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  1. So happy and relieved to finally been able to post this.. AcceptedAGPA: 83.2%ECs: worked many odd jobs, had diverse volunteer experiences, included my involvement in sports and musicGeography: IPYear: Graduated in 2014 This is my FIFTH application (yes 5TH application) and 4th interview. In the past, my NAQ scores have been around 32+, the biggest challenge I had was the MMI, which after the 3rd interview, I realized what I had to change and luckily it worked (one of the interviewers even commented that me, "that was a really impressive response." My first three interviews have been between "Below Average" and "Average." This forum has been a blessing to me and I'm happy to help others in any way possible. Feel free to message me.
  2. Good luck everyone, prepare for the worst, hope for the best! I've been in this multiple times already as well, but at the end of the day, if you want it bad enough, then it's not "if", but "when."
  3. Another question here: Overall, how well do you feel supported by your instructors, CBL tutors or preceptors? If you had questions, concepts you didn't understand, or need some things to be explained again, are they willing to meet out of class time to help you or answer email questions? If you don't know the answer to something, do the preceptors keep asking you (aka "grilling you") questions? Also can someone elaborate more on the OSCEs? How are they run? Are you able to practice for them (ie. say on your classmates or friends/family)? Thanks!
  4. I think it's natural to say after the interview that maybe you could of said this or that, but realize that we've already had almost 2 months to mull over our responses to the questions compared to having only 2 mins in a high-stress environment where you most likely had to go with whatever came to the top of your head.
  5. You're definitely not alone, I'm sure many of us are going back and forth, or think about it at least qd, bid, maybe even qid, but at this point, it's out of our control, and the best thing to do to keep your sanity is keep yourself busy - volunteer, try a new sport, learn a new hobby, etc. But I admit the days seem to go slower post-interview than pre-interview lol
  6. Same here, 1-2 iffy stations and then another station where I just sat there for 30 seconds till the bell since the interviewer said my response covered all the prompts they were supposed to ask and they can't ask outside questions. Overall, I felt was able to cover good ground in my responses though thinking back I suppose I could of said a bit more here and there in 1 or 2 stations. I'm a repeat interviewee so hoping for good news in May!
  7. Likewise here, none of my verifiers have told me anything
  8. It generally takes 24hrs; I submitted mine yesterday night and it showed up this morning.
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