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  1. Anyone on the alternate list get contacted yet? My F5 key is defs broken from checking my e-mail since the deadline to keep your name on there. Do admissions at least let the waitlisters know when the intake is complete and all the spots are filled up? Edit: After rushing to every phone call that ended up being from Direct Energy and laying in bed for entire days hoping I wouldn't have to study for the past 2 weeks, I think it's time to move on. I am going to answer my own question with a likely no unless something happens late August. I'll catch you all in the threads in the upcoming year. Third time's a charm.
  2. I thought I took a massive L from that interview but it wasn't as bad as I thought. I barely improved from last year's stats but it's still improvement if we want to reframe the outlook on it. GPA: 3.8 DAT: 70 INT: 33 Not really liking my chances for this cycle. I'm feeling kind of salty and kind of hopeful about this but mostly the former. I'm probably going to finish up my degree in the next school year to deal with all those degree requirements I decided to put off for then or prolong it a bit more to decide what I want to do whether that's dentistry or not. I'm glad that I get a couple of cracks at UofA compared to other universities because of the years required to apply but it's frustrating to come up short. Every time I see those Dent 2020 or Dent 2021 backpacks around the health sciences area I can't help but think about how I should have avoided those L courses and profs in my first two years or how I should have carved better or how I should have not stuttered around during the interview. I know it's better to focus on yourself rather than to look to others but it still stings seeing others succeed while you feel stuck whether that's having a couple of peers getting admitted into med after 2 years of undergrad or having a friend nonchalantly carve 10 soaps the week of the DAT and score higher than you. As much as I want to think about what could have been, maybe I ought to be like the 76ers. Obviously I'm not sucking to the point that they did for the past couple of years since I've gotten interviews but I can take away the mantra 'trust the process'. At this point, I think it's safe to say I'm not ready to be admitted based on the admissions criteria. There's people that make it seem easy getting in (although it's definitely not and it's not to say they're not putting in work behind the scenes) but it's a good reminder that not everyone's experience is like that and the process implies that these things take time. With that in mind, these people have perfected themselves within the system and that's what I should be doing as well. What I can take away from this cycle is that this is another opportunity for growth not only as a better candidate but as a better person overall and it's to be used as such rather than an excuse to feel sorry for myself and bitter for the next couple of months. From lurking around on the forum, I have seen posts from people who persevered to reach their goals so I thank you for sharing your experiences so I don't feel as alone in tackling this. I could have saved this once things are for sure but it feels good to get this off my chest. I guess it's back to finals and whatever lies ahead for me. All the best to everyone else.
  3. I've been doing the same thing since 10am this morning. uAlberta pls
  4. Where was that top hat tho :c Didn't feel as nervous as my first year but it started to spike up once I was in front of the door. I liked the questions but I definitely struggled during the last few stations...especially with that particular one. I keep replaying how it went in my head along with some of the other stations I could have done better on and it makes me want to forget that day even happened. I hope it turned out well for everyone else
  5. TeamOnodera

    November 2017 DAT Thoughts

    Thanks! I got 64 with these individual scores last year if I remember correctly: RC 21 MDT 20 and PAT 23. The morning of the test I had this playing in my head haha. I think rewriting it was much easier because I knew what to expect compared to my peers who were going in for the first time. RC: I think I got a bit lucky this year with the articles but I just straight up read more throughout the year to get used to...reading. MDT: obvs carved more soap but also brushed up on technique which marginally improved my score. I focused more on improving my the triangle & square ends and working on my notches and flutes overall. Plus for this year is that I didn't cut my hand and get blood on the soap like my 1st time through LOL PAT: 1st time I did it I missed out on the last 3 questions but apparently I did better last year even with that included. I even had at least 10 minutes to spare by the time I finished this time so that probably means I rushed it and/or my technique still needs more work. For preparation I just used the resources that everyone else listed off on the forum such as Bootcamp, Crusher, IQ books even though they're pretty old but it's on paper, etc. So that's what I did for the past year. Obviously these scores aren't the absolute greatest (I'm not at a perfect 90 but even then I'm not at 75+ either) so there's definitely better ways to approach it but that's what worked for me the 2nd Time Around.
  6. TeamOnodera

    November 2017 DAT Thoughts

    RC 25 PAT 22 MDT 23 Strictly focused on those for UofA. Defs relieved I did better than last year. Now to focus on not taking a massive L(s) on my remaining finals for this sem.
  7. TeamOnodera

    November 2017 DAT Thoughts

    Yo word. I had a dream couple of nights ago where I scored uber high in the MDT then got like single digit scores for the PAT and RC. I thought it was real and it got my mind and heart racing once I woke up LOL As everyone else is saying, can't really do anything about it now even though it's lingering in our minds. It just goes to show that you care (since we're blowing like $400 to take it). Best to focus on what's in the realm of control rn like doing well on finals.
  8. Came out around Dec. 13 last year but the test administrator told us give it 6-8 weeks.
  9. TeamOnodera

    November 2017 DAT Thoughts

    MDT wasn't too bad. Bit harder because of the consistency of the soap being different from what you get from the CDA but I think I did better than last time. I had the smallest chip and slightly went over my line by a little less than 1mm but otherwise I'm pretty confident I did better than last year. Bio and Chem didn't care for much since where I am applying doesn't look at it. Keyholes tilted me for the first bit for PAT but the rest of it was pretty fair. I was grinning during one of those RC articles (if you've browsed other forums for DAT RC advice, you know what's up). Rest of RC I managed to find most of the answers for just skimming through and scanning as needed.
  10. TeamOnodera

    Soap carving prep

    If you're in Edmonton, they sell them at Hobby Wholesale on Gateway Boulevard. They also have replacement blades too. The knife and replacement blades I got were the Excel Hobby Blades brand which was pretty similar if not the same to the ones you get from the CDA so you could ask around for that if you're not in the area.
  11. You can't go back to a section. You only get the amount of time listed on the site and a break in between each part of the test.
  12. TeamOnodera

    U Of A Interview Invitation Thread

    IP 3.81 64 31/49 What's the cutoff for interviews? They said that they wouldn't disclose any numbers at all in the e-mail.
  13. TeamOnodera

    U Of A Interview Invitation Thread

    Definitely stumbled through some of those stations. At this point I'm just glad it's done and over with and I have some experience to draw from for applying again. I thought the atmosphere would be a lot more tense but everyone was friendly and it seemed more relaxed around my timeslot.
  14. TeamOnodera

    U Of A Interview Invitation Thread

    Result: Invite IP GPA: ~3.8 DAT: 64 Didn't think I was going to get an interview but I'll take it. I think I'll need to hit a home run on the interview to have a chance at this year so I'll take it as a learning experience. I've been searching around on the forum on how to prepare for the MMI but any advice for the first-time applicant?