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  1. Hi, are you french or 1st nation? An MCAT of 507 is really surprising
  2. Is this when the school sends out the emails as to whether an applicant is rejected or not?
  3. Naww still can't. I could gauge my competitiveness for other school when I see it.
  4. Even though I am extremely bitter, I'm posting only for old time sake. I've been lurking here for 6+ years and my fellow pre-meds deserve better. Rejected at 0800pm EST. Best of luck guys.. another year another cycle.
  5. Hahaha, seriously eh. But I'm sure theyll respond by saying that thier servers can't handle sending the emails at once. It certainly would be nice though. Another idea would be to just send them all out over night or something.
  6. I'm sorry to hear the bad news for the two above. Thanks for posting guys. All the best this year.
  7. What I wanna know is when the stats will be posted. P.S; I guess the admin can deleted all of these speculation posts once the first actual profile is posted regarding interview/rejection.
  8. Dannngg, 0500pm British Columbia timezone? So that'll be like 0800pm in Toronto time
  9. Okay wait, I have another question. People who applied early will get an invitation a day earlier then the rest of us. That means that any person who gets an email on Monday is sure to be rejected unless they were expecting an early response. I didn't apply early... Moral of the story, hope you don't get any email on the Monday. Unless you applied early, a Monday email is a rejection.
  10. Guys, will we be posting Interview/Regrets on this thread or is there a different one. I wanna be kept up to date. Also, if I don't receive a rejection by Dec 9th. 0500pm, does that mean I'm basically in the clear?
  11. Well, the predictions made on this thread were extremely accurate. You guys have some wonderful experiences to share. Thank you
  12. Hi, I haven't received any email explaining scores and such. When was it sent out?
  13. Hello guys, does any body know when interview invitations are usually sent out?
  14. Hello guys. I have had a question I have been meaning to ask. I have written the MCAT quite a few times and am too familiar with the CARS material out there. Have any of you tried to use material from other Verbal Reasoning tests to Prep for CARS? Did you have much sucess? Cars is my weakest section.
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