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  1. MountainAmoeba

    When do you think offers will be sent out this year?

    I think they will send them out when they are done and they have finalized the lists. I don’t think they wait for a “Tuesday” because it’s Tuesday.
  2. MountainAmoeba

    What to wear? (men)

    Buy a suit. Tailor it. This is an interview to be in the top 1 percent of income earners in the country. It might not be fair to expect you to wear a suit, but believe me, on interview day the last thing you want is any unintended negative perceptions about the sincerity of your efforts that day.
  3. I hope people aren't waiting until invites to come out to start preparing for interviews.
  4. you still get scored on the sections you don't write, so it doesn't really matter.
  5. MountainAmoeba

    I have an unusual situation

    I think it’s difficult to remedy this situation easily. You could consider explaining to the original referee, that you apologize, and should have given a clear outline on your needs (both the having the reference letter, and the timing you needed it by). That you recognize that you failed to clearly define the timeline at which the letter had to be complete for you to feel prepared for the application. Then you can explain that you were worried by the lack of email response, and recognizing a lack of clearly agreed upon timeframe of when the letter needed to be completed, that you had change your reference request and unfortunately the system only allows permanent removal of the referee, and only one person to hold a position as a reference at a time. Of course you feel terrible, but the reference should hopefully understand that you were in a compromised situation as they had not provided you insight into their situation until a week before the application was due. This might not have been in their control, but it certainly wasn’t in your control either. As for why you should have trusted them? I’m not sure I understand. It’s difficult to know why you should have trusted them, unless they explicitly said “I will be hard to contact, and I might not have the reference complete until a week before its due”. It seems like its a huge burden or trust and vulnerabity on you otherwise. Hopefully you wont have to worrry about this in the future as this application will be successful. Good luck!
  6. MountainAmoeba

    Really struggling with the Top 10s

    I think you should read through the responses on this forum by doing a top ten search. This question has been answered. Edit. That came across kind of terse. You can search for the answer to your question by using the search function. I promise you will find a lot of well thought out responses to this question in a search history. Good luck. But coles notes - the top ten should not read as a resume. If your work experience made you who you are, you should absolutely include it. Your top ten should provide the file reviewers insight into what kind of person you are, what you value. Then you should link those experiences to how they helped you grow. This is not a time to brag. Be thoughtful, and be reflective.
  7. People have a lot of opinions, and frightfully are willing to tell you what is or isn’t okay. The truth. You have no control over your file reviewers, and the reality (for all people) - we submit ourselves for review, and hope that the people reading our file resonate with our story. There is a chance you will have someone with strong implicit/explicit bias against muslins read your file. They may rank your letter and file lower because of this. However, there is also a chance that it will really resonate with someone quite strongly. For the simple reason that this is chance based, I would recommend choosing the letter that you’ve feel most speaks to who you are, and I would be less concerned about whether or not someone will judge you for the affiliation with the Muslim religion. By not submitting the letter you are potentially denying the file reviewers the opportunity to see your strongest attributes. That’s the only thing in your control. -MA
  8. MountainAmoeba

    LOR Question

    They must fill out the u of c reference letter template specific the quality they are asked to comment on.
  9. MountainAmoeba

    Application deadline

    You must release your mcat scores to the u of c. I believe you can do that before you actually get your scores back. MA
  10. No. More that it’s an attribute, not an accomplishment. So how can you show that attribute?
  11. MountainAmoeba

    top 10

    Search this thread. This has been talked about again and again, and there are amazing responses to this question.
  12. I think you can demonstrate intellectual curiosity without taking about academics. You will have to think hard about how to demonstrate that with your current top ten. Ask what does it mean to demonstrate curiosity? How can you show that? You probably already have that, but you probably failed to demonstrate it.
  13. MountainAmoeba

    working while in medschool?

    That seems a “bit” extreme. I work quite a lot, I love my job, and it’s nice sometimes to work at something that’s just yours. I would consider working two weekends a month, rather than one shift a weekend (that way you can have entire weekends off). Also set some boundaries, and know when you need to quit. I will be quitting in clerkship. Good luck.
  14. This is an average, not at each point along the studies. Cheers
  15. MountainAmoeba

    Note-taking ... do we really need a tablet?

    My preference is an I-pad pro. It makes it easy to manage my notes in notability, and then split screen. I can cut out figures and tables from the notes and import them into my notes super easily. A lot of people prefer the surface pro, or laptop computer. If you really like writing the I-pad pro with the apple pencil does the best job of recreating the writing experience compaired to other interfaces (just at a price premium). Other wise the surface pro is an awesome device that people seem to enjoy using.