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  1. Yikes... so no bumps at Ottawa. You basically go in with what you have.
  2. Hello again fellow premeds. I was wondering if anybody could tell me if UofO roundup a persons wGPA to the second place to be used in the wGPA calculation, or whether they just keep it as is. For example, would a 3.847 be converted to a 3.85 to be used for cutoffs or will they only use the first 2 decimals as are for the cutoffs? Thanks
  3. Wow, that's not bad. So for 4 days a week, you have the entire afternoon off to study. That's pretty nice. Also, are the lectures posted online? Are they mandatory to attend? How does the schedule for second year look? Thanks again for your help. I appreciate it.
  4. How many days a week do you go to class during your first year?
  5. Hello guys. I have recently begun to consider applying to UofOttawa for the 2020 cycle. I want to know if I stand a chance. Would any of you know what the wGPA has been for the in-province English Stream for the past few years? Thanks
  6. Yes, which prep company did you use? Most of them are garbage.
  7. Time Stamp: 2:34PM Invite/Reject: Reject GPA: 3.81 (OMSAS) CARS: 126 Casper: Felt okay...but reading some stats above, I think I'll pay for professional help next time. Might be worth it. Fingers crossed for other schools. Geography: IP
  8. Bawgg

    Days a week at QMed

    Hello, sorry for the late reply. I just checked this post. No, I am not an incoming student but i am hopeful for next year. Would you be able to post the schedule for the first semester here please? I wanna see a more detailed breakdown
  9. Okay, I submit my application at 0330. I was getting errors at first but then it went through. Now when I log in, it says that "application being processed". I guess that means it's all good? I'm so paranoid that I'll miss the extended deadline...even though I've submitted it already.
  10. Bawgg

    Days a week at QMed

    Yes please, that sounds good. I did hear from people that they'll be giving some scheduled time off for "exploratory experience", kinda like what U of T med did. But please keep me posted. Thanks for the reply
  11. Bawgg

    Days a week at QMed

    Yes guys, thank you all so much for this. I agree with the need to overcome my separation anxiety. I should be looking forward to this new experience.
  12. Bawgg

    Days a week at QMed

    Hehe, sorry, I heard the curriculum was changing to allow for more personal time to explore more extracurriculars. Would anyone who's been accepted be able to give me an update? Thanks
  13. Hi all, I had a question I wanted to ask for Qmed school. Would it be possible to hope that for the first two years at Queens, I would be able to condense my classes into 4 days max, so I can go home for the other three days? I get home sick often and want to know if that is possible. I don't mind skipping non mandatory lectures, I usually learn better on my own. Thanks
  14. Well guys, as the title says, would anybody know the names if all/most US allopathic medical school that have no prereqs, and have a holistic selection process. Ihavent taken bio, chem, or physics at uni but I have self studies these courses and did pretty well on the MCAT too. I am an unconventional, Canadian premed and wanted to apply to the US this coming year. I could use your help. Thank you
  15. Hello, I'd like to know who you hired for your essays. I don't really mind paying too much. Please reply.