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  1. I can't tell for certain but it looks to me as though you may be trying to take to much off at once (I can't really judge your technique by the picture). But, if you are not doing so already, forget about the time and take it very slow. Shave off the soap in very very tiny shavings and just keep working at it slowly until you finish. Whether it takes you 30 minutes or 90 minutes, just get a good feel for how to do it. Also, for flutes, I found it beneficial to start near the end and work your way back to the saddle on your soap. I agree with whats been said already in that your soap looks like a rough cut before any finishing has been done. I would recommend forgetting about your lines a bit on that one (or making new ones) and take your time smoothing that one out. All in all though it looks similar to I think how most peoples first or second soaps look like. Keep practicing and you'll get there.
  2. To answer the question about blue soaps (partially) - I recieved those same blue soaps 3 years ago from a relative who had recieved them 8 years ago from the DAT website. They were the soaps they used and the ones the DAT sent with the practice packages. Not sure where to get them currently though
  3. Thanks Malkynn. There are a few angles to look at I suppose!
  4. Investing while repaying is certainly an option if people are interested in that sort of thing. I know very little of investments and have always been nervous of the risks involved (however minimal they may be). But what people do with their money is up to them, I only mentioned my first comment to plant a seed that govt loans may not be the best thing to try and pay back. Currently I have govt loans and a LOC. My LOC has an interest rate of "prime" but starts accumulating immediately. My govt loans don't accumulate until school is over but then has an interest rate of something like prime + 2 or 4 or something. Therefor using govt loans during school while there is no accumulation and then paying those off after school with your LOC with lower interest rate could save you interest accumulation. However you decide to pay off your LOC is up to you. Using one of the methods from the Forbes article would be viable whether you are paying the LOC or the govt loans.
  5. Also, although LOC interest starts accumulating immediately once you use it, it commonly has lower interest rates than govt loans. Therefore it could be beneficial to use your govt loans first until you are done school and then pay off govt loans with your lower interest rate LOC. Although this is potentially variable between provinces and banks.
  6. Same* my appologies, I am writing on my phone. Lots of schools won't take February DAT scores if you are applying that same application cycle. Many require the November DAT in order to give them enough time for recieving and processing everything for your application. So just make sure that if you are applying for the 2017/2018 school year, that they will accept a February 2017 DAT. Otherwise you'd have to take this November's DAT in order to use it for this next application cycle.
  7. Make sure montreal and laval will take a February DAT during the sams application cycle as many schools require you to do the November DAT so they have time to get the scores etc. Also I don't think DAT scores "expire" persay but most Dentistry programs have a time frame in which they will only accept DAT scores from - usually a max of 2 or 3 years before applying. This differs among schools but unfortunately I can't tell you which schools have what time frame, but the information is out there.
  8. I have animal physiology(s) that fulfilled my requirements for UWO and UoT. I did not have anatomy or some type of human physiology to cover all the requirements for the 4 year program in Ireland.
  9. Hodori I was told by the person I dealt with at the bank that if I had a dentist cosign for me, it wouldn't matter how much debt they had, they could get me approved for a LOC.
  10. I knew the person at the bank I was applying with and they told me to put down as little income as possible. Having some savings was okay as it showed responsibility, but having very little to no income would help my case to get the maximum amount as it showed I would really need it. Not necessarily true for all banks but just what they told me during my application. - I did end up getting the max but I also have perfect credit. So it's hard to say if it helped or not.
  11. Oops, meant to include that neither of us have masters degrees but we do have bachelor's degrees with double majors.
  12. I got accepted to the 5 year program while my buddy got into the 4 year program. Both at Cork. We both have very similar stats, only real difference was that I did not have any anatomy or human physiology to cover their prerequisites for the 4 year program. What is nice is that the total tuition costs the same whether you do the 4 or 5 year program. If you are accepted to the 5 year program you just pay less per year than the 4 year program. I decided to stay in Canada mostly because I had options. The difference in money wasn't too insane but when considering being in school during the 5th year vs practicing after a 4 year program makes the "cost" fairly large
  13. One more thing you should look at is that many schools require more than 2 years to be able to apply. If you are set on Alberta and take the year off, make sure you are comfortable with the possibilty of not being accepted.
  14. My stats for my offer to cork were roughly 3.9 GPA, 21 AA, 19 PAT, 27 Reading, 26 Carving. I can't remember what they looked at but you can apply through the Atlantic Bridge if you google it. There was miminum of 2 references needed, one being a professor/teacher. There was no interview for me or my buddy. We recieved notification of acceptance around mid april I believe. We both applied around november I think but I believe their applications ran from octoberish until nearly april. We both had bachelor's degrees (4 years) completed. Most of the differences for 5 or 4 year programs were the prerequisites you are applying with. They like anatomy or physiology for the 4 year program but their website is more specific. The deposit was $6000 CAD, so roughly 4500 euros but I can't remember exactly. Sorry for all the rough estimates. All my info is packed up as I am moving. Hopefully Trinity can answer more specifics, otherwise your best option is to check out ATLANTIC BRIDGE website. Just know that the reciprical agreememt for Ireland is up fpr review in 2017. It is unlikely that things will change between our countries but you never know for sure.
  15. I was accepted to Cork in Ireland this year but turned it down after being accepted to Canadian schools. It Cork and Dublin do have a reciprocal agreement. You do need a cosigner for loans to go to Ireland for the same reason as the USA. I fortunately did not have to look any further into loans for Ireland but most banks are similar in that sense. I know scotiabank will do it with a cosigner but not sure of specifics. A buddy of mine was accepted to Cork this year as well and is currently working with CIBC with a cosigner but will attempt scotiabank if CIBC falls through.
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