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  1. Some IP candidates interview later when MedPs interview. Those are the IP candidates I am referring to, not MedP candidates. My hypothesis does not involve MedPs.
  2. Maybe the spot will go to someone from the IP pool who interviewed with med-P and was waitlisted ahead of those already on the IP waitlist; Just my theory!!! Or does anyone know how those that interview later factor in? Here's how I see it it: Let's assume 10 candidates interview with medP, 5 get straight acceptances and 5 get waitlisted and rank between candidates 5 and 6 (for simplicity purposes) of the current waitlist, which leads to the 1st 5 candidates on the current waitlist to get accepted causing and instant 5 spot movement on the waitlist. But then the candidate on position 6 of the current waitlist now has 5 other candidates ahead of them without knowing, so whenever a spot opens up, those 5 candidates get the spot and this repeats 5 times before the current waitlist see any movement when a 6th spot opens up. This will then seem like the waitlist is not moving at all when in fact it is moving in the background. Again, this is all theory, lol. Maybe someone knows where late interviewees go and is up to share?
  3. If this puts you in an impossible position, you should seriously consider contacting admissions with your concerns regarding the change. I hope you find a way around this change that doesn't involve wasting your time and money. All the best!
  4. You're kidding right? Because it's still at no. 15. Oops, changed to 16. Maybe it's going back and forth!
  5. Yeah, strange it only moved one spot after French school acceptances went out. It might eventually jump like medP-Montreal waitlist did today, who knows? But why were you expecting it to move this week instead of like 2 weeks ago when French schools acceptances went out?
  6. Congratulations on your acceptance! I am just learning of the RSPP pathway. This is a right move toward addressing part of the diversity issue. Hopefully this will snowball into the overall diversity McGill so desires.
  7. Agreed! Maybe admissions would consider this point if someone brought it to their attention.
  8. Casper was introduced to pre-select for interpersonal skills in order to increase the number of candidates with good interpersonal skills that are invited for the MMI; although I doubt the goal is achieved as Casper is either type fast or sink, no matter your people skill level. In my opinion, if diversity is of any importance, it needs to be given similar privilege as GPA (which ensures students will survive the rigorous MD program), MMI (which ensures interpersonal skills that is crucial in medical practice), and CV (which gives admissions a sense of applicant personality, experiences, skills and priorities that may contribute in making a great physician and contribute to the medical field as a whole). Is diversity at all relevant?; remains the real question here. If it does level the playing field for all, or contribute to the medical field, then it needs to be given a percentage in the selection process such that it can compensate for GPA and other selection factors just like life experiences (CV) or interpersonal skills (MMI) does. My observation is that US med schools that have improved diversity in their classes have had to treat diversity as a relevant factor instead of a privilege.
  9. NTP average GPA has been historically lower than the University category average GPA, so you may actually be right about some NTPs not making it. I however wonder if the NTP pathway was designed to increase diversity; 2-3 students won't diversify a class of about 180 students in my opinion. If diversity is desired, drastic measures surpassing the 2-3 NTP seats must be taken to make that happen. Just my opinion!
  10. So, what's up with the IP waitlist stalling? Are we yet to see the movement due to French schools and Ontario schools acceptances?
  11. Admissions policy just changed. NTP pathway has been eliminated, science pre-reqs no longer expire, and full time degree can now include 1 extra year without EXTC, or more with EXTC (https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/categories/roq/ntp).
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