciences section including phys and inorg. chem) * Collected resource of online MCAT practice questions for all sections * Kaplan Discrete Tests for all subjects (multiple tests on discrete questions only to give you non-passage practice) * 30pg. Guide on Frequently Encountered Physics Problems & Answers * 3 Arco full sample MCAT tests with answers Better to go with a set updated for new MCAT or a whole bunch of older things? I'm not sure how hard it is to find practice exams etc
  14. Hi All This is pretty much my opportunity to get my thoughts 'on paper' and I would appreciate any advice you have to give as well! I have always considered medicine as a career option and I have no doubt I would be an excellent med-student and a pretty good doctor as well. However, I wouldn't describe medicine as my passion and although I have kept the med-school door open, I've been following a different path. I graduated in 2015 with a degree in forest sciences and I've worked a field forestry job, a food quality control lab job, and now I am finishing up a internship with the provincial government. I have accepted an offer to pursue a masters in Natural Resource Management and Planning and my goal was/is to become a land use planner or something similar for a municipality of the government. There are lots of opportunities in this field, it would be a 9-5 office job most likely, and the pay is anything from $30/hr to $150k/year. I'm once again thinking about medicine after talking to a provincial politician who was describing how her rural town had no doctors for an entire year and how desperate these areas are for family doctors. It has also been news in BC that the government has 'given up' on their goal to provide everyone with a family doctor. I personally think I would make an excellent family doctor -- I love solving problems and offering people advice and I am very open-minded and easy going, yet a perfectionist when it comes to certain things. I also like the idea of having a small clinic in a small town in BC and being the first medical professional people see before referring them to specialists etc. I also like to have a broad knowledge base and constantly learn, rather than learn the details of one area. I had initially shied away from medicine thinking I would have to do surgery, deal with death on a daily basis, and the schooling would be a massive time commitment. I don't want the pressure of surgery (and I am can't see myself being good at it), I wouldn't want to work in palliative care, and I don't want work and school to consume my life. A 2 year residency in FM seems very doable and the demand is there, Currently, I think I may start studying for the MCAT and take the exam to see how I do. I might possibly try and volunteer in a medical setting as well and see if I would enjoy it. Like I said, a big long essay by me. If you took the time to read it, thank you, and I would love any advice you have to offer!
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