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  1. Thank you very much for your reply. I do think its a good idea to take the tests together and get them over with. I'll see if I can plan accordingly.
  2. Hey guys, I just started my 4th year in an Allopathic US MD school. I'm applying to both CaRMs and ERAS. I couldn't find very clear info on CaRMs website. I know i'm considered as a CMG in the R-1 iteration. However, do I need to take the MCCQE prior to the end of this year? Do I have to take it before I graduate (i.e. can it wait till next year)? I"m in the process of doing my away rotations and studying for USMLE Step 2 which is why I would rather not take another test in the next few months if possible. I'd appreciate your advice. Regards,
  3. Thank you for getting back to me Shogun. This is extremely infuriating since schools like Western and McMaster had their application window for International applicants back in November-December 2016! So now their applications are closed. Sure, this is a mistake on my part because I didn't plan this out a year in advance. However, I couldn't have imagined that this would be the case, considering the fact that I'm considered in the same pool as a Canadian graduate when it comes to CaRMs. Do you think I can contact the department I want to take an elective in and try to explain to them that i'm not truly an international and am in fact I'm from a pretty well known US MD school?
  4. Hey Everyone I'm going through a bit of a dilemma here. Could someone please clarify/provide some more info for me on the topic of applying for away electives. I was hoping to do away electives during my 4th year at at least 3-4 Canadian institutions. I did NOT realize that I would be considered as an International applicant for electives. I am a Canadian citizen, I did my undergrad at U of Toronto, I'm completing MD at a school in New York City. Even for the CaRMs application, i'm considered a Canadian graduate rather than an international medical graduate. Am I just confused? Or am I really an international medical graduate for the purposes of Electives?
  5. Thank you for the replies everyone, i'm learning a great deal from this discussion. I wanted to ask a few follow up questions: 1) There is limited elective time available to me at the end of 3rd year and in 4th year before the applications. How should I maximize the elctive time? Should I take a lot of 2 week electives at different schools? Or should I take a few 4 week electives to get better LoRs? Or the third option would be a mix and match where by I take 4 weeks at schools i really like and 2 weeks at all others. 2) Even if I take 2 week electives, I may only be able to do electives at 6-7 schools due to time constraints. Does this mean I only have a shot at those 6-7 schools? Will I not get interviews from other schools in the country if I don't do electives there? How do CMGs normally deal with this? because I cant imagine all applicants taking electives EVERYWHERE for a certain discipline? 3) Should I be doing electives for my "back up" plan as well? Say my back up is Pathology where the match rate is almost 100%. Do I need to do electives in Pathology for interviews?
  6. Hey Guys, I'm currently a MS3 at a top 15 US school in New York city. I really want to come back home to Canada. I'm confused about a lot of things in terms of the CARMs cycle. If anyone could answer the following questions, then I would really appreciate it: 1) According to the CARMs 2016 report, approximately 30 people in my position (US MD grad Canadian citizens) applied to CARMS and only 17 matched. That is an abysmal match rate of about 50 percent. Could you tell me why you guys think that this is? Do Canadian schools really look down on US graduates?? Also could it be that those 13 who did not match, got matched in to some US school and decided to not come to Canada? 2) That brings me to my second question, are there two separate matching cycles completely independent? Is it possible to match in to two institutions (one in Canada, one in USA)?? 3) Although I hear a lot about the US application cycle, i'm removed from CARMs so i'm not sure how to make sense of some of the statistics. For example, for 2016 there were 83 positions set aside for CMGs in Diagnostic Radiology. Only 73 matched. That left the quota unfilled by 10 slots. However there were over 100 people who applied to Diagnostic Radiology?! Do school opt to leave open slots rather than take sub-par candidates? 4) The statistics in CARMS do not show me the program that those lucky 17 USMD Canadian citizens matched in to. But can I assume that they are only matching in to less competitive residencies? Is there no hope if I wish to pursue Radiology in Canada? I would really appreciate if people who have gone through this similar situation could reach out to me, i'm really confused about all of this.
  7. Hey guys, i'm also in a similar situation. I'm actually currently studying in the USA, just finished my 2nd year. I have two quick questions: 1) In those stats, do they differentiate the USMGs who are Canadian Citizens vs. just US citizens applying to Canada or does it not matter. 2) I'm really interested in Urology. Is there even hope for a Canadian citizen USMG to match into Canadian urology program or is that just out of question? I've read some threads here where IMGs are encouraged to forget about matching in that program, I was wondering how much better or worse is it for USMGs. Thanks!
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