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  1. From what I can recall only the five basic sciences are included in the core course GPA. No English or humanities. I would contact Jean Lyon for confirmation though.
  2. Hey! 1) I'm IP and got in with a 3.8 core course GPA and ~4.0 or so aGPA. 2) No it's not over if you have have some Bs and B+s and remember that if you have 3 or more years, your lowest year is eliminated from your aGPA calculation. I would say though that the average aGPA of accepted students is around 4.0. If you ever have concerns about your stats/chances, talk to Jean Lyon - she deals with pre-dental students/admissions. 3) You may need some clarification here on how they determine interview invites vs. acceptance to the program (regular applicant). To determine if you receive an interview, they take into account your core course average and DAT score only. To determine acceptance, they take into account equally your aGPA/DAT/interview score. So, the core course average is just used to determine if you receive an interview. The minimum scores on the Application Bulletin is to give you an idea of the scores you should meet in order to be invited for an interview, which can change year to year depending on the pool. To answer your question: if you have the minimum core course GPA and DAT score that year, you will get an interview. And yes, you have a chance at being accepted with near the minimum DAT score as posted on the Application Bulletin - if your aGPA is decent and your interview goes well! 4) From my POV, no. Not all are the "top" students academically or had the highest DAT, but overall you will have some very intellgent people around you for sure. The thing is that you have all at least met the minimum requirements as far as grades and DAT score go if you've received an interview invite. The interview can set you apart from other applicants. Quite honestly several students very much excel academically but apply again and again because of not succeeding with the interview portion. So yes, in my opinion/from my experience, you can be accepted with average scores and a good interview. If you have any questions feel free to message me!
  3. Congratulations! Absolutely. I had similar feelings when I got in and even at times while in school. I was happy but I felt like I worked so hard in undergrad to achieve this goal and it was like "Now what?". Sometimes I felt like I didn't enjoy Dentistry but later I realized it was just that I didn't enjoy the waves of stress that can come with dental school (you'll be very busy!). Just like anything else, Dentistry and dental school will have ups and downs. There will be classes you absolutely love and classes you hate and things in between; things you're good at and things you're not so good at (but can improve on with practice!). Even if there are some things you don't enjoy, you'll see that the good will outweigh the bad if Dentistry is what you really want to do. At the end of all this, you'll be a dentist. Remember why you wanted this in the first place and what motivated you. It's exciting and can be a little scary. Learn as much as you can in school and take it all in
  4. Acceptances usually come out middle of June for U of M. I believe last year acceptances were out by June 14.
  5. You can find the bulletin here: http://umanitoba.ca/admissions/media/dentistry_bulletin.pdf. It lists the minimum DAT score and core course GPA needed for an interview invite. It changes a bit every few years. Interview invites are based on core course GPA and DAT score (regular applicants). AGPA is looked at only for the final decision. On average I would say accepted applicants usually have an AGPA of about 4.00 or higher. Hope that helps. Good luck!
  6. Sorry I'm a little late here. I browsed this forum often in undergrad and it helped me quite a bit, so here it goes. aGPA: ~4.0 DAT: 19.75 (did not do MDT). Interview: Considering my stats weren't stellar, I think it went well. Rambled in the beginning but got better as the interview went on. Cracked a few jokes and got a couple laughs. Felt good about it at first, but went home thinking I could have answered better. Worked out though! IP/OOP: IP Year: Was in school for four years and did a degree before being accepted.
  7. There was an acceptance thread posted a few months ago but I don't believe anyone has replied to it (including me lol). Not sure why. Maybe not many have a premed101 account. I can post my stats in there for future D1s though
  8. Nope. Just met with them recently and got prime-0.25. Seems like this prime or prime-0.25 is what the major banks are offering right now for dent.
  9. interview invites - from the predental group on fb, apparently invites were sent out march 7 for 2016. in an old thread on this forum the 2014 invites were sent out march 17th.. guess it changes each year. the application bulletin says invites would be out by end of march. interviews - usually end of april. thats what it says on the application bulletin anyway.
  10. ok thanks for confirming. i saw an old thread from 2014 and people got notified on the 17th that year, so i'm thinking next week or week after we'll know
  11. hey, just wondering if anyone knew when interview invites were sent out last year for UofM? it says they send emails in late march but a couple people said they got theirs like 1st-2nd week of march before. should we expect them to notify us by next week then if we got an interview or not? thanks
  12. Bio: Felt better this time around. Guessed on some that I just didn't know. Chem: I think it went alright too. PAT: Just went in order so I started with keyholes, and keyholes and angles are my worst. Practiced angles a lot with Bootcamp though and got better at it. I didn't get the chance to practice keyholes as much but hopefully it went alright. I don't know if I did better for PAT on this DAT.. felt about the same as Nov DAT. RCT: Yeah the first one was long. Forgot that I didn't want to do search/destroy but that's what I did for the first one. At ~30 min to go, I had just finished the questions for the first passage. The next two went by quick. After doing some practice RC tests with Bootcamp, I felt that skimming through the passage and then answering questions worked best for me, so I reminded myself to skim for the last two. I did search/destroy for Nov DAT and scored low on RCT, but I hope I'll score a bit higher on this one. We'll see how it goes!
  13. Nice. Thanks. Will probably still retake in February though. Was hoping for around 23 :/
  14. Yeah that's strange... I just checked too and now it says my info doesn't match their records. I wonder what this means?
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