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  1. smac

    Interviews 2019

    Does anyone have any insight to when the rejection emails will be sent out?
  2. I think it's really good you chose finance because you don't really have a grasp of current health problem in this country. Just finished my MPH degree and there are a lot of complex health problems we need to solve with doctors, nurses, nutritionists and other allied health professionals. It seems odd that if you're making 1.5 million dollars this month that you have time to write these long rants on a premed forum about how horrible medicine is. Best of luck in your future business career I hope you approach it with a positive attitude.
  3. smac

    Interviews 2019

    OOP no interview GPA: 3.9, MCAT: 514 Maritime essay: Family Maritime connection but nothing great
  4. Not sure, I would assume with spaces to be on the safe side in less someone has heard differently?
  5. Is it bad to write none? I can't think of anything significant to write that hasn't already been mentioned in the ABS
  6. I submitted on Sunday and that's what mine said at first and then when i checked 15ish min later it was back to normal and i could see SAM and all of that
  7. NVM red X went away a few min after submitting!
  8. I submitted my application but for personal activities it is still showing a red x. I filled out everything in the section but only put in 3 examples of employment instead of 4 is this the reason? Is anyone else having this problem? I'm going to call admissions tomorrow just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this
  9. smac

    Verifier for awards

    Thank you so much!! That makes sense
  10. smac

    Verifier for awards

    Did you just write first name "Office of the Registrar"? In the past you could put "0" as the verifier but thats not an option this year :/
  11. Thank you!! I think I will put shadowing/clinical observation and expand on my role in the description! Thanks!
  12. Sorry for the late reply!! Thank you both for the advice. I guess I am unclear what section to put in under for the activities I am doing it as my work term for my MPH and I'm not paid. So it doesn't vist "Paid Medical" but also not "Volunteer Medical", I could put shadowing and observation but I am doing a lot more then just shadowing as I am building classes for patients etc. What do you guys think? Thanks so much! My description describes everything I have done does the category I pick matter?
  13. Hi Everyone, I am applying to american schools this cycle and would love some advice about to write about my clinical experience. I am working for the next three months as a clinical assistant for some family physicians which includes: patient intake, charting, billing, shadowing the doctors, running classes for their patients and eventually taking patient histories. I know US schools are big on shadowing hours so should I just be highlighting the amount of time spent shadowing or all of the clinical experience as a whole? I feel like all of the clinical experience together paints a better picture of what I have been doing this summer.