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  1. Hello guys, does any body know when interview invitations are usually sent out?
  2. Hello guys. I have had a question I have been meaning to ask. I have written the MCAT quite a few times and am too familiar with the CARS material out there. Have any of you tried to use material from other Verbal Reasoning tests to Prep for CARS? Did you have much sucess? Cars is my weakest section.
  3. Hey guys. I had a question I wanna ask. I would appreciate it if you would answer it. Would a cGPA of 3.78 be good enough for an undergraduate applicant? My 2yr is around the same.
  4. Did you really get accepted into Queens? Your MCAT is kinda below cutoffs
  5. Thanks for your reply. It was a college diploma in nursing. None of my courses transfers to universities
  6. Hi guys, how would I go about converting my college grades to AMCAS. I've only ever been used to converting University GPA into AMCAS
  7. This is quite strange. Canadian medschools only look at the University GPA but US medical schools look at a person's college GPA as well? And you're a 100% certain about that?
  8. Hello all, I'd like to know if AMCAS will incorporate a person's college and university GPA when converting Canadian grades to AMCAS. For Canadian medschools, they only use a person's University GPA and ignore their college GPA. I'd like to know if AMCAS does the same. Thanks
  9. I am very much looking forward to this. A person with a 4.0 GPA is academically savvy, yes we get it. But someone with a 3.8 would be just as capable of handling a medical school course load. I hope they impose a GPA cut off. That would be nice.
  10. DUDDEEEE, can I please PM you? How did you get in with such a low GPA? can we talk.
  11. Hey, so does this mean that you cannot apply if you take all of your pre requisite courses during the summer and the acedemic year in which you are applying?
  12. I spoke with the Admin folks at UofO and they told me that it does get rounded up. So using the above example, a 3.847 would become a 3.85. Just posting this so other readers know.
  13. They do but after having spoken to the Administration at UofO, I was informed that the GPA cutoff has remained at 3.85 for the English stream for quite a few years now
  14. Yikes... so no bumps at Ottawa. You basically go in with what you have.
  15. Hello again fellow premeds. I was wondering if anybody could tell me if UofO roundup a persons wGPA to the second place to be used in the wGPA calculation, or whether they just keep it as is. For example, would a 3.847 be converted to a 3.85 to be used for cutoffs or will they only use the first 2 decimals as are for the cutoffs? Thanks
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