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  1. Spots in private schools make money. What are you really trying to say though? That the medical admissions system in Canada is unfair?
  2. That will not be enough for a competitive context score. (I have a similar experience in NW Ontario and also worked in a First Nations reserve.) I understand where you are coming from, but it is not how they define context. You can choose to work there for a few more years (at least 5-6 years? check earlier threads), but I encourage you to explore other schools.
  3. Sorry that is happening to you. I was on pins and needles before I stepped into their office and told them. I don't think you should take it too hard or personally. I wish your boss could react differently (and I think professionally) but such is life. They are probably concerned about finding you a replacement, so if you can, help with finding one, but know that it's not your fault/responsibility. I think it's better if your boss makes the announcement, but since they are not doing that, I would start spreading the word that you are leaving to avoid ill feelings when you do leave suddenly (to everyone else) one day. When one door closes, the other opens. Congratulations on the next chapter of your life! Let's enjoy the last of our guilt free summers lol
  4. If you can spare the time, give it 3 months ish of dedicated full time studying. EK Books are fine. I wouldn't spend money on a course.
  5. How did you manage to do 3rd yr clerkship in another city? I'm in similar situation -- 32 and about to enter med school away from partner and family. Don't have kids yet but would like to in the next few years.
  6. Does starting your work career as a locum fresh out of residency make it harder to land a staff position?
  7. That's what I am having trouble with. He's nothing but wonderful and supports me in whatever I want to do, but first and foremost I want the flexibility of choosing where to live (not the exact location but the humble wish of wanting to live together in the same city). I am proud to be a non trad, but it's not gonna be an easy road.
  8. Well we did have the conversation before. He thinks that I should do whatever I want to pursue and that we will find a way. Although I do agree to a degree, I think I need to keep this potential issue at the back of my mind when I set up observerships/electives. He's not thrilled about the city he is in right now so that can easily change in a few years. At the end of the day, I don't want to compete with him for a staff position (bad for the relationship and why would they hire me over him with more years under his belt), and it's even more important for me to pick a lifestyle specialty (or at least a more flexible one) as a non trad.
  9. Take the prerequisites. You are taking courses anyway, might as well maximize all your chances
  10. Anecdotally, I know some staff view residents not as highly once they find out about the Carribean med background. Complete prejudice as it usu comes out at the initial contact.
  11. 3.92 is amazing. I wouldn't even draw attention to that one mark.
  12. I texted everyone who knew about my application lol
  13. Are there options for a couple (both physicians) looking for jobs in the same city or institution? Basically couples matching for jobs after residency or even fellowships. I'm about to start med school as a non trad. My partner just started a staff position in another city. Couples matching won't even apply to us for residency To make things worse, I am interested in the same specialty (not FM or IM). I know a lot of things can change, and I may end up changing my mind about my field of choice. But I want to know if thats an uphill battle or there is some system in place to help out physicians in relationships?
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